Saturday, May 31, 2014

Not Yet Done with Green!

Our Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for May was GREEN, and I finally managed to find enough time to put together my little GREEN Hootie Owl to add to the growing flock....

And then there were FIVE  *wink*

I washed GREEN fabrics until I began to feel like a stalk of broccoli!!!  I wonder if that is the reason I ate so few salads this month?  Hmmmm..... oh well :*)  Honestly, I had no idea I had so many GREEN fabrics!!!  And it's not even my favorite color - go figure :)

I did start pulling out some fabrics to audition for my Soul Searching block....

..... but all plans of working on that flew out the window when My Guy announced he was ready to set up my Sizzix station in the studio!!!  Yippee!!!  I was almost as excited as Gypsy gets when she hears me yell "Treats!"

Up to now, my Sizzix Big Shot Pro - which is extremely heavy! - has been stuck under a table.  I really haven't used it as much as I would like because it is too much trouble to get it out and find a place to set it up.

We had a HUGE legal-size, five-drawer lateral filing cabinet in one corner that I was anxious to move out of there, and we decided it would be the perfect place to give the Sizzix cutter a permanent home.  Here are the file drawers in the middle of the TV corner of my studio....

And here are the cabinets we planned to put in there instead - two 24" base cabinets in white.....

And here are the same cabinets all boxed up again and back downstairs so they could go back to Lowes!

I didn't realize until we got them set up that my dies didn't fit in them - oops!!!  I have the extended tray cutter which uses 25" long dies, so back to Lowes the cabinets went.  Ask me what My Guy thought about that little miscalculation - especially considering he is moving all these cabinets up and down the stairs with a bum knee!  (with my capable help of course *smile*)

And FINALLY, here are the new ones - one 18" and one 36" base cabinet.....

The cutter has to have all that space on each side for the tray to clear on each end
as it moves through the machine.


And just in case you were wondering how BIG a MESS two people can make in one morning in a sewing studio.....

Yep, it looked like 10 bombs dropped in there!  

But have no fear, by this evening all is back in order, and my new cabinets look absolutely divine, even if I do say so myself :*)  Cutting fabric is now going to be such a pleasure!!!!

So I suppose I will be working on May's GREEN for a little while into June.  Hopefully Angela won't bounce me out of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!  I promise to do better in June.... which by the way is tomorrow!!!  Wow, how time does fly, doesn't it?


Hope you are finding fun, quilty ways to enjoy your summer!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I just love those owls! Oh, I can't imagine carrying those up stairs even once.

  2. Oh, how I envy you. All that space would be wonderful!

  3. Your green hootie is sporting some pretty flashy feathers, girl! : )
    That is a wonderful studio--what a great new set-up for your cutter!

  4. Your room looks like mine at the moment. It looks like you have been busy though

  5. Teresa! First off, your green Hootie is perfect! I LOVE those wings on him....and yes, it is a him if you were wondering? It ain't easy being green! Secondly, your sewing area looks better than mine! I am curious as your thoughts on the Sizzix over the Accuquilt?

  6. Love the new member of the Hootie flock! I would love to have a sewing room! the Sizzix cutter is new to me. How does it compare to an Accu Quilt cutter. I have considered getting one, but have heard that you waste a lot of fabric with it

  7. LOL Miscalculation? We argued about measurements for weeks before I finished my shelf and it worked perfectly. Still folding fabric between making some blocks though. Someday I will be done and oh darn I will have bought more fabric to fold.

  8. Oh my - I love your sewing studio. Even after you were done making a mess.... it was still neater than mine at the moment. I really need to pick up instead of sew one of these days. Love the new cabinets.... and Hootie is gorgeous. So no salads this month.... no lemons next? Hehe... (sorry - really need to have my first cup of coffee before going on-line).

  9. Hooties are looking great! You will LOVE your new cabinet. There must be something in the air; I'm undergoing urban renewal also. You could have stepped into my room and thought you were home. My problem is it's still a disaster area but hope to be back in shape by the end of this week. Like Kevin, I'd like your assessment of Skizzix vs. Accu-quilt.

  10. I have to be honest and say that your studio makes me just a little jealous. ;-)

    I just love your green Hootie!

  11. Love your Hootie and LOVE your studio! You will be SEW glad you have your Sizzix in a permanent home so you can use it more and more. Before long, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. Glad Hubby is doing can't keep a good man down for very long. :)

  12. You pick out great fabric combinations... I love the owls.. and your studio is to drool over.. Sew many goodies to grab your attention.

  13. Teresa I love, love seeing your room, even messy it is awesome!! Your husband must be like mine to take back the new cabinets and get different ones! You will definitely use your Sizzix more with it out. I have the Sizzix Big Shot which is smaller and lots of dies plus my AccuQuilt cutters....all of them are great. Your green owl is adorable!

  14. I love the moon around your owl!!! So cute. The new station looks great, but I am glad I wasn;t there to witness the "non fitting" event. ;-) One always has to make a big mess before things get better.

  15. Those owls! OMG how adorable!! I laughed at your room-sorry-I know how much of a mess has to be made before it gets the way you want it. It's fabulous! You've inspired me to set up a GO station instead of having to get everything out and then put it away. Have fun cutting!

  16. Love your owls!!! They are so adorable.

  17. Green Hootie is adorable! Hope you are now able to have lots of fun with your Sizzix cutter!

  18. Your flock of owls are so cute. I love the fabrics that you choose for each one. I'm so jealous of your sewing studio. I live in a big house, but my sewing area is not the biggest room in the place. Maybe it's a good thing, or I would just buy more things to fill it up and still run out of room! Your husband is an angel for sure.

  19. Cute owls! No wonder you get so much accomplished with the help of the great sewing room!

  20. Beautiful greens! Looking forward to seeing yellow fill in that empty spot at the bottom. Great cutting station -- what a great set-up!

  21. Hooty is just adorable. What an ordeal but what great results. Congratulations on getting everything set up in that wonderful quilting studio.

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