Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been playing around with my PINK scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month, and since it's Valentine's Day, of course I had to make some hearts!

My crumb jars didn't have any scraps big enough for these, even though they are only 6 and 7 inch blocks, so I had to pull out the big guns - my PINK scrap bin.  I was SO tempted to pull some beauties from my pink stash shelf, but I am determined to use primarily scraps this year, so I am happy to report that the only fabric pulled from my fat quarter drawer was the light pink background on the heart on the right.  I had a lot of darker pinks in the scraps bin, but light pinks were scarce.

All of these blocks were paper-pieced.... I was even very thrifty and reused the clean side of a mis-printed scrap page from an earlier project.

I made the two hearts on the sides from a pattern sent to me by Julie of Me & My Stitches.....

Every time she sends us our Charming Club charm, she also sends a 6" block pattern for that charm so we can make a matching quilt block if we like.  I thoroughly enjoyed making these easy hearts!

The heart block in the center was from a free pattern I downloaded earlier in the week - and for the life of me, I can't remember from where!  The pattern sheet does not mention the designer or website or anything.  If you know where I got this from, please let me know so I can give credit :)

I think it turned out really cute!!!

I'll be sharing my hearts in SoScrappy's 
Valentine's Day Pinkstravaganza HERE

Tomorrow, I will join Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching group and continue assembling my Millefiore blocks for the last round of Rosette #1.

The last of the blocks I have to assemble for round 3 are sitting very lonely in the bottom of my sewing box :*)

There are 8 pieces in each of the six outer point blocks - I have finished all of these ....

Looks a bit like an owl, doesn't it?  *grin!*

And then there are 6 pieces in each side block between those point blocks.  I only have two of those done so far - 16 to go!

Then I will need to sew all the blocks from rounds 2 and 3 together for the finish.  I am glad that I determined from the beginning to not have a timeline for this project, because I would be really feeling antsy right about now if I had.  Beautiful pictures of completed Rosette #2 are popping up all over the Millefiore FB page, and I'm feeling pretty jealous!  Rosette #3 will be released March 1 too!  But I'm enjoying taking my time on this, and I want to make sure it is as beautiful as I can make it.  I'm steadily stitching on it at night and whenever I can find an hour or so of quiet time.

Tomorrow, I plan to cut out the pieces for Arcadia Avenue Block #2.  I just realized I never showed you the completed Block #1, so here it is!

Isn't this just GORGEOUS???  
Sassafras Lane has hit this one WAY out of the park!
I can't wait to start on Block #2!

We are expecting some truly frigid temps here in Nashville this coming week - zero and below a few days.  And maybe even some accumulations of SNOW - woohoo!!!!  It will be nice to get at least one decent snow this year.  I do hate that it is supposed to fall on Monday though, which is my sit-n-sew day with friends :(

I'm told that some of you who usually experience lots of snow have been strangely lacking in snow this winter, but the northeast has sure gotten hit hard.  My mom texted earlier tonight to let me know that they are experiencing some pretty major winds in the NC mountains tonight - a tree went down about 10 feet from their house!  And I think snow is on its way to them too.

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy 
and finding lots of stitchy projects to keep you happy and sassy!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Pretty blocks, sounds like the snow is heading south to warmer temperatures too.

  2. Wow, isn't that an energetic and striking block #1! I really like it. I'll be back tomorrow to see how it is going. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone - just the kind of post I like to see - lots of eye candy. PS I love that heart you paper pieced!

  3. Wow oh wow! I love that Arcadia Ave. block #1. It's hard to imagine how any of the subsequent blocks could even compete with that one.

    Your little heart quilts are just so adorable!

    We are an area to the north that hasn't gotten anywhere close to the amount of snow we usually get ... if we've gotten much more than an inch, I'll be very surprised. Hopefully that will change because some of the forecasters are predicting even up to 3-5" of snow. And I can't wait!

  4. Great paper pieced hearts. You are so on top of this holiday thing. : )
    Your EPP block just boggles me mind. I wouldn't even know where to start.
    Oh, Arcadia--what a stunner! Nice job, Teresa. So many pretties here.

  5. Block 1 is AMAZING... Pink hearts are cute

  6. Oh, gosh...I'm drooling. All of your work is gorgeous.

  7. Wow - your Arcadia block is amazing! Love it! Glad you made some hearts with your 6" pattern for Charming!

  8. Wow - I don't even know where to start. So many wonderful things in this post!!! All of your work is gorgeous and a feast for the eyes! Love the heart blocks.. of course. And the Sassafrass Lane is AMAZING. Cold and windy here today.. wind chills in the -20 range. Good day to stay inside and sew!

  9. Such cute hearts and what a wonderful owly surprise. And count me in as someone who prefers snow to high wind warnings.

  10. Your Arcadia block is GORGEOUS!!! Wow! And your heart blocks are just adorable. Too cute! I can't wait to see your Millefiore block with your new additions. You sure do have an eye for color.

  11. Block #1 is gorgeous! I really like your little hearts also. The really cold weather is helping me get some crafting done, but I would like to get rid of it soon. We are looking at frigid weather for the entire upcoming week. Not fun!

  12. I can see that you are as busy as ever!!! I am watching your progress on Millefiore and loving it!

  13. Love the valentine hearts and that last block is truly amazing! Wow. We have a warm up for a day or two and back to chilly weather again. Beautiful out today though.

  14. I don't know where that center heart pattern came from, but what a cutie. Love it!

  15. The arcadia avenue block is spectacular! Pineapple gone hexagon! Wow!

  16. That Arcadia Avenue block is amazingly beautiful. I love the heart blocks too.

  17. I always love to visit you - the color just pops and makes my day brighter!

  18. Always love seeing your projects, Teresa! You sure keep buys! Stay warm!

  19. I haven't seen the centre heart before but it is lovely. Great work on all the hearts.

  20. Wow! So much eye candy in this post. Thank you for sharing : )

  21. Please, please tell me you know what the light pink scrap fabric is in the open heart block!! I love it so much. I must try to track it down. You do such gorgeous work and the fabric choices are fantastic.

  22. Please, please tell me you know what the light pink scrap fabric is in the open heart block!! I love it so much. I must try to track it down. You do such gorgeous work and the fabric choices are fantastic.

  23. Teresa I love your heart block - and all your pinks! blessings, marlene

  24. Your Arcadia Block #1 is spectacular!! Stay warm this weekend. We are getting freezing rain right now. I can hear it hitting the skylights. Not going anywhere on Sat. or Sun, so maybe I can get something finished. lol


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