Sunday, October 26, 2014

Slow Stitching ... Finally!

Traveling and retreats are always pretty busy times for me, even though I'm supposed to be "resting" at retreat - right!!!  Although I really did rest a good bit at Red Rooster, my ambitions for doing some hand stitching came to naught.  My passion right now of course is to be making those delicious Patchwork of the Crosses blocks!  But I've decided to put them on the back burner for a week or so until I get the Bertie blocks caught up - I didn't realize that I was FIVE blocks behind on these - yikes!!!!

At the Rooster, my first order of business was to finish stitching together all the rows for my Blooming Nine Patch .....

Because this quilt goes together on point, I had to make all of the blocks before I could start putting it together.  Here it was on the floor as I assembled it ....

and I finished up just before the lunch bell on the second day.

Wow!  Does it ever BLOOM!!!!

I'm very happy with it and can't wait to get it quilted and bound :)

Then after lunch, I pulled out the Bertie blocks and began the machine stitching on all five blocks.  I had already fused everything down, so it was a very relaxing and fun project!

I then made the half-square triangle borders for October and November so I could finish them up and enjoy them on the wall this year.

November Bertie with its border, before hand stitch embellishments
I'll probably leave October up for a couple weeks, then put November up mid-month. Unfortunately, the July, August and September Berties will have to wait until next year for their time to shine on the wall :(

This little pumpkin actually smiled when he got his eyes :*)

Since I got home, the past few nights have found me in my chair, slowly stitching the embellishments to my October Bertie.  I actually finished the stitching this afternoon while watching football, but then I decided I like this gold in the upper left corner for the border stitching rather than the green, so it looks like I will be doing some frogging :( ....

Very washed out picture - I'm not happy with my camera lately!

And just so I can justify my rant of last week, I took a picture of some real-life candy corn that was in the candy dish at the Rooster next to the Kit "candy corn" fabric (right) and my substitutions (left)....

..... Will the REAL candy corn fabric please stand up???  
Yep, I feel justified *VBG* 

I want to thank all of you who commented and encouraged me to speak up about the quality of the fabrics I've been receiving in the BOM.  Several of you noted that you are also doing the BOM and were disappointed as well.  So as much as I hate to do it, I've decided that I will send a note letting them know of my dissatisfaction.  I'll keep you posted.

The greatly revamped November Bertie, using mostly my own lovely bright fall wools, has also been enjoying the addition of some embellishment since I thought I was done with October.  I love this variegated fall-colored spool by Valdani for these blocks!

Note the machine stitching around her kerchief to give it shape and clarity - I thought that turned out well considering I had no idea what I was doing LOL!!!!

This one is well on it's way to being done, with only the border ring of chained feather stitching to be done before quilting.

These stitched borders take quite a while to accomplish, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete it tonight or not.  My intention is to keep my nose to the grindstone until all of these are done - keeping the POTC blocks out there as my "carrot" will encourage me to keep going when I start getting bored with them!

I'm linking up with Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday - come on over & enjoy!!!!


Before I leave, let me remind you.........

Tomorrow is the first day of the Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM!!!!

Be sure to come by to see my Block #1 - I'm SEW EXCITED about how it turned out and can't wait to show you all!!!!  Are you ready to start your first block?  I had a ball with this wonderful design, and everything went together like a charm!  I can't wait to see your blocks and the fun fabrics you choose to make yours with!

And I bet you want to know who won the giveaway Pattern Bundle from Jacquelynne too, don't you?  Well, Mr. Random Generator must have been in a really great mood, because he chose #33 - which is one of my good friends!

I am signed up and I like Jacqueline's colors for the block of the month.

Anyone who knows Joanne, knows that she is luckiest person alive!  She always wins!!!!  I've sent her an email, and she'll be receiving that happy bundle of PDF patterns from Jacquelynne soon.  Don't be discouraged though - there are SEVERAL MORE GIVEAWAYS coming up during the BOM - so stay tuned and join in the fun!!! :*)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - my post goes live about noon.  

