Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Checking in From Camp Widjiwagan!

Retreat is so much fun! We're having a ball and getting a lot done. Don't believe me? Look for the eye candy in my NEXT post...... Wait for it......wait for it.......

I'm coming around the home stretch on Moonglow! All the alternate Irish Chain blocks are done - yippee skippee! Doing the happy dance!

Now I just have to finish up 4 of the 13 mariner's compass blocks. Not sure if that will get done here, but I'm giving it my best shot! Of course, I HAD to take out time to share our fun in a blog post..... Isn't that my 'job' now? LOL!

Now, some of you may have never had the privilege of visiting the YMCA Camp Widjiwagan here in Antioch, Tennessee, and that's a real shame because it is a beautiful place right on Percy Priest Lake. Most mornings we can see the deer walking along near the water, and there have been several fox sightings too!

There are wonderful sculptures all around depicting happy children at play....

Love these two little tykes!

In the background here are our sleeping cabins - they are very nice!

All over the grounds are fun activities for the campers, and encouragement for them to grow in good character.

There are lots of funny signs everywhere too......

Hmmmm.... How to choose which one? We all loved these notebook favors the Retreat Committee made for us!

Lavana taught how to make these sweet nine-patch pincushions using only 3 charm cuts. She gave a tutorial on how to use Magic Sizing to condition your fabrics. She said to spray it on and then wait until it soaks in before pressing. She kept saying, "Wait for it.....Wait for it...." You'll notice I learned that part of what she had to say :*}

We have a really huge room for sewing with a nice fireplace and a couple of comfy sofas for a well-timed power nap!

Some of us find time for games.....

Others find welcome help and instruction ....

We've even had some fashion shows......

I won this gorgeous fat quarter pack as a door prize! Can't imagine what I'll make with them but they sure are yummy!

Ok - I'm outta here! Gotta put together your Eye Candy post ...... Wait for it..... Wait for it.......

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Okay, I am so jealous! This looks like more fun than should be allowed. Moonglow is really coming together--such a gorgeous quilt.
    And that is a very pretty door prize. Look forward to more eye candy! : )

  2. WOW you are cruising on your moonglow! I still haven't touched my paper piecing blocks yet. Any pointers on any of them?

  3. Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. You know we will be expecting a lot of show and tell at guild.

  4. Retreats are the BEST!!! It looks like a beautiful place to spend some relaxing time with some wonderful friends! Have so much fun!!! :)

  5. Well, I went to camp a lot when I was a child and I worked at summer camps when I was a teenager, but I've never had the privilege of going to a quilting camp! I so enjoyed this post. Brought back great memories for me and it looks like you all had such a fun time. Your moonglow block is absolutely gorgeous....and I'm waiting for your eye candy post.....

  6. You look like you are having so much fun! I am jealous!!!!!!!!
    You are doing great on your Moonglow Blocks. Well Done,
    Hugs and enjoy your break,

  7. OOOH I want to be there where you are!!! Looks like SO MUCH FUN !! and a beautiful seeting to boot. Your door prize is wonderful, lucky you. I also loved the scarf/necklace fashion show -- want to hear more about that, I'm waiting for it, waiting for it. Such fun. Your Moonglow is stunning.

  8. Okay, this place looked like a blast -- where exactly was it? We're always looking for new, fun places to sew!!! Oh -- and NICE win with the door prize!!! I'm glad you've had such a great time!! :)

  9. Hi Teresa,what great quilts! And great variety!


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