Monday, December 17, 2012

2013 NewFO Challenge!

I'm linking up with Cat Patches to list the quilt projects that I "hope" to start next year for the 2013 NewFO Challenge.  


I certainly hope I do a better job of starting some of the quilts on this year's list than I did last year!  I looked back and realized I only started TWO of those on my list, although I did finish up three of the Calendar Quilts.  You can check out my poor neglected list HERE if you want to see what my hopeful projects were for last year.  

If you don't know about the Challenge, you can click on Barbara's cute button above to go and check it out. To participate in the Challenge, all you have to do is start a new project each month.  That's it!  You DON'T have to finish it, just start it.  Barbara gives a great prize to one winner each month.

Of course, my interests have changed since last year, so all new projects are going on my list for 2013.  All but one that is - I still really want to do Rabbits Prefer Chocolate!  =^..^=

2013 Proposed NewFO List

1.  Library Snuggle Quilt - No design yet, but these are some of the fabrics I'll be using.  This one will be for me!!!  You can read more about it HERE.....

2.  Rainbow Challenge Quilt - I blogged about the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2013 a few days ago - you can click HERE to see the blocks I am considering for this quilt.  I still haven't decided which design will be the lucky chosen one :*)    But here is a preview of one of my favorites....

3.  Rose Windows Medallion - What can I say?  This quilt took my breath away the first time I saw it.  I HAVE to make it!!!

4.  Folk Art Cats - This one is all Barbara's fault!  She started hers a few months ago and I started to drool immediately :*)

5.  In Flight Butterflies - I can't wait to start this one!  I've been collecting the fabrics, and I think I'm ready to go :*)

6.  Bohemian Butterflies - (my name for it!)  I just think this is such a bright, happy FUN QUILT!  And I have a lot of fun quirky prints to make it up with.

7.  Miniature Storm at Sea - This is a laser-cut batik kit that I bought from John Flynn's website last year.  I plan to throw some oranges and yellows into the mix to brighten this one up a little.

8.  Neutral Scrappy Nines - I am going "green" on this one - using all recycled men's shirts!

9.  Jewel of Jerusalem - This one will be for my brother who is one of the smartest people I know on the subject of the Hebrew faith and traditions.

10.  Talkin' Turkey - A Bonnie Hunter quilt.  Several of us will be doing this one together as a sit-n-sew group starting in January :*)  She is coming to our Guild this spring, so I will probably end up starting a few more of hers too... sure glad I don't have to finish them this year!!!

11.  Urban Abacus or Urban Deco Nine-Patch - these are Jenny Pedigo's designs on her blog Sew Kind of Wonderful, using her Quick Curve Ruler.  I can't decide which design I want to do, so I'll just show this one for now.  I do have the pattern for this one, so it has a real good chance of being the one I start.

I really like this scrappy version too!

12.  Rabbits Prefer Chocolate - This is still one of my favorite quilts!

Well, that's it for me.  I'm inspired and excited about starting these fun projects in 2013!  And just in case you were wondering - Yes, I do know that I am probably certifiably insane LOL!!!  

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Ok, I am with you again! I just ordered my Storm At Sea, however; in the bright batiks. As for the rainbow challenge I am thinking of the trees, but I also really liked your log cabins from last year. Do you have this put together yet? lol. I will add the primitive quilt I bought during runaway and my vintage valentine in purples. I am also really thinking of starting a postage stamp quilt to use up many of the blocks I have cut out incorrectly in the past. (I do have several of those!!!)

  2. Oh my, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that Storm at Sea. That is at the top of my quilting bucket list ... but the prospect of cutting all t hose pieces accurately threw me off. Who knew that there were pre-cut kits available? I may have found the way to make that Storm at Sea possible! ;-)

  3. These are awesome ideas for rainbow quilts!!!!!

  4. Wow what great ideas for 2013! I love all of them and of course want to make all of them! I like your idea of the kitties for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge........hmmmmm

  5. I'm drooling over the Rose Windows Medallion and the Library Snuggles quilts. Also like the Folk Cats. Can I do some of yours? They look more fun than mine. LOL

  6. WOW! I really think this is an impressive list! I love Talking Turkey and have that on my list to do too! (Along with every other Bonnie Hunter quilt!) I also like that abacus one in the scrappy version. Can't wait to see this year play out!

  7. OK, the Rose Windows Medallion quilt is blowing me away, too. Whose pattern is it? Where can it be found? What techniques does it use? Amazing!!

  8. Wow! Gorgeous projects! Looks both of us share a fondness for cats and butterflies. Looking forward to seeing these projects go together.

  9. Impressive list! Hope you make progress on them.

  10. That medallion quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Can you share how you will make them? I'm not a very experienced quilter yet, so I'm very curious!

  11. Teresa! What a parade of wonderful projects!! Your colors continue to amaze me - I'm so much the traditional, dungy, earthy kind of girl! But your house would be a kaleidoscope of treasures!!


  12. Oh! Your list is SO FUN!!!! That Rose Medallion is spectacular, and I've always loved Rabbits Prefer Chocolate.

  13. Teresa, WOW, you have some beautiful quilts lined up for 2013.It's very tempting to start some of yours. I will have to think about a few of mine. I'm joining this New FO Challenge too, but right now only have a few on my list (in addition to all those UFO's that need to be finished). The New FO will be like my rewards program-finish one, start a new one.

  14. That's a pretty ambitious list of quilts for next year! Love the 'Rabbits Love Chocolate' quilt. I did a search for the pattern but only found it available as a kit. Do you have a source for just the pattern?

  15. Glad you only have to 'start' these projects, not finish them. What a list!

  16. The rabbits are so cute.
    And I have a Storm at the sea quilt on my ToDo List , too.


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