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Oh my that top is a STUNNER! Gorgeous. And the Bertie blocks are looking wonderful too. Love all the little details.

  2. I absolutely love the Bloomin 9-patch quilt! The colors are amazing!

  3. You're Bloomin' 9-Patch is just stunning!! I love your changes to Bertie and happy to hear you are notifying the kit suppliers - that really is a lot of money to pay for these and then be so off. I can't wait for the new QAL and look forward to seeing what you do with those fabrics.

  4. The blooming nine patch is on my bucket list--yours is wonderful!

  5. I only bought the sept pattern to make one wall hanging. It has a squirrel in it and my husband like squirrels. I picked out my own fabrics for it and hope to start it soon. Your projects are looking great. I love the embellishments

  6. That gold variegated thread is perfect on your Bertie. That bloomin' 9 patch is an explosion of color in what I have begun to call "Teresa R" style. LOL Yep, Joanne has always been lucky when it comes to winning.

  7. Oh, Teresa - that Blooming 9-Patch is spectacular!! And your Bertie blocks are sure darling!! I agree with the gold stitching instead of the green!! And I LOVE the November block!! See ya tomorrow!! I signed up for the Sew Sweet BOM!! Oh, yeah, like I need ANOTHER project!! :-0

  8. never cease to amaze me! Love all of your current projects! And, you are definitely justified in your dissatisfaction of colors! I am in amazement of your embellishments!

  9. What a gorgeous quilt! So many little blocks. And then there is your all too cute Bertie blocks....:)

  10. Your Blooming Nine Patch is just amazing. I love your Bertie blocks too. I did not do this program, but did get all the patterns. The Fat Quarter shop had them on sale. I just need December's pattern. I hope to make them sometime, they are all so cute.

  11. Bertie is looking fabulous ! The blooming nine patch is stunning.

  12. Your blooming 9 patch is amazing! All that hard work paid off!
    Your Berties are just so cute... enjoy the stitching!

  13. Your Blooming Nine Patch quilt is stunning. Love all the colors you chose for it. I think your Bertie blocks are coming together so well. I too would be very disappointed with the choice of kit fabrics that you have encountered. Glad you are letting them know. Does each shop choose their own fabric for the kits? I've seen them at our LQS, but didn't look closely because I had not heard about your problem at the time. You are an expert at your embellishments on Bertie.

  14. Your blooming nine-patch definitely has a WOW factor! Makes me think of a bed of gorgeous, exotic flowers!
    I'm so impressed that you have put aside your POTC blocks and are focusing on finishing up Bertie's Year. Do you have any leftover willpower I can borrow? : )
    I think you should definitely let the shop know you are unhappy with the fabrics. You won't be mean about it, I know. I believe stores can't improve if they don't know where they are letting customers down.
    That said, you have done such a good job of subbing in fabrics that bring Bertie and his surroundings to life. Maybe they need you to choose the fabrics for their kits! : )
    Good call on changing the green stitching to gold. I think it does make a difference.
    You have me really curious to see your new project.

  15. Wonderful to see Blooming 9 patch together and waiting for quilting - looks amazing!

  16. Great progress! Glad you are getting caught up on Bertie. The nine patches are fabulous!

  17. I am envious of ALL of your projects!! Good job!

  18. Wow gorgeous quilt and love the Bertie's blocks. You are as busy as I am, but I don't have the time to take in progress photos to post, lol!!!

  19. Oh gosh, Teresa your quilt is *BEAUTIFUL*!!! I'm loving your 're-worked' Bertie blocks. Your new colors are much better -- and I'm glad you're planning on saying something. Have fun stitching!!! :)

  20. I have the Bertie's patterns, but I don't have the kits. I thought I would get the background and Bertie fabrics and then do the rest myself.

  21. Your Blooming Nine Patch is just stunning! Great color choices as always!
    Bertie is looking good too. Your color substitutions just make the blocks shine!

  22. My goodness, you do keep busy! Nice work on everything.


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