Friday, June 14, 2013

Socks and a Few "Oh Wow's!!!"

My newest sock adventure - Two at a time, Toe up, on a circular needle using the Magic Loop (whew that's a lot of new stuff !!!!) - is coming along very nicely so far =^..^=

Of course, my weird sense of humor can't help but notice that this looks a little like I'm knitting a bikini top for a couple of saggy boobs :*D  Sorry - yes, I just had to go there LOL!!!

All foolishness aside, I believe I am almost at the point of beginning to work the increases to prepare for the heel flap.  You may notice that there is a slight decrease in there along the foot where there normally wouldn't be a decrease.  As I tried the socks on (one great advantage of doing the toe-up method) they were a little loose, so I decided to take off a couple of stitches to make them a little more snug.  They're still a good fit, not too tight at all, and I definitely like the feel of the fit a lot better.  I debated whether to pull it all out to the toe and work that part again with fewer stitches, but that was a really scary thought to me, and I quickly discarded that idea!!!

I really like the red yarn!  It is soft but thicker than the yarn I used on my first pair of socks.  These are going to be really comfy come cold toes weather!!!

I bet you're looking for the "Oh Wow's!!!" aren't you?  
I know I would be!!!  

At our Piecemaker's Guild last night during Show and Tell, there were a couple of quilts that I just had to share with you!  Now bear in mind that there are some really talented ladies in this group, so every Show and Tell is pretty much amazing.  I know I missed getting pictures of a couple of others that were gorgeous, but I thought you might really enjoy seeing these two quilts in particular ....

Susie Cole made this quilt for a pastor who has taken a vow of poverty and has very little to decorate his home....

Wholecloth quilting!  Isn't this beautiful?!??!!!

Close- up of the Cross area

Close up of one corner - love that feathery bird!!!

And then Karen Clark, a new member to the Guild shared a couple of her quilts - and one of them was this quilt called, Omigosh!!!!

Those are 1/2" squares my friend!!!  

Yep - we were all saying Oh my Gosh!!!

See how teeny tiny???  Wow!!!

I'll be linking up with On The Needles at Judy's Patchwork Times today.  
Why not go over and see the marvelous work of some real knitters LOL!!!

Hugs & Blessings!



  1. Love those socks! What a great color. Oh my gosh is on my slow and steady list-- so tiny, but oh so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. No wonder you had to share those quilts. :) Gorgeous!! And I first thought you were working on a bikini, too. . . heh!!

  3. Oh my! That Oh My Gosh quilt is simply breath-taking! It's huge - and all those tiny pieces! Amazing! That whole cloth quilt is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing them!

    I have to admit that I did wonder about those socks. Ha!

  4. What a nice gesture to make that quilt for the pastor.
    Omigosh is an incredible quilt. One I admire, but don't plan to make. : )

  5. I love doing socks toe-up. I've only done two-at-a-time once, but I really liked the satisfaction of finishing the two at once. I don't think that decrease should be a problem where you put it. It seems like the natural shape of the foot is to get a little narrower before it gets wider anyway.

  6. A-ma-ZING! Those little 1/2" squares are something.

  7. Absolutely amazing quilts!! Omigosh!!! I was at the quilt/yarn shop today and there were some knitted socks there - oh my, oh my!! I am just going to have to learn to knit!! Yours are looking fabulous - but I can't get the vision out of my head!! LOL!!


  8. Love the socks. That's my favorite way to make them!
    Amazing quilts too!

  9. Wow is right. No, it's double wow!! Blessings, marlene

  10. Love teh cross!
    A group of us went to LaGrange Tx yesterday to the Quilt Museum and there was a wholecloth Cross quilt there that was all handquilted. Just stunning!!! Also insane:) haha!!!
    There were no pics allowed or I would of taken that one for sure!

  11. When I saw the image for the socks, I was thinking they would work well as a brassiere for old lady boobs. Maybe you're onto a new design. I love that yarn. And Omigosh! Wow!

  12. OMGosh times 2!!!! Wow....those are both amazing.

    Chuckle, chuckle at the sagging bikini joke.

  13. Your friends quilts are beyond beautiful! You know me though....that OMG quilt is right up my alley with all of those scraps! I could use a speedo when you're finished with your bikini top! NOT! LOL

  14. Ohmygosh is right... what a stunning quilt but I just can't imagine doing anything other than a wall quilt in those teeny pieces. Talk about a lifetime UFO for me!! Love your droopy socks...

  15. Yep, got an OH WOW out of me.....

  16. Your red toe-up socks look like you are doing great. Is it easier than top-down?? The OMG quilts are certainly that and more. Love the scrappy one for sure.


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