Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July NewFO - Disappearing Nine-Patch

Lookie what I got!
My sweet sister, Laurie, picked up this really cute license plate cover for me, and of course I just LOVE it!!!  Almost as much as I love her :*)

And speaking of Laurie, her daughter Raney is leaving for her first year of college in a few weeks! 

We are all so proud of her!!! And of course my niece MUST have a fun, bright, happy quilt to take to college with her, right?  So I asked Laurie to send me some paint chips to be sure I picked out the right colors...

.... and this worked great! I took the samples to my favorite shop - AKA My Stash! - and had a ball picking and choosing enough different pastels to make an interesting Disappearing Nine-Patch.

This, my friends, is why I enhance my stash!!! (Well, yes, in addition to the fact that I love fabric and can't resist it LOL!!!)

There's nothing more fun than going to my own fabrics, pulling what I like, auditioning the fabrics together at my leisure, and then happily digging into a project - all in my pj's! 
Stash organization in progress.... to be continued .... LOL!!!
No driving around to 3 different shops to find the right color or print ... no pressure to hurry and pick something before the shop closes ... and the price is always right because most of my stashed fabrics have been purchased on sale! :*)

Look at the sweet variety of fabrics I was able to pull together....

I love that there are a lot of bright happy DOTS in this collection!  I chose the dark purple as my Zing fabric, which will be sprinkled throughout the quilt. All the pastels will dance around it and hopefully play well together. I'm looking forward to coming up with a name for this quilt - something fun and light and joyous, just like Raney!

The Disappearing Nine-Patch design is one I have wanted to try for a while now, so I'm excited to get started! It's supposed to work up pretty quickly, which is a good thing since I don't want Raney to be receiving her quilt at graduation!!! =^..^=  I'll share pictures of the quilt in progress soon.

Have you started anything new or tried out a new pattern lately? Why not join the NewFO Challenge fun at Cat Patches? Barbara is the "hostess with the mostess" for this linky party and you might even win a prize!

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Love all your fabric choices! I just finished my first D9P quilt and it was lots of fun...can't wait to see yours!!!

  2. Looks like that stash is in yardage. You never know when you will need borders and backings. I like it, colors are wonderful together.

  3. Very pretty quilt coming together for your niece, Teresa. She is a lucky girl. I have 2 nieces going to college soon, too, but they won't be getting a quilt from me. If they did I would have to go back and make them for the 9 other nieces that have gone before them. That was a tradition I didn't dare start. : )
    Stash shopping is always a good feeling--like you, I buy most of it on sale.

  4. Beautiful fabric! You are only the second person I have heard refer to zing fabric. The first was a quilter from Australia that I met when we lived outside the U.S. so I thought it was an Australian term.

  5. I'm envious of your stash collection. How fun. You will love doing the D9P.

  6. Your stash colors are great for the D9P quilt. I've made a couple of blocks for others, but not a whole quilt - YET. ha. Can't wait to see how you cute your 9 patches. There are several difference ways - straight,m diagonal and vertical and horizontal. They all make great visually pleasing quilts.

    BTW - your stash is SOOOOOO tidy and organized. I'm envious. Is that a built in closet/cabinet type of storage? I must get a bigger sewing room! ha

  7. "Colours of Fiesta" was what came to mind when I saw the paint chips - love those colors together and should definitely be a fun quilt - lucky girl. Judy C in NC

  8. Love those colors. Very pretty!


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