Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Slow Stitching

I've been hard at work getting ready for Runaway Retreat this coming week, so very little Slow Stitching has been going on.  I apologize to some of you who have left comments and I haven't yet found time to reply. Your comments make my day, so I try to make it a point to always reply!  I'm really hoping to spend a little "blog" time today.

But I did manage a few stitches here and there.....

My Winter Wonderland birds now look more like cardinals!  I switched up to the bright Christmas red floss, and now they sparkle!  I like that much better than the floss I started with and showed you last week.  You might also notice that the DMC floss is a little thicker than the Sulky 12 wt.

I thought the blue tint in the Turkey Red floss would go well with the blue used in the rest of the piece, but really - I should have known better!  Cardinals are very smart and totally cool birds, so they would never let the "turkeys" get them down - am I right???  LOL!!!

Thanks also to some of you who suggested putting that little triangle on the birds' heads to give them that distinctive cardinal shape :*)  I really like the difference!  Being the total ditz that I am at drawing anything, I had some trouble getting that little triangle to sit at the right angle on their heads - my artist friend Joanne had to come to my aid, but we eventually got them to look right.  They were pretty funny at first with their little crowns tilted all askew - LOL!!!

So just so you know, I won't be blogging next week at all.  I plan to relax, unplug, and just enjoy stitching with a lot of friends that I only get to see once a year.  I'm also teaching a class this year, which I'm totally excited about!  Wish me luck!!!!  Now, I've got to finish getting my projects ready.....

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Love the cardinal! I didn't think the thread colour would make much of a difference, but you were right!
    Have a fabulous time at retreat!
    Thanks for linking up

  2. Love that touch of red - in my book, everything is better with a little red! Have a great week - sounds fun and relaxing!

  3. Cardinals are my favorite bird.

    Great stitching!

  4. Love the cardinal! Have lots of fun!

  5. Love the way the cardinal now pops! Have fun with your stitching friends!

  6. Cute. The crest definitely makes it look like a cardinal.

  7. Love the new and improved bird. Cardinals are my favorite. I had never seen one until I moved to the midwest. Enjoy your retreat and teaching sounds like oodles of fun!

  8. Teresa, Your cardinals look just right now. They are #1 in my book both in my yard and in St.Louis! Go CARDS!
    Have fun at retreat. I'm going to be retreating too for a few days. I'm still deciding what to take -- always take too much.

    Catch ya later. :)

  9. Oops, forgot to tell you Good Luck on your teaching class. I know you will do an amazing job!

  10. Very handsome cardinal, with the little tuft on top.
    Enjoy your retreat. Sounds delightful!

  11. So, so wonderful is your stitching. Love it.

  12. Your cardinal looks so cute... have a great week!

  13. Your cardinal looks great (my Mom's favorite bird!). Have fun this week and good luck.

  14. Love the new cardinal ... so much happier ... just like when a real one is seen in a pine tree in the middle of winter. Have a wondeful time with your friends and good wishes for your class.

    Carole (and Rudy)


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