Sunday, June 16, 2013

Easy Like Sunday....

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It's a hot one here in Music City today!  The sun is shining brightly .....

I couldn't resist using the last scrap of my little YELLOW suns fabric for one of the Lone Starburst blocks this month!  All I have left now is a tiny piece - and it went into the crumbs jar.  I just can't throw away even a scrap of this sweet fabric - it has brought me so many smiles  :*D

Here are the blocks I managed to get done yesterday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I'll finish up the remaining two sections today, and maybe put some of them up on the design wall to see how they will look with the colored sections all mixed up scrappy-style!

Also today, I plan to do some Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy's Quilts.  I'm almost done with the LAST Promises & Borders block - hooray!!!!  This is a banner-type block that spans the width of the quilt....

I did have to make one little adjustment to Jenny's pattern on the "o" in each of the promise tracings .... can you see the original line tracing at the right of it in this picture below?  When that was stitched out, it looked more like an "a" to me, so I took it out and moved the transition line to the top of the "o" - now I'm much happier with it!

Aren't these little birdies SO cute????

All that remains to be done is the green leaves and the centers of the flowers.  When this block is done, I'll be able to sash these blocks and put them together for a great UFO floppy finish - WhooHoo!!!!


What are you doing on this lovely Father's Day?  Although when I was growing up there were few good father figures in my life, the good Lord has blessed me today with many wonderful Fathers!  And I will definitely take the time to let them know how much I appreciate them and thank God for their hard work as Fathers!

My husband has shown me time and again what a true Father really is.....

And now both of our sons are Fathers, and we couldn't be prouder of the wonderful job they are doing raising the next generation!

Josh and his family
Todd and his family

This is what I made for my sweet hubby yesterday to celebrate Father's Day....

YUM!!!  Meatloaf made from my momma's recipe!  This is his favorite meal!  Of course, most of you know that cooking is NOT my forte, but when the Best Father in the World asks for meatloaf - he gets it!!!  For side dishes, I made mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli cole slaw, pickled beets, and toasted garlic-butter ciabatta bread!  Yes, we chowed down!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful & blessed Father's Day!!!

Hugs & Blessings!



  1. What a wonderful looking family. Enjoy the day. Are you sharing the meatloaf recipe??

  2. I love love love that block!!!

  3. That's how I feel about some of my favorite fabric scraps :D
    Love all your pictures today, fabrics, family and food. Wonderful post.

  4. Looking forward to seeing lots of scrappy Lone Starburst blocks! Thanks for sharing your lovely family - such a blessing!

  5. Love the yellow starburst blocks!
    Promises and Borders is such a sweet design. I have loved watching your progress on it and I did "pin" the pattern. I am just not sure I am patient enough to make it. : )
    I'm glad the Lord has blessed you with good Fathers in your life, even if it was a little later than you would have liked.

  6. Wow Teresa,
    your block looks so great.

  7. Happy Father's Day to all the dads in your life. Love that yellow starburst. It is always sad when the last of a favorite fabric gets used, but think of all the quilt blocks it has cheered up along the way. Mmmmm meatloaf, looks delicious.

  8. As another one who encountered loving fathers later in life and from unexpected sources, I join you in praising God for the fathers in my life.

    I swear that each new starburst is my favorite ... I'm especially loving the yellow.

    If my opinion matters (ha - as if), I think you made the right choice in changing the "o" in promise. I can't wait to see that when it's finished.

  9. A family to be very proud of. Your grandchildren are so sweet.
    Lovin' that yellow block.

  10. I have been known to cherish every bit of a fabric too... I think my definition of "scrap" gets smaller all the time! Lovely post.

  11. God is so faithful! Enjoy your day

  12. You have a beautiful family! Love your embroidery, the blue bird is so cheerful!

  13. Love that yellow star and the hand stitched saying is so cute.

    What a lovely family you have too.

  14. Great looking family Teresa, and a very sunny block! Did someone say MEATLOAF??????

  15. You have MUCH to be grateful for and I thank you for sharing your lovely family with us!

    I agree with your hubby...can't pass up a good meatloaf!

    Pretty projects too! Love the Promises and Borders blocks...

  16. Meat loaf is one of Mike's favorites too. I love that yellow suns fabric. I need that for my Hello Sun quilt.

  17. A wonderful post to read...happy father's day to your wonderful DH...not many of those on the planet!
    Thanks for linking have inspired me to make a version of that promise stitchery...I love it!

  18. Teresa, I noticed that the GFC isn't showing up on my sidebar and I was visiting other blogs Sunday and Monday too and it's not on their sidebar anymore either. So now I wonder if Google is just updating something, is it MY connection or what? I do follow you on Blog Lovin too.

  19. I LOVE that yellow block--so bright and cheerful!


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