Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eye Candy and a little Slow Stitchin.....

I bet you'd all like to see some of the pretty fabric I brought home from Gatlinburg, wouldn't you?!?  I was actually a very good girl this trip - well, except in the Sock Shop LOL!!!  I only picked up a few pieces that were on sale and even fewer that were not.  So, here's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!

On my way into Gatlinburg, I had about an hour to kill before we could check into the condo, so I used my Quilt Shops ap to search for nearby shops.  I found Kat Lover's Quilt Shop in Knxoville....what a cute little shop!!!  She had a few pieces on sale that I needed to bring home...

And of course you can't go to Gatlinburg without visiting The Cherry Pit in Sevierville!!!  (And by the way, if you try to find them on the web, go to this link...  If you omit "quilting at", you'll get a site you really don't want - take my word for it!!!)

I found this bright plaid on the 1/2 price table - $5 a yard - so I got a couple of yards for sashings & bindings. 

Then I pulled a few fat quarters for a few projects I have in progress...  soft colors for a change.  
Love that gray!!!

Machine Quilting by Iva had a few things I couldn't resist too - more half-yard cuts....

Here's a picture in front of Iva's I thought you might like....

My mom on the left, and our friends, both Debbie's, on the right
Mom is not a quilter, so you can tell she is glad the visit to Iva's is over LOL!!!  But you can also tell the Debbie's are pretty happy with their purchases :*D

On the last leg of my trip, on my way to visit with my family in North Carolina, I stopped in Mary Jo's in Gastonia - fabric wonderland!!!!  Considering what I usually spend in here, I did good my friends!!!

I picked up a couple of half yards of these batiks I just couldn't those aquas!!!!

And I added a few coveted and hard to find Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope prints....

Now, are you happy?  Did that feed your eye candy craving?  I thought so :*D

Since hubby is cleaning the carpets in my sewing studio today, I'm going to be doing some hand work downstairs and watch the finals of the Wells Fargo Championship with him.  I managed to get all the greenery done on my Promises and Borders block this week....

and hopefully I'll have it almost done by the end of the day today - WHOOHOO!!!!  PS - did you notice the cute little ladybugs hiding among the greenery?

And speaking of greenery, I'll leave you with two beautiful blooms from our yard this glorious spring....

Our very first rose bloom!

My favorites - the Peonies are in bloom!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. You can stick to that story, but the photos prove otherwise. LOL My favorites were the batiks and the first 2 fabrics on the blog. Those match the peony.

  2. Wow Teresa!!! What beautiful fabrics.....I want them all!! I have never seen the kaleidoscope prints, will have to check them out. Looks like a fun trip and how neat that your mom was along even though she isn't a quilter.

  3. fair now I want to go shopping and my DH just keeps taking me back to shop in my sewing room overflowing with fabrics.....giggle. I drawn to the aqua.

    Is that a variegated thread you used on the stems....great effect.

  4. Beautiful fabrics, Teresa. Score!

  5. Beautiful flowers...oh yeah, and the fabrics are pretty cool too! Glad you restrained yourself!

  6. Beautiful fabrics! Such a beautiful area to be traveling thru also!

  7. You made some wonderful purchases here. Thanks for the show and tell!

  8. gorgeous fabrics, i especially like those batiks~!


  9. Gorgeous fabrics - whoot!! And love the flower photos.

  10. Wow - what GORGEOUS fabrics you picked up. I didn't know that there was a quilt shops app. I'm going to install that tonight ... in time for our trip to Florida! ;-)

  11. WOW! You did good in your fabric buying. I love the batiks and that wild plaid number. Heck, I liked them all! Your flowers are beautiful too. My peonies are not close to blooming yet, but I'm looking forward to themn.
    Your mom is such a good sport to be patient while you gals shop for fabric. Never knew there was a quilt shop app. Thanks for the tip.

  12. I am really coveting those batiks...YUM!
    Love the tiny ladybugs...didn't even notice them.
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  13. Love all your purchases - they are necessary to satisfy the soul. Gorgeous flowers and aren't Jenny's blocks awesome. You are doing a beautiful job with them. Perfect for slow Sunday stitching.

  14. some beautiful fabrics I've never seen, what a stast building trip! pretty shots of the blooms too.

  15. I used that same orange in my nieces quilt, that I finished on my trip. Glad you had fun.

  16. The fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! And those Paula Nadelstern fabrics look familiar, hahahaha! :)


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