Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Addition to the Stable...

Yesterday I brought home Miss Eliza Sophie!

Isn't she a beauty? She's an 1851 Wheeler and Wilson No. 9, and she's in wonderful condition for her advanced age. Hardly a mark on her :*)

I have wanted a treadle machine since I began quilting back in 2006. Every time I saw one at a flea market or yard sale, I looked to see if it was "The One," but so far none were able to come home with me. They were either in terrible condition or the owner wanted too much money for them. I even tried to have my grandmother's old electric Singer converted to a treadle, but our local treadle expert in these parts told me it had a "potted motor" which made it impossible to convert.

Then my friend Amie sent out an email to everyone in the Music City Guild that she had one in great condition that she wanted to give away! Really? For free???  Could this be the one? I called her so fast my head is still spinning and told her I wanted it! On my way home from my daughter's house yesterday, I stopped off in Murfreesboro and met this little lady for the first time. It was love at first sight! 

We have to tighten up her belt a little (apparently she's lost some weight recently - maybe it's the heat?), but Amie says she sews beautifully. I can't wait to get her in her permanent spot and try her out :*)

I looked up the most popular names in the 1850's, and I really wanted to name her Eliza, because she reminded me of black gabardine dresses and all the stuffy, no-nonsense proper-ness of ladies in the Victorian era. But she kept arguing with me and telling me No, her name is Sophie. Saucy little minx, isn't she? Apparently she's not as stuffy or proper as appearances might suppose. (It's really not a good sign for me when she is already winning our battles!)

She has these accessories with her....

I just simply find it amazing that they made such inventive accessories that early in the machine era!  And frankly, I think some of them look more like instruments of medieval torture than innocent little accessory feet.  I'm anxious to look them up and see what they will do.  And Amie included 6 new needles which I understand are pretty rare themselves and very hard to find.

There's even an Original owner's manual.  Price - 5 cents!  LOL!!! I think I may really NEED an owner's manual for this little smarty-pants, don't you?

Thanks so much Amie for my new lady! 

And Welcome Home Miss Sophie!
 I'm so delighted you decided to come live with us:*)

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  1. Congratulations! She looks like a beauty.

  2. Most excellent addition to the family!!! I have a treadle machine that has all the accessories and original owner's manual but is lacking a belt. It is my goal to locate and order and belt and get my little treadle going! They are great fun and built so beautifully! From what I can see in the picture, I'm guessing that the gadget in the upper right is a ruffler foot to make ruffles. The little foot in the middle, far let is a rolled hemmer for making shirt tail rolled hems. I think the foot to the right on the rolled hemmer is a straight stitch foot. I could be wrong with my guesses but what fun you will have on this new adventure with Miss Sophie!!! Enjoy!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. are VERY welcome my friend! Sophie looks very happy in her new home!! I'm so glad she went to a good home, that was my main hangup. She HAD to go to the right owner, someone to use her and appreciate her.You ARE that special person Teresa!! Enjoy :o) Amie

  4. You are one lucky lady, Teresa, but you deserve it.
    Like you, I have always wanted a treadle, but so far no one has offered me one. : )
    That is a sign of trouble if she is standing up to you already. Try to get the upper hand soon or their could be issues.

  5. My my! How blessed you are little lady!! Must have a very generous Father like the little birds who never worry one wit about where they will get their next meal. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person nor could the machine have had a better home for sure! Blessings

  6. Miss Sophie is marvelous!! What a fine treasure to had to your home!!


  7. So glad that you have such a wonderful addition to the family. She is a beauty. I have a Singer treadle and would not dream of letting her go. Now you can rest assured that if the power fails you can still piece quilts! ;>)

  8. What a beautiful machine and Miss Sophie is a perfect name!

  9. Oh yeah! She is a beauty. There is a great website on the Wheeler and Wilson. It is an interesting history.

  10. Congrats on your new treadle. I love mine. It is a fiddle base,
    coffin top made by Household. It
    is in great working condition. I
    just love quilting with it. Hope
    you & Sophie have lots of fun!

  11. She's beautiful, Teresa! I learned to sew in high school, then sewed on my great-grandmother's treadle machine until we could afford a Sears Kenmore which I am still using 50 years later.

  12. Oh my gosh!! Miss Sophie is beautiful, can't wait to hear about you sewing on her! I'm starting to get the bug for a treadle sewing machine too!

  13. How very exciting for you! I do my sewing, piecing, and quilting on treadles. Absolutely love them!
    For example, the storm I see to the north will not stop me from quilting this afternoon. (Although, I should admit that since I actually acquired a treadle because I was tired of the power going off and stopping my quilting, we have not lots power in the daytime.--Pretty good deal, either way!)
    Enjoy it!

  14. New leather treadle belts are available from almost any sewing machine shop--usually for $8 to $12.

  15. Oh, you luckie duckie! How wonderful! She may be a saucy little minx, but with good reason -- she is lovely! LOL
    Thank you for helping me with my trial linky seems to be working well. Only had one person so far, who had trouble. :)

  16. congrats on your fabulous new {to you} machine!

  17. Lovely! I'd love to have a W&W one of these days. I know of at least 2 ladies that sell parts for vintage machines, so, they should have your needles, if you need more.

  18. She is gorgeous! And, the price was certainly right. LOL

  19. What a treasure!

    Thanks for linking up to the inaugural edition of Really Random Thursday!


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