Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Whole Lotta Preppin' Goin' On!!!

I haven't posted in the past few days because I don't have that much to show.  Nothing really flashy, anyway.  Basically, I'm in the process of finishing up a few projects and preparing to start a few others.  For instance....

I finally decided how I want to do the borders for Amish Beauties....

I saw this border treatment on a quilt in a Kim Diehl book and loved it!  I don't remember which book, but I came home and sketched it out because I thought it might work for this quilt - and I think it does!  What do you think?  I like the soft edge it gives the quilt after all the spiky points in the center.

To make the petals, I got out my newest tool, the Leaves Galore ruler by Sue Pelland .....

and laid out several layers of my solids to cut some petals....

I wanted to get a nice variety of colored petals to test the look...

The only problem is that I forgot to put the fusible on the back of the fabric before I cut the petals!!!  I ended up having to use some leftover pieces of fusible from another project (which I'll share in a minute) and using my teflon applique sheet, try to get the fusible on the pieces without making a huge, sticky mess on my ironing board!

See all those little fabric "hairs" around the edges?  Those wouldn't be there if I had done the fusible first.  But it wasn't really a problem - I just trimmed them off as I cut the fusible away.

Since I liked the design and have decided to go with it, I now need to cut a bunch more petals out of the remaining solids - backing them with fusible first LOL!!!  And I also need to get some more of that black solid.  The border is going to be much wider than I expected and I've run short of fabric!  I'm pretty sure this is a piece I got at Joann's so I'm holding my breath, hoping I can find it again.  You know how it is to try to match blacks!!!  Yikes!!!!

The other project I am busy working on is Miss Genevieve's baby quilt!  Remember this photo?

This is Denise's (Count it all Joy!) photo of the cute little baby quilt she made for her little granddaughter - isn't it adorable???  I shared in an earlier post that my DIL has chosen this pattern for Miss G's baby quilt, so I'm in the process of working on that now.  As a reminder - here are my fabrics....

I traced the banners on fusible and cut them out with my ruler and rotary cutter .... easy peasy!!!  I also "windowed" out the middle 1/4" away from edge to remove excess fusible so they would be really soft on the quilt....

Leaving these fun little shapes to fuse to the fabrics....

This "leftover" fusible from the middle of the banner shapes is what I used to get fusible on my Amish Beauty petals!

So those are the "In Process" quilts that I'm working on - - - - -

For the fun "New" projects, I have a couple in the works ....

I decided to take part in Joanne's Christmas QAL, and I have two projects that I want to work on.  The first should be fairly easy.  It is Jovial, a free pattern by Moda....

A group of us got together last year and exchanged Christmas fabrics so we could get a nice variety in this scrappy quilt without having to break the bank buying it - great idea right?  Here are the fabrics I contributed...

And here is the lovely bounty after we put them all together!

I may add in a few more blues and limey greens since these are really predominantly red and green, but overall I really like these and I think it is going to make a great quilt!

The other Christmas quilt project is going to be much harder to do and will probably take me forever and a day....

This is Holiday Sampler, a Block of the Month pattern.  I took this picture of a quilt I saw on the wall at one of the shops we visited last year and fell in love with all the fun, bright colors, not to mention the cute blocks :*)  But the shop was totally out of the pattern and only had one fabric kit left.  The kit was discounted, so I grabbed it!  But now I'm finding that the pattern seems to be only available as a part of a BOM program - bummer!!!  So I have begun the process of drafting it out and drawing these little babies myself - UGH!!!  This may take a while so bear with me :*)  I also realized that the gorgeous Bracelets fabric in the border was not included, so I'm tracking that fabric down to see if it is still available.  I really love it - it's has just the perfect playfulness for the border!

As if that were not enough ..... really !?!  .... I plan to join in on Sew Kind of Wonderful's Medallion QAL ..

Click HERE to see more about this fun QAL and how to get the Quick Curve Ruler!
...... although I am only planning to make a few blocks for a wall hanging, not a full quilt.  I love playing with my Quick Curve Ruler and all the wonderful shapes it makes!  This is the ruler I use to make those soft curves in my Fantasia blocks...

TODAY they have a sale going for 20% off the rulers and any of their patterns, so if you've ever thought you might like a QCR, now's the time!

Now it's time for me to get off this computer and get busy on at least one of these projects!  What are you working on?  I hope you're finding time to get into some quilty fun!!!

Hugs & Blessings!



  1. Here's the Pearl Bracelets:

    Love that cute Christmas quilt!

  2. Love the border treatment you've decided on for your Amish Beauties. I think it's perfect. I bought that ruler a little over a year ago and now you've given me the urge to actually use it. And I'll be sure to put the fusible on the fabric first!

  3. I love the border that you've chosen and thanks for walking us through how you're doing it. I'd like to see if I can find the ruler. Enjoy yourself!

  4. The border on the Amish Quilt is perfect. What a fun ruler for cutting leaves. You always seem to have just the right tool to use. So many great projects going on! I hope you can figure out which one to work on next.

  5. Wow, girl, blowing my socks off!! You've got it going!! I LOVE the border and all your projects!!!


  6. That is a beautiful border! Wow, what a cool tool to make those leaves. : )
    I had to giggle at the Christmas fabrics you contributed. Trust you to have purple Christmas fabric, when everyone else is passing out red and green.
    Maybe you can find someone doing that BOM that would be willing to pass the pattern along to you when they are finished with it. Just a thought.

  7. Wowza... that's a WHOLE LOTTA new fun you are getting underway! Can't wait to read all about them.

  8. Amish Beauties is going to be one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen! SERIOUSLY! The border treatment couldn't be any more perfect! The Christmas quilts look fun too!

  9. You have some amazing projects here! Love your border...I have Kim Diehl's book Simple Charms which has that border. Also like how you cut out the petals...I have a ruler that can do that too but I had forgot it was dual purpose...may have to pull it out when I need leaves. Love your Christmas everything you are working on!

  10. You are gonna be one busy lady! I really like the border you've chosen for the Amish quilt. It will be fun to see your progress as you work through your projects. I'm gonna have to try both of those rulers!

  11. Your Amish Beauties look so fantastic and the border is just great.

  12. Beautiful projects. You have a great eye for color.

  13. Oh gracious, you've got SO much going on!! I *adore* the fabrics you picked out for your pennant quilt! How fun!!! And Teresa -- Christmas is *singing* in this post!!! I'll be singing Christmas carols all day now!! And your leaf template -- how awesome is that??! You've got a FULL plate, girlfriend!! :)

  14. Love the border treatment , just perfect with these pretty blocks . What a neat way to cut leaves , I might need to find that ruler.

  15. Now you've got me wanting to run out and buy more rulers! :-)

  16. Oh!! I've got that Jovial kit! I love it. :) I won't get to working on it, though, until the season, assuming we come through the rest of this fire OK.

  17. What gorgeous quilts you are making. I hope you join us for the Christmas QAL because I would love to see what you create.

  18. LOVE that border. Since you love word fabrics so much, bet you'd love the Aussie word fabrics at the new quilt store I visited.

  19. A perfect border for your Amish Beauties. Great ruler too. It is going to be one spectacular quilt.

  20. I bought 2 of the Leaves Galore rulers, used double stick carpet tape between them. Now they are one, thick ruler, thick enough to use with my Gammill. Love the curves.

    You do beautiful work!


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