Friday, May 16, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole......

Spring is rabbit season!!!!  I know, because we have them hopping about all over the place in our backyard, and there are even little babies in our neighbor's yard - those little babies are just too darn cute!!!!

Some of you may have been thinking I had fallen down one of those rabbit holes LOL!!! 

Down the Rabbit Hole
Original Acrylic Painting by Carolee Clark
Credit Source - Etsy

I know!  
I've been gone from Blogland for WAY too long!!!

There are - as always - lots of reasons for my absence, and I promise not bore you with them all.... pshew!!! Aren't you relieved?  :*)  Suffice it to say that things have been a-hoppin' and a-jumpin' at the AQAP household!  Well, all except My Guy, who is doing NO hoppin' or jumpin' for a little while....

Nothing like a little knee surgery to slow a guy down, right?

Our upstairs Heat & Air unit finally bit the dust, which of course required lots of men in jeans and boots tromping up and down the stairs for a few days.  No getting in the sewing studio during those days!  Then, when the HVAC guys did their survey, we discovered there was no insulation in the outside walls or the floor of my sewing studio (over the garage) - and that's why it's colder than a .... (well, you know the rest of that phrase) .... in there every winter!  We had to cut holes in the walls .....

.... for them to crawl through and stuff in the insulation.  And then they punched a million holes in the ceiling of the garage (with hammers!!!!) in order to pipe the insulation between there and my studio floor .....

My sewing room was a wreck with my stuff piled everywhere!!!
(This was the only picture fit for public viewing!)

I couldn't find anything or get to my machines for a week, so no sewing for me.  We decided since everything was in an uproar anyway, it was time to do a little rearranging and reorganizing.  This wall used to have a long table with fabric and projects loaded up on top of it, and boxes of projects stuffed to bursting underneath it - pretty messy!  Now it looks like this.....

Of course, I still can't find anything LOL!!!  It may take me a while to figure out where I've put everything in the new organization :)

You should all thank your lucky stars I don't have any "before" pictures to show of my studio closet - it's a wonder we didn't find fossils in there!!!  But here are a few pictures of the wonderful shelves My Guy put in for me.....

And before anyone gets the bright idea that all this work is what caused My Guy's injury, let me put your minds at rest!  Actually, he did a lot of this after his injury and before the surgery.  I never cease to be amazed at what that man can accomplish, even on a pair of crutches!!!

Unfortunately, things aren't going to settle down any time soon around here either.  I'm preparing now for a much-looked-forward-to retreat at Red Rooster next week with a group of my bestest friends - yippee!!!!  And the day after I return from retreat, I'll be heading out to Carolina to see my 16-year-old granddaughter perform in her school play.  So, I apologize in advance for being away from the blog for so long, but LIFE in capital letters sometimes simply takes control of our days.

However, while I'm at Red Rooster next week, I'll be working on some fun stuff....

The June Bertie is in the house!!!

And because I'm such a lucky girl, I get to play with these beautiful fabrics from Jacquelynne Steve's newest collection, Cottage Charm - YUM!!!

Little Man Hudson has grown very attached to his quilt I made for him when he was born and wants to carry it everywhere, so his mom asked if I had any of the minkee fabric used on the back left, and could I make a small quilt for him?  I was delighted to find just enough in the scraps and just need to decide which fabric to use for binding....

That will be a quick finish at retreat, and then I hope to find time to play with a new project.....

It's from this book by Piece O'Cake Designs...

I've been wanting to make something out of this book in quite a while, so I'm really excited about this little wall quilt project :)

I've washed greens for the May Rainbow Scrap Challenge until I feel like Elphaba - you know her, right?  The green Wicked Witch of the West?

Hey, wait a minute... you are laughing, aren't you?  
Okay, just checking!  

No blocks done yet though and it's not looking good the rest of the month either.  I may be doing a lot of RSC catch-up next month.

I'm taking my knitting along to retreat for relaxing in the evenings.  I got quite a lot done on the purple socks while waiting for My Guy to come out of surgery, and now they are almost done .....

..... and I've popped this fun spring-colored yarn in my bag for my next pair!

