Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Step Forward … Two Steps Back!

I’ve been working on my projects for March and happily getting a lot done!  But I ran into a roadblock while working on Moonglow.  This is Block #7 – Sea of Vapor – all complete!

It went together like a charm thankfully!  I paper-pieced all but the inside octagon which I appliquéd on after the rest of the block was assembled.  

It is now on the design wall with the others, waiting for them all to be complete.  Just FOUR more!!!!  ***Doing the Happy Dance!***

However, the problem occurred when I began to prepare the fabrics to make the Irish Chain alternate blocks.  One of the fabrics provided with the BOM Kit was short!!! 

It is supposed to be 6-3/4” wide, and it is clearly only 6-1/2” wide.  I could fudge on it, take only 1/8" seams on each side, but then I will worry about it not being secure and perhaps raveling loose later – not a good thought!!!  I called the shop that provided the kits, but it had been a while since they were offering this quilt and they no longer had any of the fabric.  I understood that – it was a UFO after all!!!

So I went to my stash to see if I had anything that would work in its place.  There were three that I through might be close.  The fabrics in question are the vertical ones in the center.  The original fabric is the far left vertical fabric.

That didn't tell me a whole lot, so I put them each in position next to the neighbor fabrics in the quilt.  In this picture below, the top and bottom fabrics are the neighbor fabrics in the quilt, with the original fabric on the far right in the middle and the new candidates to the left of it.  

And I've pretty much decided on the 3rd fabric from the left, just next to the original fabric.  I liked the second from the left but the black lines were too similar to those in the bottom fabric.  And I'm afraid the first on the left may be a tad too dark.  Below is the new fabric in it's place with the neighbor fabrics, and the original fabric on the left for final check to make sure it is close enough.... I think it will work!

Far left - original fabric.  New choice is 3rd from top
on the right in between its neighbors.
I'm sure I could look around on the Internet to replace the original fabric, but I don't think this is going to be that big a change, and since there are so many different fabrics in the alternate blocks, I don’t think it's really going to even be noticeable.  And I want to get working on these blocks!  If I have to search out a fabric and wait to have it shipped, there's no telling when I might get back to work on them!

These Irish Chain blocks should be a quick sew using chain piecing & a couple of good stretches of uninterrupted time.  Then perhaps I will be able to finish the assembly and borders at my Guild retreat at the end of the month.  Is it possible that I could have this quilt done this month?  I never really thought so when I started at the beginning of March, but now I’m channeling my inner Davy Jones – “I’m a Believer!”

That’s what I have in progress in the Ivory Tower today.  I’m linking up with Esther Aliu’s WIP on Wednesday, so click HERE to go on over and check out what others are doing!  While you’re there, check out Esther’s new Mystery Appliqué BOM, Forget Me Not. 
She does exquisite appliqué and is quite well known for her BOM’s.  She posted the first block for the 2012 BOM today – TWO of them actually to give us a choice – and they are just beautiful!  You can still get in on the fun if you hurry.  Her blocks are only free for a month, so don’t delay if you think you might want to join in !!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. So glad this block went together more smoothly. I would hate to think that this beautiful quilt would become such a frustration that you would want to shelve it. I think your replacement fabric is a great choice. No one will be the wiser! You are getting so close to a finish on this. What an accomplishment that will be!

  2. Your choice looks good to me. I have been shorted fabrics in kits too. It' so irritating.

  3. What a lovely block. Sorry about the fabric being too short. I seldom purchase BOM's because I encountered 'too short' fabrics too many times (and I seldom even do them). I usually wait until someone else has made the block, then see what problems they encountered before I try the block myself.

  4. I will tell you again how much I *love* the colors in thiese blocks -- they practically glow. Very ethereal-like!! Sorry you ran into shortage troubles, but it looks like you've gotten it figured out!!! :)

  5. What a beautiful quilt. The colors are so pretty and together in these blocks they are stunning! I came here following your link on FAFF and so glad I did!

  6. Teresa--I too have the Moonglow kit, but I bought it before 2003 (I know because I went to Germany then I had it before then.) I decided when I had extra time I would make them blocks and I did make one. It looked like ti was going together well. I cut and sewed carefully. Pressed with best press because of the bias edges and it still pouched in the middle...and it's the wrong size by about 1/2" (and it's only block number one). Back into the box it went. I'm impressed with your perseverance. The fabric you picked looks great..and great job on the blocks you've finished. Yay you!

  7. I don't think you could have gotten much closer than your choice. Good thing for a nice stash, huh? ;)

    Your blocks look terrific!

  8. I love this quilt. I had contemplated doing it, and decided against it, and now I regret it. I don't think anyone carries the BOM anymore of it.

    Yours is beautiful, and I think the replacement fabric works really well!



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