Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Finish!

Lots of sewing got done this week!  I enjoyed several sit-n-sew days with friends, and I always get a lot done on those days.  This week, I finished the April Calendar top and it’s all ready for the big reveal….

Kim Schaeffer - Calendar Quilts
Don’t you just love this spring calendar quilt?  I think it is my favorite of all of the quilts in this series!  I tweaked it a little from the original pattern, adding Hello Kitty ribbon to the tops of the galoshes as well as little boot straps, and I’ll add little red heart buttons to hold them down once I’m finished quilting it.  My granddaughter Emma picked out the ribbon when she was here last summer, and my friend Mary gave me the buttons, so I'll think of them every time I see it :*)  Isn't that the best kind of quilt?  The ones that have lovely memories attached to them?

I just LOVE all the color in this quilt!!!  It’s going to make my heart smile every time I walk down my stairway and see it on the wall! =^..^=  This quilt is my March NewFO for the 2012 NewFO Challenge over at Cat Patches. 

I’ve been working a little on Moonglow too, not as much as I would have liked, but progress nonetheless.  I’ve begun work on the alternate Irish Chain blocks… and hit a snag!  

Can you see where I made my mistake?  The blocks on the right are incorrect.  The colors should flow, but I've got green following blue on the bottom and blue following green on the top - yikes!!!  SO glad I caught it early!  The blocks on the left are the corrected ones. 

Here is the next couple of logs added once I got the blocks corrected.  

Hopefully these will come together for me nicely from now on and I can get them all finished this weekend.  I have retreat next week, so I have some chance of finishing this quilt up before March is over!!!

And speaking of retreat – guess what I got yesterday?  A new iPAD!!!! 

Yep!!!  One with a camera - oh my!!!  And it is a lovely fresh white with the lime green cover… YUM!!!  Don thinks I'm crazy for wanting the lime green, but it's my color of the moment right now, along with anything aqua, so naturally that's what I chose.  It's bright and cheerful, so I'm happy :*)

Isn’t my husband the greatest?  I kept whining that I couldn’t blog when away at retreats or traveling because my iPad was the first one out that didn’t have a camera.  So he took pity sake on me and said if I sold my old one he’d buy me a new one – yippee!!!!  I’m also getting a keyboard so blogging will be a little easier, but that will have to be ordered so I won’t have it for this retreat.  I’m looking forward to blogging from Camp Widjiwagan (yep, that’s a name!) next week, so look for the posts via the new toy!

Gotta run now – Joanne is letting me come over and quilt another quilt on her longarm – Yoohoo!  Another fun day in store!!!!  And hopefully a new finish to show you soon :*)

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Teresa, I love your April calendar quilt! It is LOVELY!!! Congrats on the new iPad!!!

  2. Wow, that calendar top is spectacular!! What beautiful colors, so cheerful! I stared at the right pile of blocks for a long time and couldn't find your "mistake." I think they looked beautiful the way they were but I know how frustrating it is to get the whole top pieced and THEN realize they're not in the order you intended.

    Congrats on the new iPad. How fun!

  3. Love the April Showers mini, how cute!

  4. Your April calendar block is very cute.

  5. I love these, Teresa. So cute!

  6. Congrats! I always LOVE lime green! Teresa, would you tell me which program you use to create blog posts? I can upload them fine if they're already 'done' on my normal computer, but don't know how to create them straight out of the iPad... and before I forget, I adore the Kim Schaefer design - she's a favorite author/designer, and your's is adorable.

  7. Oh Teresa, it's *gorgeous*!! I just love it!! I think I could gush on and on about it for awhile -- it just makes me SMILE!!! :)

  8. How can you help but be happy with this to greet you each day? It's adorable!

  9. How nice of your husband to get that little treat for you! I love the April top, and the Hello Kitty ribbon is just a perfect addition.

    I suppose if I knew what you were doing with moon glow, I would see what you did as terribly wrong, but I think I would have just turned the blocks upside down and continued on. The top and bottom would still have been dark. =)

  10. Your April calendar is beautiful!!!!

  11. I love the umbrella and boots! I lived in the Pacific Northwest for 17 years and my mom and sister still live there, so the umbrella and boot remind me of the years I lived there. I might have to do a similar quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Such a fresh looking quilt...I would hate to take it down in May....

  13. How wonderful that you've got a new iPad! It is very pretty!

    I absolutely love your April Calendar top! The colors are SO pretty! I love how the rainbow border flows so beautifully from one color to the next. I love the tulips as well. Such a bright and cheerful quilt!

    And your Irish chain blocks are amazing. I love the colors.

    What a great post! So many fun things all in one space!

  14. Very pretty hanging!! Whoop whoop!!

  15. Ooh, your April calendar is perfectly darling. I need one too - cause it's my birthday month, and it's sooo cute. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your April calendar is beautiful and congrats on your new IPad!!

  17. That is a darling little quilt and definitely defines April! I love the embellishments you added to it. Great way to make it your own.

  18. The original pattern is so cute, but your special unique embellishments make it just adorable, and very 'you'.


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