Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - Whittling Down the Crumbs!

I've been seeing some GREAT scrap quilt ideas out there in Blogland lately!

As a part of Scraptastic Tuesday, I really want to start emptying out these crumb jars and making something beautiful out of them.  (I know - I've been saying that all year!!!)

Well, it's time to start doing something about it!  Let's see....... I've found some great ideas on Pinterest!  Check out all of the ones I have pinned to my Scrappy Love! board HERE.  What about this GORGEOUS quilt called Shattered Rainbow from My Quilt Infatuation?  Wouldn't something like this be fun???

Quilt by My Quilt Infatuation
Photo courtesy of My Quilt

Or this one - the Omigosh! quilt by Sue Garman - YIKES!!!!

Quilt designed & made by Sue Garman

A few friends have made this quilt and it is gorgeous, but Oh My Gosh - all those tiny little pieces!!!  Several blog buddies are now making it - Kathy's Quilts and Sharon Vrooman to name a few - so I am very very tempted to start one too - it's the perfect leader/ender project to use up all my crumbs... and then some! .....

I also love the idea of a scrappy Chevron quilt..... these quilts are all the rage right now - and I love the idea of no triangles :*)

Photo courtesy of  Dream Patch blog
Free Tutorial for this block on her blog HERE!
It could be done very scrappy, just using all blues for one row, with the background next, then all pinks, etc.  But perhaps this one would be more for the larger scraps?  Hmmmm..... maybe a good idea for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

I'm also looking through my books and have found a few that I definitely want to try!  For instance.....  I LOVE this Bowdacious pattern from the Scrap Queen herself, Bonnie Hunter.  The picture here is not great, but I've seen this quilt in person and it positively SPARKLES!!!  Mostly little 4-patches and one-sided snowball blocks.

This is a book by Jan Mullen that I have had for AGES!!!!  I love the idea of making my own fabric out of scraps - can't you just see me making this cute little kitty?  I know you can!!! So can I =^..^=

I was thrilled when I found Gwen Marston's book for $5 in the book sale section at the AQS in Chattanooga!  Gwen makes quilting fun!!!  I really want to try making a few of her funky blocks....

Sew... I think that's enough inspiration to get me started.... what about you?
Come back next week to see if I have actually started any of these LOL!!!  

Join in the Scraptastic Fun over at She Can Quilt and Mrs. Sew and Sow !  
Today is the last day to get in on this month's Linky Party HERE - there are prizes!!!!

Also linking up with Vrooman's Quilts 
for Sharon's wonderful Let's Book It challenge!


Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I so want to make an Oh My Gosh! quilt ... it'll definitely be a loooooong term project, if I do. ha!

  2. Oh my gosh, your crumb jar just set off an explosion of ideas.....just amazing stuff!!

  3. I don't know. I think those crumb jars are too pretty to empty. lol Yes....I can see you doing the kitty. That is so cute.

  4. YES!! Let's make all these quilts!! So fun!

  5. I keep telling myself someday I will make Omigosh, but so far, no progress.
    I really like that first one you have in your post, too!
    YES--I can see you making a rainbow of kitties from your scraps. : )

  6. So many pretties! Pick one--any one -- and just go for it! The reverse appliqué fabric would be a super fun and mindless way to use up so many beautiful bits. Omigosh-- it does use up little bits, but takes a bit more thinking. Hope you find just the right project to pull you in.

  7. Looks like you have some decisions to make for those pretty scraps , some interesting choices for sure :-)

  8. So many wonderful quilts and ideas! I have had my eye on the Omigosh quilt for some time. But I really like the first one and the idea of 'making fabric' for the applique. What ever you choose it will be beautiful.

  9. Your crumb jar is fabulous by itself! Can't wait to see what it becomes.

  10. If only scraps were money! I'd be rich ; )
    Happy sewing

  11. I have the Omigosh pattern too. I have tons of scraps, just not cute and organized like yours.

  12. All these wonderful ideas for quilts...I will have to live until 180 to make all the ideas that I like! Lol

  13. I love Kathy's comment - let's make them all! And I have enough scraps to do that. The 2-rail chevron would make a great rainbow quilt to work on next year. The OMG in the larger size (1.5") still will eat up a lot of scraps and still takes your breath away.

  14. So many choices, so little time!!

  15. You've got so many fun things posted today, my head is spinning!! I adore Jan Mullen's cat -- darling!! The jars of scraps are wild . . . can't wait to see what you create from them!!! :)


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