Sunday, March 4, 2012

Design Wall Monday – Week #10

This is what’s on my Design Wall today - Moonglow…the first 8 medallion blocks.

The block on the bottom right is the one I finished up late last night. 

It is called the “Sea of Fertility.”  By about 11pm, I was calling it the “Sea of Futility”!!!  Let me tell you – I am NOT enjoying these blocks.  The first ones were fairly simple and a nice challenge.  But they get harder as you go along – a lot harder!  I worked on this block for two days!  I cut templates, marked everything super carefully.  

Pinned at each point, etc. etc. etc.  So, so careful, and STILL ended up with the big pouchy thing in the middle when I was done!  

I had to iron it into submission!  It’s not perfect, but it’s done and boy am I glad!!!  Only five more medallion blocks to go!  Woohoo!!!   The question is, will I survive it?  =^..^=

Since this is my March UFO Challenge, I’d really like to have it done by the end of March.  So hopefully it won’t be taking up space on the design wall too terribly long.  We’ll see …..  enough whining already!!!! 

I’m also working on designing a carrier for my Winter Wonderland embroidery project.  I like to roll my appliqué and embroidery rather than fold, and since I carry my stitchery projects with me on my travels often, I thought a nice carrier suited to my own stitching quirks would be fun to make.

First, I made this little thread catcher to go along with the carrier.  Isn’t it cute!  And it folds up flat so it is easily transportable.  

I have several of these that go with me when I sew away from home.  These are the fabrics I chose to work with.  That pretty aqua has little rose-colored ladybugs on it!  So dang cute!!!!

So this is what my new Stitchery Carrier looks like so far.  This is how it looks rolled up with the stitchery project and all my tools inside.  The ties will of course be tied into pretty bows.  I left them untied so you could see how I close it.  The fabric was quilted with a nice soft Warm & Natural batting.

Open it up and this is what you see first.  It is a cover for the stitchery so it does not get dirty.  I simply lift this cover and wrap it around to the back out of the way when I am working on the project.

Directly under the cover is the stitchery itself.

Then under the stitchery is the working base that holds all my tools.

On the upper left is a pocket for my thread catcher....

Under that pocket is a pin cushion stuffed with wool, and under that a felt needle keeper.

On the right are two pockets with a tie to hold my spool of thread in the middle of them. The top pockets holds various tools like my marking pen and thimble, and the bottom pocket holds my scissors.

When I'm done, I simply place my stitchery on top of the work space, pull down the cover and roll it all back up, securing it with the ties.  I still have to sew down the binding at the top, but otherwise I am done!  What do you think?  Cute huh!?!

I also traced off the newest Promises and Borders Block #3.  This block adds hearts - LOVE!!!  Here is a picture of Jenny's block from her blog.  Click HERE if you'd like to see more about these blocks on her blog.

So now share what’s on your Design Wall at Patchwork Times.

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Hope everyone has a lovely week!!!

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Sorry Moonglow is becoming frustrating--it is such a beautiful quilt. I have admired it many times in the Keepsake Quilting catalog.
    Very nice little stitchery tote. Back when I actually did counted cross-stitch that would have come in very handy!
    Your stitching is very nice!!

  2. Sea of Futility -- yikes!! The block looks fine -- a hot iron is a great thing for making fabric submit, isn't it? These blocks ALL look great -- this is going to be a phenomenal quilt!! Yay for your Winter Wonderland stitching! And *thank* you for sharing that Block 3 of the Promises and Borders stitchery was up!! I need to go grab that! I hope you have a *very* productive week!! :)

  3. It is a lovely quilt even if it is frustrating.

  4. The Moonglow blocks look great.

    I love your sewing roll, it is a very good idea. I want to make something similar myself and I also want to design myself a bag for carrying my cutting mat and rulers.

  5. I like how your fabric GLOWS. Your project will be worth the effort as it's going along quite nicely. Cute how your tote holds your thread. Sandi

  6. Wow that could be a sit and stitch one month, hint, hint.
    You do an amazing job.

  7. I admire you for working so hard on Moonglow. I bought a kit for it a couple of years ago but don't know if I will ever actually make it.

  8. I really like your stitchery carrier. It is well thought out and compact. And I really do like the idea of the cover for what you are working on. Good job.

  9. You are a busy girl! So many nice projects.

  10. What a great carrier for your stitchery projects.

  11. Well I'm sure hoping you survive the medallion blocks cuz I can't wait to see the next 5. Those are just so beautiful!!

  12. Your blocks look beautiful and it will be so worth it when you are done! Cute stitchery carrier too!

  13. Sew many lovely things! Your moonglows are amazing! Well worth all the effort!

  14. First time to view the blog. Loving the Moonglow. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  15. Oh my, your stars are absolutely stunning.


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