Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting Ready to Quilt!

Tuesday was a fun day for me!  
My friend Joanne let me come over and play on her Gammill!!!  

Do you remember this quilt?

Designed by Jenny Beyer and using her wonderful, color-drenched fabrics..... YUM!!!

I finished this quilt in May of last year, and it has languished on my "to be quilted" shelf this entire year waiting for me to decide how I wanted it quilted.  I knew I didn't want to hand quilt it - not enough years left for me to attempt that!  I didn't want to just send it out for an all-over panto - too special for that!  But custom quilting is really expensive and I hate to pay that much for something I could do myself given enough time and energy.

I really enjoy free-motion quilting on my domestic machine, but there were two major hurdles for me to overcome before I could decide to custom quilt this one myself.  One was the lack of resources.  I don't like tying up my sewing machine with a huge quilting project, leaving me without my good machine for piecing on other projects until it is done.  I took care of that problem when I added the little Bernina to the herd and set up a separate quilting area with my Janome 6600 - you can read about how I did that HERE if you are interested.

Janome 6600 on left for quilting and Bernina 180 on right for piecing - a perfect world!!!
The other holdup was basting the darn thing!  I really hate getting down on the floor and struggling with getting a queen-sized quilt basted and ready for quilting!  I don't know anyone who likes that part of the process, do you?  So when Joanne offered me a day on her Gammill, I jumped on it and got Moonglow basted the easy way!

Loaded and ready to go.....

Aren't these blocks gorgeous?

And this is what basting on a Gammill looks like....

You can see the great big stitches - they will be so easy to take out as I move around the quilt!

I decided to do something else new this time too since this is such a special quilt - I used a wool batt!  It felt really soft and silky, and already I love the little bit of extra loft to the quilt!  I'll be keeping you posted on this project as I work on it, block by slow block!!!

I'm off and running now - looking forward to having lunch with a very great friend!  
How's your week going?

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Unfortunately, my stab at FMQ looks like your basting stitches. LOL. And, yes, the basting is my least favorite part. Can't wait to see the finished product. I don't blame you for wanting the quilting to be special. It's a gorgeous quilt!

  2. I totally understand this dilemma. What a great solution! I look forward to seeing how the quilting goes and thank you for sharing this journey with your quilting fans!

  3. Seriously, Teresa, do you think anyone could forget this gorgeous quilt?
    Yes, basting is my least favorite part, too--a necessary evil! How nice to get it basted on the longarm.
    Have you decided how you are going to do the quilting?

  4. That truly is a stunning quilt, and I can only imagine what you have in store for the quilting. It's nice to have good friends with fun toys, isn't it?

  5. Beautiful quilt!! This will be a lovely heirloom!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Take your time and enjoy the process of quilting this one. It will be so worth every minute you spend on it, and you'll be happy every day when you get to look at those luscious fabrics while you're working on it! Super piecing job by the way!

  7. This is an absolutely gorgeous quilt, Teresa. Beautifully pieced. Hope this one is going on your bed : )

  8. SO exciting! What a delicious quilt -- definitely in need of some special quilting. Can't wait to see it finished.

  9. That is a gorgeous quilt, and what fun to quilt it yourself!

  10. That is one beautiful quilt!

  11. Your Moonglow quilt is beautiful!! What a fun way to be introduced to the longarm machine and get your quilt basted at the same time. Wool batts are wonderful.

  12. I've used Sharon Schamber's basting method successfully--and it's done on a long table so easier physically.
    Love the idea of basting a quilt on a long arm too. I've been thinking about that and thinking I'd just do single stitches in a four inch grid. Can a Gammell do that? Not sure.
    Gorgeous quilt--I've loved it since Jinny first published it!

  13. serious swooning happening here. have a great time with this; i would have chosen the wool batt, too.

  14. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this. Sure I'll learn a lot. It's a gorgeous quilt.

  15. I agree I hate basting too. I am lucky though we have a bunch of 10ft long banquet tables that DH sets up for me in the barn and I baste on them.

  16. Wow, Teresa! That is breathtakingly stunning! Wow!

  17. Oh, cool!!! Yes, I remember your Moonglow - it's so gorgeous. It's going to be a lot of fun watching its quilting move along. :) (Nice sewing area, too!)

  18. As my husband walked by my computer he could not help but say, "Wow!" over your quilt. I wholeheartedly agree with him! That is just fantastic.

  19. I most certainly DO remember that gorgeous quilt. Isn't it fun to baste on the longarm? And better yet, when it belongs to a friend. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Your quilting ideas are always great.


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