Friday, May 30, 2014

Ahhhh..... It's Good to Be Home!

I really enjoyed my recent adventures at the Red Rooster Retreat and then visiting with family in North Carolina!  But it's always nice to come home again, isn't it?

This is how I spent yesterday morning .....

I love this view from our covered side porch :)  My Guy put up the hummingbird feeder (yes, we are a little late!) and repotted some luscious red summer geraniums while I was gone, and my favorite oriental lillies are blooming - everything just looks so relaxing and inviting!!!

I got SO MUCH done at retreat!  In addition to finishing up and hand-delivering little man Hudson's carry-around blankie (see post HERE), I also had tremendous fun playing with Jacquelynne Steve's lovely Cottage Charm fabrics!

Panel square from Cottage Charms - designed by Jacquelynne Steves
Everyone was ooooohhhh'ing and aaaahhhhhh'ing over these fabrics!  Which, by the way, are NOW available on her website - !!!  Fat quarter bundles are HERE and the cute panel prints are HERE.  Go see them now!!!!

I also am happy to report that I have my June Bertie all stitched down and embroidered!

Machine stitching around the pieces.....

Hand stitching the embellishments .....

And the top is now a finish!
Now I just have to find time tomorrow to get it sandwiched and quilted so it can go on the wall June 1 :)

 I also crafted a removable Luggage Strap for my Vera Bradley bag that My Guy gave me for Christmas....

I didn't want to check any baggage on the plane trip to Carolina, so I packed my smallest suitcase and carried my essentials in this bag - it worked out perfectly!!!

And On the Needles, I finished up my Purple Kroy Socks!!!  This is my second pair in this yarn because my daughter claimed the first pair before they were ever even off the needles LOL!!!  They are just Plain-Jane design, toe-up, two-at-a-time with Magic Loop.

This bright and happy yarn is going On The Needles for my next pair of socks!!!

Not very shapely yarn cakes are they?  LOL!!!

The day after I got home from retreat, I had to be at the airport at 7am for my flight to Carolina!!!  While there, I got lots of time with the sweetest grandkids in the universe!!!  I was blessed to be able to attend this granddaughter's performance of a lead part in her school play.....

Sara with her mom (our daughter Christy) after the play

And we all came together as a family to celebrate our oldest granddaughter's graduation from high school - GO EMMA!!!!!

No, she is NOT happy about the cap-and-gown get-up!!!

Watching my son giving his little first-grade soccer players an impromptu bible lesson on the field at half time was a blessing I won't forget soon either..... notice there are players from both teams in that huddle :)

It was a lovely short visit and I miss them all already!!!

Thanks to all of you who asked about My Guy's knee - he's doing great and getting around with barely a limp!  We'll be finishing up the studio redesign soon and I'll share pictures as we do :)  Several of you also were curious about the tables in the picture I showed of our sewing area at the Red Rooster....

As nice as that would be, the Sew-Ezi tables were not provided by the Red Rooster.  Most of us at the retreat sew together often, and when one finds a tool that they love (like the Sew-Ezi table!), we all have to have one!  You know how that works, don't you?

Hope you have a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Looks like you had a marvelous time - retreat and with family. Glad you are home safely.

  2. Love June Bertie!
    And what a pretty bag for packing essentials!
    The socks look very comfy, and so colorful. They will make for happy feet. : )
    Looks like some quality family time, Teresa!

  3. Love Bertie and that gorgeous bag. Looks like you had a wonderful time with friends and family!

  4. While not happy with the cap and gown- she rocked the Captain America T-shirt underneath. Such great times with family and your Bertie is super cute.

  5. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time at your retreat and with your family. Your projects are wonderful! The Bertie blocks are so cute! Love your sock yarn.

  6. What a wonderful time you had ... at the retreat and with your family! Love the June Bertie!

  7. What great memories, and your porch and garden view are just so relaxing. Home is best!

  8. Wow, Teresa. What an interesting post you wrote. It sounds like you had a wonderful AND productive time. It's always good to get back home no matter how much you enjoyed being away.

  9. So much to see! Retreat must be amazing! I've never been. Cute birdie. That is the most PERFECT pair of socks : )

  10. I am so glad you had such a great visit with family! So wonderful to be there for your GD's graduation and your other GD's play!! But it is always so good to be home. Love the new Bertie block, the bag and the socks! I also think more Bible lessons are needed at this time!

  11. What a wonderful photo show! It looks as though you had a wonderful time on your journey! And I know there are some kids, and grand kids in NC that are missing you all as well!

  12. I love your Berties. I did mine all by hand, appliques pieces that is. Haven't got around to June's yet - too much going on.

  13. Sounds like you've been very busy! Love those socks and the Berties especially!

  14. You were a busy, busy bee!! Looks like y'all had a blast -- love the overhead shot! Congrats to you girls -- I know you are *very* proud of them!!! :)

  15. Your retreat and family visit looks like it was a major success. Your grands are just too cute and you should be a proud mama of such great children. I DO know when one sees something that is great -- everyone buys one. That's exactly what our sewing group of 10 have done. SewEZ tables are a very hot number around here too. Loved your finished Berties too.

  16. Wow - a very busy but fun week you had. I just love your view of the yard... makes me want to drive over and sit with some stitching. Glad hubby is doing good - and planting some flowers for you to enjoy too! Bertie is so cute- you make me want to pull out some appliqué.

  17. For some reason I missed this post. So, glad you had fun and that Don is on the mend. There is nothing like being able to share in special moments in your grandchildren's lives. That Jacquelynne Steves panel is just so cute! Hope Bertie doesn't get jealous!

  18. We just got home too and it is fabulous. It does look like you had a great time though.

  19. I am so far behind on my Bertie wall hangings. I pulled them out today and I am going to do some machine applique like you. Can you tell me what size sewing machine needle you use?


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