Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Polishing Off the Greens!

I managed to get in the sewing studio and whip out the rest of my GREEN blocks for the April Rainbow Scrap Challenge this past week.

Here is my Fantasia block in GREENS..... I pulled out the prettiest of the green scraps for this block - and believe me, there were not very many pretty ones to choose.  For some reason, the majority of my green scraps were either ugly or extremely dull and colorless.  Ugh!!!

And then I pulled out all the dark pieces that were at least 6-1/2" square and made Hatchett blocks out of them.  There are some real duds in here - I'm hoping they don't ugly up the quilt when I get ready to put it together!

And of course, I saved the leftover triangles and made 2-1/2" HST's .... also mostly pretty dull and so not gorgeous.

I'm telling you all, I was SO tempted to pull out the fat quarters because these scraps were not speaking to me!  Or maybe I was just blinded by the dull glare?  Many of these I got from a squares swap at my guild several years ago, and they are not what I would buy myself.  But I hate to just dump them, so I'm hoping they will play nicely in a rainbow scrap quilt - we'll see how that works out for me, right?

Bonnie says if a fabric is still ugly you just haven't cut it small enough.  
Maybe I need to get out my magnifying glass and start cutting some of these smaller LOL!!!!

Anyway, this is what I have left from the basket of scraps.......

 Some of these will be going back in the GREEN scrap bin, but I have to admit that a few will be going to The Great Scrap Bucket in the Sky ......  taking a respectful moment of silence.....

I thought I would leave you with a picture of my sewing studio because I got a new table this week!

We got the table on the left when I got my Janome 6600 - about six years ago.  It has been a great table and I love it!  It used to sit where the table on the right is in the picture.  But a couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to keep the 6600 set up for quilting and get another machine that I could keep set up for piecing at all times.  So I bought a little used Bernina 180 Artista from a girl in our guild, and last week I got a GREAT deal on a table for it!  And the insert even fit perfectly too because the previous owner had a Bernina 153 - yoohoo!!!

Originally I had a large folding table in the window cutout under the window with my extra large ironing surface on it.  We took that table out and moved the Janome table in there so the large back table would have the walls to corral large quilts, and then put the new Bernina table pretty much where the old one was.  Clear as mud? make a long story even longer.....  We still have to get another floor mat, etc., but pretty much this is working out perfectly.  Believe it or not, I actually seem to have more room now after adding the new table - go figure!

Hopefully this means I will be getting some actual quilting done in the near future.....*pausing to take bets here*.....

Angela at SoScrappy announced this morning that the May color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge will be Sapphire Blues - WHOO-HOO!!!!
           We all know how much I love my blues, don't we?  
                  And especially sapphire blues, right?  :*D

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Great clean up of the greens and love your sewing room!

  2. How dare you call those muted, warm greens "dull"? : )
    They all work together to make lovely green goodness, Teresa, my dear.
    Oh, love the studio!! You know, I got my Sweet 16 for the same reason--I needed one machine for piecing and one for quilting--or the quilting just didn't happen! I'm excited for you--enjoy!!

  3. You are so blessed to have a beautiful sewing studio like that! I also think you are being way too hard on your green scraps! I think everything you made is going to work beautifully with your rainbow projects! If ever you find your scraps are too "ugly" for you......send'em my way! I would be happy to play with them for you! LOL

  4. Fantasia is especially pretty, however I like all the green blocks and triangles and scraps you have posted here. Your sewing room looks lovely and so neat!

  5. Oh I love that - "if a fabric is still ugly you just haven't cut it small enough"!! Major problem solved for me!!!

  6. Scraps I am not particularly fond of I save to make experimental blocks or try new techniques.

  7. I'm GREEN with envy over your sewing studio! And I can't wait to see your blues!

  8. Your greens all look great to me, lots of wonderful blocks. Love your quilting space, it looks so inviting.

  9. Your Greens is fantastic! Such lovely shades. Great table and great sewing studio. Love the large window!

  10. The blocks are beautiful. Made me say WOW

  11. I think your greens look great! I find that you need some "not so pretties" to allow the pretties to shine.

    What a wonderful setup for sewing too. I think finding what really works is so fun... having 2 machines ready to sew makes me feel so lucky & happy!

  12. Your green blocks look great to me. I was admiring your new sewing room and my DH commented that it was so neat and clean and had no fabric on the floor. :) He's been fussing about the mess in mine....giggle.

  13. That would be great to have one sewing machine just for quilting and another for piecing. Actually I do have 2 sewing machines, but one is for travel and I don't really have room to set up 2 in my sewing room. I love your set up!


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