Sunday, February 1, 2015

BOM - Millefiore

The first round is done on Millefiore Rosette #1....

..... actually I finished stitching it down last Sunday while watching the NFL Playoffs :*)  I've been busy this week and am now well on my way to having the 2nd Round prepared and stitched down as well.... hopefully I'll get quite a bit of that done while watching the Super Bowl today.

One thing I have learned from this quilt is to not prepare all my pieces before I have prepared a few and put them up on the design wall first!  I started out using a different pink in the alternate point - see the large diamond on the right using a medium pink dot fabric....?  I love that fabric and it looks so pretty with the two other fabrics in that hexie!

But then, after putting a few up on the design wall and stepping back from it, I saw that it blended in too well and added no contrast interest :(  It also created an unbroken band of pink around the rosette that was a little overpowering and did not transition well from the yellows & oranges in the first round.  So I switched it out for the pink with the black dot on the left.  Close up, I had thought the black dot too much, but after getting a few pieces up on the design wall and stepping back I could see that it was needed.  It provides just enough contrast, as well as having the happy effect of playing well with the dots from the center fabrics, creating more cohesion.  Lesson learned!!!

Another thing I have learned from Katja (Millefiore designer and owner of Katja's Quilt Shoppe) that helps this project go more quickly is to use a glue stick for preparation of the pieces rather than thread basting ....

This goes SO MUCH FASTER!!!  I can't wait to try it out on my Patchwork of the Crosses too!

One of my favorite components of this project is the many opportunities to use some of my favorite fabrics to fussy cut lovely motifs for effective design elements ....

Of course, my fabrics end up looking a lot like swiss cheese!!!!

As you probably noticed from the picture, I've already begun making plans and putting up design elements for the final Round #3......  Note the small orange hexies/diamonds and yellow diamond pieces being auditioned at the top.....

 All of those elements are subject to change, but I'm pretty sure at least the yellow pieces with the pink circle element at the very top will remain at the tip of those six points all around.  I really like the way it echoes the Round #1 diamonds and pulls the attention outward.  Not sure I will use more than six of them though, just on those six points, with orange everywhere else on that section.  I've seen some of the finished hexies with a dark continuous circle there and it is very striking!  I would then follow with hopefully a yellow hexie all around that, and tips of dark orange on the outside edges.  I'll have to prepare a few more pieces and see how they look as a whole before I decide on anything.

I understand this Rosette will be about 36" when complete - yikes!  Although I would have loved to have had this one done before the release of Rosette #2 which happened TODAY not going to happen LOL!!!  But that's okay.  I got a late start after spending a week with my mom in Carolina - certainly no regrets there! - and this is a project that I intend to have fun with and work on as I can - no pressure.  February's Rosette is much less work intensive, so maybe I'll even be able to catch up.  (And pigs may fly too, but hopefully my chances are better than that!!!)

****** FYI ..... if you find that you love Millefiore and think you might want to join in the fun, it's not too late!  Go to Katja's Quilt Shoppe HERE and register, then download the instructions provided.  You will also need to purchase her new book, The New Hexagon.  You won't regret it - it's an amazing source of over 50 hexie designs!  I recommend also getting the Paper Pieces HERE for each rosette, but that is optional, as you can make your own templates from the book if you like.  Paper Pieces also offers a set of acrylic templates for those who really like to make this project easy and convenient!  There's a fun Facebook page HERE too where you can all the wonderful rosettes coming to life :)

I'll be joining all my friends today at Kathy's Quilts as I enjoy Slow Sunday Stitching on this fun BOM.  How about you?

Slow Sunday Stitching

I really have no preference for the winner of the Super Bowl, 
but I sure am looking forward to the commercials LOL!!!

And don't forget!!!  
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Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Truly gorgeous. I love the fabrics you are using.

  2. Very pretty , your fussy cutting paid off !

  3. That is really stunning. It is going to be an incredible piece when finished.

  4. Delicious!! This is going to be an amazing quilt.

  5. Pretty colors--I so want to do this quilt!

  6. Look at you go! This looks great . She'll have new converts soon ; ) I don't think too far ahead either. I sort of choose as I go. It hurts my head!

  7. So pretty! And your work is gorgeous. You've got to stop tempting me with all those bright colors ... I'm a CW repro kind of gal.

  8. Your fabrics are so striking. You are creating a beautiful block! But 36"--really? I don't think I could paper piece a block that large. More power to you! : )

  9. Your fabrics choices are stunning. What a beautiful piece this is going to be! Thanks for showing your "Swiss cheesed" fabric. It was fun to see what some of the hexie pieces started out as before cutting. Looking forward to seeing your progress. You really have an eye for these.

  10. Your fabric combinations, and the care you've taken to fussy cut and position each motif just so, is amazing! What method of construction are you using to assemble your rosettes? I thought hexies had to be hand pieced, but your remark about glue stick preparation (and what seems to be tagboard templates in the photo?) threw me for a loop. Is this done by some method of applique? If so, how do you get that tag board out of the hexies after you've glued the seam allowance to the template? Thanks for sharing -- I'm here via Design Wall Monday and glad to have found you!

  11. Wow, your rosette is really coming to life ... it's going to be gorgeous. 36" - it's going to be large, as well as gorgeous. ;-)

    I've thought about using a glue stick, but basting hexies is my portable project ... it's all I can do in the car on road trips. So I guess I'll continue to EPP so I'll have something to do on our road trips.

  12. I'm in love with your Millifiori #1 - there are so many gorgeous ones. Quilters are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gorgeous. Love how you audition your fabrics and each different element can take the piece into a whole different direction.

  14. So pretty! It really is a huge organizational undertaking... the thought of it is overwhelming to me, and so I am delighted to watch you!

  15. Amazing the colors and design that is coming forth with the addition of each round. You have the patience of Job. Your block will be big enough to be a beautiful table topper on a round table when you finish it. I have two glass top tables, one that this size would fit-- maybe I should make one, huh?? lol

  16. Really lovely. Your fabrics are so exuberant and gorgeous!

  17. Those fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! I use glue for EPP, too. I switched over to Elmar's a while ago and find it works just as well....and I found it worked out cheaper...which means more money for fabric!

  18. What a fun new quilt pattern and a great idea to use a glue stick! Don't know how you could sew during the Super Bowl, especially that ending. We both nearly collapsed. Sigh. I think you know where I live, right?


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