I'll do my best to send post some updates from retreat to show you what I'm working on.  Really looking forward to checking out your blogs too, to see what you've been up to while I've been gone :)

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. LIFE has kept you busy - relax at retreat and have a little fun.

  2. I was thinking about you a couple of days ago - but alas, I've just entered back into blogland myself!! Life does have a way of keeping us busy!! Yours sound exceptionally wonderful - beautiful projects, improved studio, time with family, and a rabbit or two!! Have super, super fun at retreat!! I AM going to learn to knit socks!! I'm working on two different scarves right now, so I am practicing my knitting!!

    Blessings my sweet, bright and cheerful friend!

  3. Have a fantastic time at retreat! Enjoy every minute of quilty fun!

  4. I've been wondering what was happening in your life, but was so busy making minis, I wasn't asking any questions.
    Hope your guy heals well--and quickly!
    Good thing your sewing room will be insulated now! Hope it makes a big difference.
    I am SO jealous of your new shelving/cabinets in your sewing room. How wonderful!!
    Loving the yarn for your new Spring socks!! : )

  5. Your sewing room looks fabulous, Teresa. Ugh to all the mess, though. We've done that. It's so much easier when you're not using the space that needs to be "improved" and such a dirty job when you are. I hope your husband heals quickly and that you have great fun at your retreat.

  6. My husband just had knee surgery too! He still has swelling issues but it seems each day gets better. It is good to get reorganized and a great time to do it. Now that your sewing room will be much more comfortable I am sure you will be able to adjust and get some sewing done. You have some great fabrics to inspire you.

  7. DH and I were just talking about his having knee surgery at some point (he's got arthritis in both knees - pretty bad).

    Looks like your retreat came at just the right time ... I'm thinking you NEED a retreat after all that you've been going through! Have fun ... and share an update or two if you get a chance. ;-)

  8. Ahhh, that explains your absence -- and then some. Sorry you had the mess, but you will be so glad to have your room insulated. I don't know how contractors can get by without it. Absolutely luscious fabrics you'll be working with at a much needed retreat.

  9. have had an exciting life lately!!! There always seems to be something that keeps us away from our creative endeavors. It will be wonderful to get away for a few days. Won't it be nice to return to such a beautiful sewing space?? Have fun.

    I hope your hubby mends quickly so he can be up at going again soon. I'm sure it is hard for him to stay down.

  10. Wow you have been busy even thought it is not a whole lot of sewing. I think spring is a great time to spring clean, even though it was necessary.

  11. Wow, you have had a lot going on!! Seems like it will never end when it is happening, right? Glad to see you back. LOVE all your green fabrics and can't wait to see what you do for RSC with them. I have wanted to make several quilts out of that Piece O Cake book too! Good luck with the wall quilt project. I will look forward to seeing your progress!

  12. My husband walked past my desktop as I was reading your blog. He said," What did he do, trip over something in her sewing room.? LOL That Piece O Cake book looks like it has some fun projects. Love the Bird On A Branch. Have fun next week. I know I will.

  13. Goodness Me!! I can't believe what is going down for you at the moment, talk about busy! You will be happy to have your sewing room back in order and organised again soon and the book by Piece O Cake looks interesting. Hope your hubby recovers quickly.

  14. Teresa you have been a busy gal. I made the bird on a Branch quilt a few years ago and it was fun. You will enjoy it.

  15. Poor man. Hope he will be fine while you go on retreat. Enjoy your granddaugher, too.

  16. Ouch! Gentle hugs from Texas for your DH. With all that on your plate, you probably got more done than me....giggle. I've just been looking at everyone else's eye candy.

  17. have a lot going on there....take care of that man...those surgeries are no fun...but by the looks of it he is up and about all ready....

  18. I love reading your posts Teresa! I am so glad you will be able to stay warmer now in the colder months! Best wishes and prayers for healing for your hubby! I hope you will have, or have had a good time on your retreat and visiting family in Carolina! RSC isn't looking good for me this month either!

  19. Lovely eye candy with that fabric! and poor hubby, take care of him :)
    I want those knitted socks......


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