Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hand Stitching on Sunday

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Guess what? No Stash Report this week! I've been out gallivanting around the countryside, so no finishes and nothing added to the stash .... HOWEVER, I am planning to stop at Mary Jo's on my way out of town, and I am absolutely certain that Stash Enhancement will be the order of the day :*) So stayed tuned for the new Stash Enhancement Report next Sunday =^..^=

In the meantime.... how about some slow quilting?

I've shared how much I enjoy my hand stitchery projects, and I have been linking up with Kathy's Quilts for her new Hand Stitching on Sundays linky party. This week however, I knew I'd be busy Sunday working on a special project for Hudson, so I made sure to find time to do some relaxing hand stitching on Saturday morning.

I sat out on my son's front porch in their lovely white rocker and this was my view!

Doesn't it look inspiring? I was able to stay out for quite a while before it got too hot.

And this is my current embroidery project -

Promises & Borders, block #5 from Jenny of Elefantz.

As always, when I am blogging from my iPad, BlogPress doesn't post very clear pictures. I hope you'll understand!

How are you enjoying your weekend? Are you finding time to relax and slow down enough to enjoy the days? I sure do hope so my friends!

To view other hand stitching projects, visit Kathy's Quilts at

Hugs & Blessings,

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  1. A lovely view. I love these little stitchery blocks.
    This evening (and this week while camping) I have been hand quilting my tiny 4-patch sampler.

  2. Hand stitching and be so relaxing and I enjoy it, but need to find me a good thumble. The view is lovely from you son pourch. It is too hot here in DC to stick you head out the door. I just keeping cool and check out the blogs.

  3. I love that verse and I'm so glad she included it in the P&B bom! And indeed, one could sit and stitch for hours with a view like that!! :)

  4. Glad you are making progress on your embroidery. It is nice to have a weekly reminder to slow down and take a stitch.

  5. Thanks for being the first one to link up this week! What a wonderful project you are making!
    And how fun to see the view you enjoy when you are hand stitching!

  6. What a beautiful view while you are stitching! Glad you got some quiet time to relax.

  7. Hand stitching is so relaxing. Enjoy the quiet time.

  8. Oh, you are working on one of Jenny's patterns. She is so talented. What a great view.


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