Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching? Probably not today.....

You all know how much I love sitting on Sundays and slowing stitching something beautiful along with my friends over at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching party.  Alas (I just love that old-fashioned word!), that's probably not going to happen this Sunday, because today is Red Rooster Retreat preparation day - we leave early tomorrow morning so I've got lots to do today!  However, I will of course be taking several hand-stitching projects with me to retreat for quiet, relaxing evenings.

I'm steadily making progress on my last block for The Blue Collection.....

The vase itself is done except for a space in the top for the tree to slip down inside when it is ready.  Applying the leaves is really fun now that I have all the preparation done and they are ready to just stitch down in their proper places....

I started with this.....

Then using the starch method, each piece was prepared like this...

And then it's a simple matter of using a few tiny drops of glue to hold them in place for stitching down ...

I really enjoy this method of applique!  I shared this technique with a group from my guild last week at our monthly sit-n-sew.  They all did great!  I'm hopeful that a few of them will finally begin to enjoy applique after learning this method, as I did :)

Carole brought the CUTEST little cup for holding her starch.... I heard a group of students all ooohhhing and ahhhhhing, so of course I had to go over and investigate :)  And there was Carole holding up this tiny cup - the most adorable little starch holder in the world!!!

I'm sure you all know someone like Carole.  She is one of those people who always looks beautiful, no matter what she's wearing, and she always has the perfect accessories ... if she weren't so sweet and lovable I'd probably hate her :*)  She loves laces and ruffles and everything girly!  And she always finds the perfect little tools and accessories for her quilting adventures too.  So I wasn't at all surprised that she had come up with this cute little cup - the perfect "Carole" accessory :)

I told her that I had seen someone use a small child's tea cup in one of the blogs I follow, and that she had used the handle for a rest for the brush.  I have been keeping my eye open for one like it with a handle in thrift shops ever since.  Well, in typical sweet Carole style, she came up to me at the end of the class and presented it to me!!!  I was thrilled of course!!!!  She says she has another one at home, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she just told me that so I would accept it :)

I'll also carry the June Bertie BOM block along for some quick embellishments once the center is assembled....

I love that pop of red in this design :)

So what will you be slow stitching this week?  
Share it at Kathy's Quilts!

And just so you all know what I have to put up with around here ..... while I'm running around trying to do a blog post, pack things up, and take care of a million other things in order to be ready to leave in the morning, this is how my faithful companion helps out!

Well, come to think of it, isn't this what you're supposed to do on Sunday - rest?  
Good girl, Gypsy!!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Thanks for showing how you prep your parts for applique. I may just pull out an applique and finish prepping with starch so I can get that project moving again. I am stuck at the prep stage and I think the starch method might just give me the motivation to get r done =). Have a great time at your retreat. My cats would have 'helped' with the packing.

  2. Enjoyed the post.....and kitty knows best.

  3. That cabbage fabric is perfect for your leaves. Who'd a thunk it?

  4. Your vase is looking stunning and you couldn't have found a more perfect fabric for the leaves !

  5. Wow---you are really getting close to finishing this quilt top!! It is going to be spectacular!! Have fun hand stitching at night during retreat.

  6. Gypsy is a good role model for us! You made great progress on your vase!
    Have a fantastic retreat!

  7. Have a great time at the retreat. Can't wait to see all your wonderful work. Love the little cup. So cute. Enjoy

  8. What a sweet little cup for starch! Adorable! I can't wait to see what all you accomplish at retreat ... have fun!

  9. Hmmmm.........I may have to take a class from you on applique? Of course, mine would be done by machine as anything by "h***" is a four letter word! Hope you have a great time on retreat!

  10. I'm so excited to see your current progress on The Blue Collection! I know I'm going to be bowled over when you proudly present your finished quilt!

  11. Well I hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat! Your vase looks great and the leaves are perfect! That is the cutest little cup, how sweet Carole is!!

  12. Have a great time at retreat! Hope you get lots done.

  13. Have a great retreat. All your projects that you are packing will keep you busy for one day! You must be taking a lot more because I know you. You will have finished at least 5 projects by the time you return. :) Gypsy has the right idea for Sundays. She will really miss you while you are gone.

  14. Oh, that cup is too cute!
    And your Blue Collection block is nothing short of gorgeous!
    Have a great time at retreat--look forward to seeing what you accomplish. : )

  15. Your Blue Collection block is looking GREAT! I need to try the starch method when I applique, but ONLY if I can find a cute little cup like yours! :) It is perfect. Have a great time at your retreat! I look forward to seeing what you are able to accomplish while you are gone.

  16. Love that block! The ivy leaves are just beautiful against that blue vase. You are so talented.

  17. looks great! what paper do you use inside? I've done ricky tims stable stuff then I don't have to remove it and just soak the block after it's done and most of it dissolves

  18. That blue quilt is going to be done soon. Yipee! Cute cup she gave you.

  19. That's a good friend who will give you her best stuff. I'm learning to do a hand applique technique next weekend. Don't know if starch is involved.

  20. The cabbage fabric is wonderful for your leaves.

  21. Well I'm hoping to do some slow work on my hexagons and maybe some knitting. Ave fun on your retreat


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