Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Turkey Wars!

Yesterday, my Turkey Bee friends and I got together again to work on our Talkin' Turkey quilts.  We sewed string blocks all day long ....

We sewed....

Love that black background swirly fabric - this is the last of those scraps :(
..... and we sewed.....

That plaid is from a 99-cent Goodwill shirt I cut up - love those bright colors!!!
...... and we sewed.....

Don't you just love the "I Love You" fabric in the corner?
And we sewed!!!

By the end of the day, we each had completed about 47-48 blocks out of the 60 we need....

Three of us sewing as fast as we can sew....... and we still have an overflowing strip bin!!!!

Wow!  I think it really is true that they multiply as quickly as you sew them up :*)

One more day of sewing string blocks, and then we will start on the large center nine-patches.  This is a really fun project!  But we did have one rather nasty casualty....

Yup, that's my finger!!!!  
(Badly in need of a manicure too LOL!!!)

Somehow, while I was trying to get a pesky piece under the needle, my foot mashed down on the foot pedal before I was ready, and the needle went right into my finger!!!  I thought at first that it had gone all the way through, but after examination this morning, the blood I saw at first on the other side must have bled from the front because there are no exit wounds :*D

And get this..... amazingly, the needle did not break and I just kept on sewing.  After some peroxide and neosporin and a few bandages, that is!  =^..^=  So today it's a little sore, but really not as bad as you might think.  Looks like that worn out manicure is going to have to wait to be refurbished until this little battle wound heals up though.  I'll try to spare you any ugly finger photos until that is fixed :*)

Today, I plan to play in my YELLOW scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Anybody recognize this little sunshiny friend?  Also the last piece of this :(
Hopefully I can finish up a few blocks without further casualties LOL!!!

What are you doing on this beautiful Saturday?
I'd love to know!!!

Hugs & Blessings!



  1. Yikes! That must have hurt. I am in love with your yummy little strings. So cute!

  2. Oh, I did that a couple of months ago - so know the ouch!! How fun to sew with others and you have some scrumptous scraps to play with.

  3. It will be wonderful ! I really love this pattern

  4. Such happy yellows -- but O what a sad finger. Having done the same thing once before I truly feel your pain. Great job on ALL those string blocks -- wow -- almost done!

  5. looks great, how big are the red blocks? and OUCH!!
    I'm long arming a quilt from a swap and I still don't like it, then I got to the end and realized the backing is TOO short!! have to take it off and add some more fabric now. DUH!!

  6. Yikes! That looks painful. Love the red scraps. I would be happy to take them off your hands. LOL

  7. Ouch! I guess it's the hazards of the job ; ) Lovely strings

  8. Good thing you were sewing 'red' blocks. At least the blood doesn't show on them. Hope it quits hurting soon. Ouch!

  9. Mountains of red string blocks! Wow! I guess when you have friends to talk with, you can sew strings forever. : )
    Ouch! I'm glad it didn't go all the way through. And you kept sewing? What a warrior!

  10. My finger hurts just to look at yours.

    I just love those red string blocks ... and your yellows are so bright and cheery!

  11. Your reds and yellow are beautiful but your finger looks painful! I hpe it heals fast.

  12. Can hardly wait to see the completed Talkin Turkey quilts! (And your finger to be healed!)

  13. My hubby picked Talkin' Turkey out as the quilt he would like for me to make him. I don't have a large stash so I have been shopping for reds lately. Great excuse! Amazing that you completed so many blocks in one day! It's going to be nice to watch your progress with it. I like all your lovely yellows too. Sorry about your finger. That really must have hurt. BTW, I think your nail looks lovely. Wish mine looked that good.

  14. Oh no!. That really looks like it would have hurt bunches. You can't keep a good quilter down, no matter what! I like your red strings a lot. What pattern are you making again?

  15. Your poor finger! It hurts just to look at it :(
    By the way, I LOVE your red string blocks. I love red. Are they paper pieced? Pleas show pictures of them sewed together into a quilt top.

  16. OH my goodness girl...slow down :)

  17. OUCH!!!! I've done that before and it hurts like a bugger!

    I love the reds though.

  18. YOOOOOOOOOOOUCH! Sorry about your battle wound! I must say your string blocks are singing, "GOBBLE, GOBBLE, GOBBLE!!!!!!"


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