Friday, August 31, 2012

What Will it Be?

Have you been joining in the fun of the NewFO Challenge over at Cat Patches?

I love this challenge because it gives me the freedom to start new things without guilt!  Yep, I love being guilt free!  So what did I start this month?

Well, I started (and finished) my niece’s graduation quilt, Raney Days & Mondays….

And I also had a blast starting my Twister Trees projects, which are completely pieced but not yet quilted…..

Now I’m trying to decide what to start in September for the Challenge, and it’s really hard to decide because there are a couple of quilts calling my name!

Let's see....Will it be Hawaiian Sunset

I just love the colors in this quilt, but I’m not sure I want to start on something so piecing intensive right now.  SoScrappy - who is NOT starting hers yet – sure is tempting me!  She’s already stitched up a block – just to make sure she’ll enjoy working on it of course.  But she’s not starting a new project yet… she’s really not … *wink*  And Jo over at Jo’s Country Junction has started working on hers too, and is inviting us all to join her.   What an enabler!!!! =^..^=

Or maybe I’ll start this….

Oh my gosh!!!  Have you seen these Butterflies by Debra Gabel?  

My fingers are itching to start this quilt!!!  I think it would be great fun to stitch with a group – maybe we could have a quilt-a-long?!?  Oh yeah – that would be FUN!!!  If you're interested let me know.... I’m ordering the patterns, but not sure if I should start it just yet….  Hmmmm….

And then again, I may just start something small and sweet, like the September Calendar Quilt…..although I have to say this is not one of my favorites of her quilts and I may skip this month and just try to finish up the August quilt instead (which I like much better) :*)

Oh dear, I just can’t decide!  I’ll be plenty busy this month working on my Dots on Dots blocks. But I’m taking a week off to go on to Runaway Quilters Retreat too, so plenty of sewing time there – yippee!!!!

Are you thinking of starting something new in the coming month?   Join the NewFO Challenge fun and share it with us at Cat Patches!

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  1. Love those butterflies, but that is more applique than I can handle. Wonderful NewFO projects.

  2. Can't wait to see what you start at retreat! Love the colours in your niece's quilt!

  3. Love the September quilt ... so sweet! Have a BLAST at retreat!!! :)

  4. Sp many beautiful quilts so little time :o) Have a wonderful time at the quilting retreat!
    Always, Queenie

  5. Love your Raney Days and Mondays quilt. It just glows. Love the name too.

    Good luck deciding on your September project. I could start a project a week and still not be making everything I'd like too.

  6. All beautiful, especially the quilt in the first picture!

  7. Hawaiian Sunset was on my bucket list..and when Jo decided to go for it so did I! I am loving it so hope you wind up joining us and Angela, Andra and Amy and any others!

  8. Your niece's quilt turned out just lovely!
    Hawaiian Sunset is beautiful--and lots of pieces. : )
    Those are beautiful butterflies. Is it a panel of butterflies that you cut out and applique, or what?
    Have a fun retreat. Someday I'm going to get to one.

  9. You know which one gets my vote. You could just put a few pieces together to see how you like the pattern. Quilting is more fun with friends!

  10. I'm rooting for the quilt with all the flying geese in it.

  11. Raney's quilt turned out so good!! She will love it. Your choices for the Sept. challenge are all good ones. I would probably go with the scrap one so I could use up more of my stash. Have a great time at retreat and I know you will get lots done.


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