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Design Wall Monday - Sept 10, 2012

My design wall has been getting quite a workout lately :*)

I couldn't wait to start on my Hawaiian Sunset blocks, so I jumped right in - these colors are so much fun!  Here is my first block ...

This block has visual impact like nobody's business!!!  I had a group of friends over to sew together Friday, and as each one arrived and glanced over at the block I had laid out for them to see, they ooooo'd and aaaaaa'd like crazy!  It's a big hit with everyone.

Here it is with the sashing laid out.  I'm absolutely in LOVE with the look of the navy blue alongside the pinks and poison greens :*)

Of course, I won't sew the sashings on yet, I just wanted to get a good look at the overall color scheme to be sure it was working.  Um, yes, I think it is :*)

Basically, this block is made up of bubble-gum pink wings on the flying geese with scrappy "bodies", and poison greens for the cornerstones.  Then the nine-patch and sashing around it in the middle layers are all scrappy.  I'm using reds, bold yellowy-golds (pattern calls for chrome yellow of which I have NONE!), bright blues to add sparkle, some darker greens, and browns.  Of course most of my fabrics are not reproduction prints, just current prints in colors that pretty much fit the colors in the original quilt.

I really appreciate Angela at SoScrappy who said she had drawn up a paper-piecing pattern for her flying geese.  Wow!  What a time saver!!!  These little puppies go together so easily & a group of six is done in a flash.

I'm pretty sure I fried a few neurons or electrons or whatever it is there in the brain that gets burned up when we expend too much mental energy.  Math has never been my strong suit, and I always count my results several times before I act just to be sure!  The pattern for this quilt is adequate, but there's a lot that's not provided, such as the finished size of each block component.  So even though I was given the size of the base piece for one flying goose - 1-3/4" by 3" - it did not provide a measurement for the completed set of 6 geese.

Now, to my mathematically minded friends out there that may not a problem because they just pause a minute, add it all up, subtract the correct amount for seam allowances and Whamo! they've got the correct measurement.  For me, it takes a little longer and a lot more mental gymnastics, not to mention some written calculations and even a few drawings LOL!!!  There are two things about myself I've learned to NEVER trust - my math results and my directional sense LOL!!!  =^..^=

So imagine my delight when my first set of geese from this hand-graphed pattern worked perfectly!!!

This block was so much fun that I can't wait to work on some more :*)  

However, this weekend I had to work on some other things that were calling for my attention.  Such as my Dots on Dots Blog Hop block! :*)

Click HERE to see the schedule!
My day will be the 17th, which is next Monday and I am excited about showing you my block :*D  Here is a sneak peak at some of the fabrics I had to choose from....

What's your favorite combination out of these?  Wondering what I chose for my block?  You'll just have to come back on the 17th to find out ;*)  I know, I'm such a tease!!!

I'm also plotting and planning my first Butterly block - the patterns came this week!!!  I'm so excited because they are even prettier than I thought they were :*)  The series is called In Flight.

Right now I'm just at the stage of pulling fabrics for the monarch butterfly.  I'll keep you posted on further developments on this project :*)

What's on your Design Wall?  Join in the linky party over at Judy's Patchwork Times and see what others are working on.

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Hugs & Blessings,


  1. WOW! I love your first block! You should have let me know you needed a paper piecing pattern -- I would have sent you mine and saved you having to start from scratch. Your fabric choices are SO happy and bright. I love them!!!!!! I am so excited now to go and sew the day away, but it is midnight and I have to be up bright and early in the morning. Soon.........
    Great start on your quilt!!!!

  2. Gracious, your wall is getting a real workout!! I *love* the Hawaiian sunset block! I especially was taken by the *stars* in the reds in the nine-patch center. It make it kind of sparkle! On the flying geese ... you paper-pieced them? So did you start at the base of the triangle and piece up? This might be an interesting thing to try! Your dots on dots fabrics are FUN! I like the cherries!!! And your butterflies ... WOW!! All such terrific stuff! :)

  3. Wow, that block just pops!! Very fun!
    I think I like the third and the last fabric groups best, but I have a feeling you didn't choose either one of those. : )
    I'm with you on the math thing. I am ALWAYS having to draw things out to get the measurements right.
    Beautiful butterflies--can't wait to see this quilt take shape.

  4. WOW, where to start -- I know, go get my sunglasses. LOL. Your Hawaiian Sunset block is wonderful. What a fun looking block and will be great when you get them all together with that dark blue sashing. On the choice of fabric - I would pick the 2nd one -- naturally because it it's purple - the color of peace and royalty and my signature color. I'll be waiting for the 17th to see your block.

    My design wall is almost bare, so if you need more room, come on over and use mine.

  5. I can't choose a favorite. I love them all!

  6. Wow, you have been a busy lady. I used drive my husband crazy when I have a lot of projects going at once, he has kind of gotten used to it now. Can't wait to see what you do for the "dot hop"/ Have a great day

  7. What a colorful post - I really do not know which is my favorite as they are all calling me. Thanks for sharing your colorful world. Judy C

  8. I sure love that lime green swirly fabric. What a great block!

  9. I thought I was the only one that had to paper piece my geese to get them just right - I started doing that about 10 years ago but they were driving me crazy!! And like LuAnn - I love the lime green - gives the top a little punch!

  10. that I paper piece, I would love to paper piece those geese. Any chance you would email me a copy of your foundation piece? Your quilt is looking AMAZING. I am currently sidetracked on a Moda Bake Shop project.

  11. Looks wonderful and paper piecing is the only way to go for geese! I love the purple collections. Wonderful job. Your quilts are going to be a smash hit!

  12. Hey, Teresa! No doubt they Oooohed and Aaahed - I did. :) It's a really gorgeous block. And kudos on the geese-drafting that worked out! I alwsays really sweat it when I have to figure things out and get really happy when they actually work. Often enough, I end up providing myself with yet another problem-solving opportunity. ;D

  13. Great block. I will not be starting these, I will keep an eye on the rest of you though. I love dots and will have to go blog hopping to see what is up.

  14. I totally agree with the oooos and ahhhs! The first block is full of wonderful colors.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  15. Help with the flying geese, please oh please could you send me the information, I would be so grateful. I haven't learned to self draft a pattern and would love some helpful direction with those geese. Thank you.

  16. Can I you also email me a copy of the paper piecing pattern? I would also prefer to paper piece it. I just bought the pattern after seeing your blog. Could you send it to my email listed below.



  17. Looks great! I have pieces together but need to get a whole block is VERY I am about half done with my geese at this point!

  18. Directional skills and math are not my strong suit either! I really like your Hawaiian Sunset block and the paper pieced flying geese are awesome!

  19. Your first block is great and the colors are wonderful. I can't wait to see it done. Can't wait to see which fabric set you picked for you Dots block. I know which I like! LOL

  20. Oh boy will you look at those beautiful butterflies. Just amazing.

  21. YOu certainly have a lot of fun things going on....

    Can't wait to see the dots on dots..

  22. such lovely work! I want to try and do flying geese for the first time soon! I found a tut I think I can manage! I am stopping by from the WIP blog hop. I have my WIPs up today if you want to stop by :)

  23. Beautiful block Teresa and love your paper pieced flying geese!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  24. What a great idea!...paper pieced flying geese! I like the purple set of dots on dots...thanks for sharing!

  25. Just a few things going on for you :) Looks like a lot of fun!!

  26. Teresa,

    You have the most fabulous fabrics, and do the most beautiful work.

    Have a blessed weekend.


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