Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Blue Screen of..... Uh Oh!!!

Talk about a scary way to start the day!!!   I was just minding my own business this morning, happily enjoying a relaxed Sunday at home by reading some of my favorite blogs, when all of a sudden, the photo I was viewing pixelated in some totally weird ways, and then.....POOF!!!  The Blue Screen of Death popped up!!!  I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but I was pretty darn sure it wasn't good!  Good thing my very own Personal Technical Expert (my wise and all-capable hubby) was in residence and came running when I screamed LOL!!!

Friends, I don't have a clue what he did to our computer - he tried to explain it to me.... something about drivers and service packs and downloading a bunch of stuff (of which I understood not one word) - but in no time flat he had it back up and running - Hooray!!!!

We do have another computer - our desktop system upstairs - but this laptop downstairs is so convenient and only a few years old.  It would have been a shame to lose it.  Plus, I'm pretty sure there are quite a few pictures on here that we have not backed up on CD or flash drive.  You can be sure that will be taken care of this afternoon!!!

So, while my husband worked to keep our laptop from going to computer heaven, I picked up my Dreambird bag and headed out to the side patio to knit and calmly reclaim the peace of my Sunday!

I have 11 feathers done now and this project is really getting into a rhythm.  It's going quickly now that I pretty much know what I'm doing.  Of course, just saying that guarantees that my next feather will develop some sort of problem, right?  LOL!

One of the bloggers who has been instrumental in inspiring me to pick up the knitting needles is Denise Russart at Just Quiltin.  She is always knitting something new and beautiful, and making it look easy in the process too.  She's also a very talented quilt designer and offers some amazing patterns, often for free.  She's got a sale going on right now for a fun set of patterns - Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society.  These are some really adorable dog patterns, so check it out HERE if you are interested.  This past week, I received this fun mousepad that I won from Denise in a giveaway she held last month......

Don't you just love the design and colors?
Believe me, I was pretty tickled when I saw I was a winner!!!
Thanks Denise!!!

This weekend, I've managed to mark off a few tasks from my list....

I finished off the BABY BLUE scraps for the September Rainbow Scrap Challenge, making the above Lone Starburst block as well as my Hatchett blocks and left-over HST's (not pictured).  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put these together - how is that fabric in the bottom right a "baby blue"???  Oh well... sometimes my brain just goes on vacation!  Thankfully, this is not a block by itself, and all these sections will be mixed up with the other colored sections I've been making all year for a scrappy rainbow quilt, and that darker section will fit in great with the overall quilt :*)

I managed a little slow-stitching embroidery on my Winter Wonderland, but not enough to post a new picture yet.  I also prepared the next pattern for my Summertime wool applique project......

Darva's Daisies by
Mary Lou Designs

I just couldn't resist doing the cat block next!

The pattern needed to be reduced by 54% to get it to the 8-inch square-ish size to fit in with the other blocks for this project.  I will probably not do the dragnfly unless I can find a way to make it fit without distorting the block.  It also occurs to me that it might be fun to have a few colorful dragonflies floating free over the quilt... hmmmm.

My friend Daryl, who blogs at Patchouli Moon, shared a few tips with me about how she works with wool applique.  She doesn't use fusible because she says it makes the pieces harder to stitch.  She just uses an Elmer's Washable Glue stick and no staples.  I think I'll try that with this next block :*)

The rest of this week, I think I'll be busy doing some quilting.  Have to get ready for Oktoberfest the middle of October!  What are you up to this gorgeous Sunday?

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Nice that you have a resident computer expert!!
    How many feathers are there in a finished Dreambird? Are you getting close?
    Very cool mousepad! Lucky you. : )
    I can't wait to see your Lone Starburst blocks in all their colorful glory!
    The cat block will be darling in wool. I like your idea of the dragonflies skittering around the quilt. : )

  2. uhhh the blue screen of death! good thing he updated your drivers. love the cat block

  3. I need one of those techy guys at my house!

    I just love those lone star blocks. They are going to be fabulous together.

  4. Well thank goodness your hubby fixed your computer so you could share all of this with us! Congrats on the win, and I can't wait to see this rainbow lone starburst quilt come together!

  5. Phew..... that was a close call with the computer. I dread that happening to me.
    I didn't realize that your starburst blocks were going to become total scrappy. For some reason I thought they would each be a one colour star...can't wait to see how they will all look together!

  6. Baby blue Lone Starburst looks lovely! I can't wait to see all these blocks together!

  7. My laptop does that too. But it is when windows does it's update, and then reboots, no warning, no nothing!!! Leave the room, come back in 10 minutes and the computer is right where it was before it all happened.

  8. Bet your favorite color was not blue this morning. Glad your hubby was able to come to your rescue.

  9. Computers are so great --when they work! I love your star block

  10. I know my husband gets tired of fixing my computer...but I sure love him for it.

    Great use of your time

  11. So glad your hubby rescued your computer! Hope you got everything backed up.

    I spent much of this afternoon and evening quilting on my storm at sea. Seems like I haven't quilted in a month or more, what with being gone and then being incredibly busy since we got back. Hope things slow down a little so I can have some more time with needle and thread. ;-)

  12. Teresa you have a lot of great looking projects going on.

    I rely on my hubby too for those computer disasters. Gosh what we would do without them? Isn't knitting calming and relaxing? How many more feathers to knit?

  13. Lots of cute projects. Computers drive me CRAZY!!! Hubby doesn't understand why I keep buying new camera cards, and don't re-use them after I upload all the pictures. DUH! I've had more than one computer 'die' and not everything could be recovered. I just don't trust those machines.

  14. Glad that your computer's ills were curable by the resident expert! You have been a busy gal!

  15. I always love to see your Rainbow blocks. This blue one is just so pretty! Have fun with that applique...looks like a sweet pattern!

  16. I am so glad your husband got the computer fixed....I think that is a fear we all have.....and note to self....backup! Love all your neat projects as always! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

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  18. So sorry for the death of your computer. Yes, blue screen is a drive issue. You can avoid that problem by keeping in tabs with your computer’s log and memory. Make sure you back up your files too, so it won’t freak you out much the next time the blue screen appears.. -- Ruby


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