Monday, June 3, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 6/3/13

I have a couple of things cooking in the quilting studio this week!

Yesterday, I finished up all the blocks for Amish Beauties - whoohoo!!!
Here they are with the sashing pieces laid out on the design wall and ready to piece together the center!
I haven't yet decided about the borders, but a few ideas are percolating. 

A few of the blocks close up - YUM!!!

This is my quilt from the "Jared Takes a Wife" class with Bonnie Hunter back in April.  I chose to make my quilt out of solids on a black background, and then cut them down to half-size - 6 inches finished - to make a small wall quilt.  We are having a special Show-n-Tell at Guild tomorrow for the BH projects, and I really wanted to have at least the center of mine put together to share.  You can click on the name of the quilt to read more about it's journey if you like :*)

And I have started yet another new project!!!  Yep, I just didn't have enough quilts in progress.  Don't you hate it when you've only got about 20 quilts in the works?  Seriously, I need to start another project like I need another hole in my head!!!  But, I ask you, how could I resist this gorgeous red beauty???

Talkin' Turkey by Bonnie Hunter @
A couple of friends and I fell in love with this quilt when Bonnie visited our Guild, and we decided that we would start a quilt-along together to work on it.  Each week or so, we plan to get together at each other's house and play in our red scraps!  What fun!!!  Want to join us?  Come on over!  =^..^=

We finally set our first play date a few days ago.....

We each dumped some red scraps into the heap in the middle of the table, and then got busy sewing up strip blocks.....

Here is Bonnie's Talkin' Turkey block ......

Talkin' Turkey block by Bonnie Hunter @
I just love the mish-mash of neutrals - it adds such variety and warmth.  And the reds just sparkle when there are so many levels of color all put together!  This quilt is in Bonnie's book "String Fling" ....

It has quite a few really wonderful quilts in it that I plan to make - someday LOL!!!  You can see these patterns and order your own copy of Bonnie's book here at this link and she will autograph it for you :*)

So what's on your Design Wall?  I'm really anxious to know!!!  
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  1. Amish Beauties are indeed beautiful!! I'm sure whatever border you choose, it will be stunning.
    I love that Talkin' Turkey pattern, too, but I would have to do plaids in place of the strings. That is just my MO. : ) Wish I could come and play!!

  2. I love Talkin' Turkey ... it's on my "to-do" list. I'd certainly put this at the top of my list if I could come sew with you and your friends. ;-) But I would have to do something other than the string pieces ... I hand quilt only, and I am afraid that piecing through that many seams with a foundation adding another layer would make this too difficult to quilt. In the meantime, I will anxiously follow you progress.

  3. I always love your quilts with the black backgrounds! And, Talkin Turkey was the quilt I first voted for us to do when Bonnie came to the guild. Was disappointed when we voted otherwise.

  4. I sure do want to come over and join you! But it's a little far to commute :)
    And I also need a new project like a hole in the head! hehehe

  5. OH! MY! WORD! Teresa......Amish Beauties is absolutely eye catching and stunning! What a wonderful contrast you have going on with the vibrant colors, and that black! I can't wait to taste, I mean see what's percolating! You KNOW if I were closer to you I would be joining you all for Talkin' Turkey! I plan on making that one too! You are so talented!

  6. Striking Jared Takes a Wife blocks. Great is solids. I have that book! Bought it at a Bonnie Hunter trunk show. I loved all her quilts! She is so talented.

  7. Your Amish Jared looks wonderful! The solids sparkle against the black background.

    And Talking Turkey is on my ever-lengthening list of Bonnie Quilts I Want to Make. Great idea to have a cutting party for those string blocks!

  8. Your Amish blocks are just stunning and why not a new project - go for it.

  9. Such beautiful Jared blocks! They're making a lovely, lovely quilt. And I love the string-pieced red quilt also. I just started 3 new projects although I have tons of others half-done. Oh well. Keeps me happy. Guess I'm going to have to get Bonnie's books.

  10. I love the Amish Beauties!

  11. Beautiful little Amish blocks! They cam together in a hurry. Hard to argue with another great Bonnie Hunter pattern. Especially one that uses strings.

  12. Your Amish Beauties quilt is stunning...the colours pop off the page and you have pieced those blocks with perfection. Thank you for the close up of Talking Turkeys...I had no idea it was strip pieced. Gorgeous...have fun with this!

  13. Teresa, I absolutely love your Amish Jared. It reminded me of an Amish quilt I started at least 10 years ago -- now where did I put that?? But the Talkin Turkey - that's different. I could see working on that one because my middle name is scrappy strings! Love all your projects. I'm really wanting to come sew with your group. What time is tea and dessert?

  14. Your Amish quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Such a pretty post! Love both of your projects... ooh those reds!

  16. Amish Beauties is gorgeous! Wonderful color! Have fun with the Talkin Turkey project, stitching time with your friends sounds like a really good time.

  17. Your Amish Beauties are just that, Beautiful. I have never seen a black background as lovely and striking as yours! It is a "Wow". And that red turkey is wonderful. I have some red but they have more white in them, more civil war. I would like to follow along. I will see what red I can find.

  18. Ooh, a scrap play date sounds so fun!!

  19. I love the Talking Turkey quilt! That should keep you and your friends busy for a while! Hee Hee! I signed up for a class with Bonnie Hunter in September - can't wait!

  20. oooo! I really love your Jared Takes a Wife. :D So striking in that colorway. And yes - Talkin' Turkey is a super-cool quilt. Have fun for me, too, you guys!

  21. Love those colors on the black! Gorgeous quilt. The red sting blocks are wonderful too!


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