Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Goodies!

The school year started back on Monday for our grandchildren in North Carolina.  Sometimes I feel really guilty that we don't get to take part in these special events with them because we live so far away.  And jealous of their other grandparents who live right around the corner and do - LOL!!!

So I had been picking up a few little things here and there to send them a "We Care" package.  Then I saw this cute tutorial on The Pleated Poppy for a crayon rollup, and the "What If?" juices began to flow....

Photo courtesy of The Pleated Poppy
What if I made it a little larger for markers instead of crayons?  And, what if I put velcro on the end instead of the button and elastic?  And, what if I embroidered their names on them?  Oh yes!!!

Earlier this year I bought a second-hand Bernina Artista 180 with the embroidery module from a friend in our Guild.  

The machine description is hiding behind that cute pincushion :*)
I've been using the machine regularly for my piecing projects, but I had not had time to play around with the embroidery module.  And I had never done any embroidery before - so this was a little challenging and a lot intimidating!!!  But it was the perfect project to begin my machine embroidery adventure....

So I sat down one Saturday morning with the instructions in front of me, and by golly I did it!!!  Yes, it took me all day, and it was close to midnight when I finished up the projects - but I did it!!!  =^..^=

It was really kind of easy once I figured out how to do it - isn't that usually the truth?  LOL!!!

Both names, embroidered and ready to go into the project....whew!!!

I used a fun Adventure Heroes fabric for Adam's roll-up....can you see the Incredible Hulk peeking out through the markers?  Adam is really into Hulk right now :*)

The velcro part was a little fussy getting everything lined up, but it wasn't too bad and I like it much better than elastic and buttons....

I had a little more difficulty with Reaghan's name - the machine kept telling me there were too many letters and that I needed to either reduce the size or rotate the letters.  The problem with that was that everytime I tried to do one of those, it kept reverting back to Adam's name!  Of course, after much investigation and a few choice words, it was finally determined that the problem was "Operator Error" LOL!!!

I used this really cute "lined paper doodling" fabric with peace symbols on it for her inner fabric - the same fabric I used for her Chalkboard Wallhanging last year (see HERE) :*)

The kids were so excited to receive a package from Grandma & Grandpa, 
and they LOVED their marker roll-ups!  
Reaghan asked me "How'd you get our names on there?"  I just said, "It's magic, Honey!"  

And what was their favorite part of the gift?  That I had included the markers 
so they could sit down and play with them right away LOL!!!  
Kids are SO cute!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. How funny - I am using the same tutorial to make crayon holders for my grandies - stocking stuffers. Love your re-inventing and the names do make them so special - 'magic'!

  2. Great job!! Makes me want to go and do some embroidery on my machine. Poor thing hasn't gotten to stitch for a while. Have been using my little featherweight for some Christmas stockings for charity. Always love to read your posts.

  3. What a wonderful idea! I bet you'll get extra hugs because of these roll-ups!

  4. What a sweet gift from Grandma!!
    I only live 7 miles from my grandkids and all I did was give them a hug and wish them well when they were out for Sunday dinner the day before school started. : )

  5. I love making those rolls!! Usually, I make crayon rolls for mothers of little ones to keep in their bag.

  6. What a cute idea! I'm ready to make some for my nieces. Only problem - I'm going to see them this weekend and there's no time to make anything before I go. Must move this to the top of the To Do list for when I get home - thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Those are cute! Glad you figured it all out.

  8. These are really great, maybe one day I'll have a grandbaby and I can do one!

  9. I love these! I see 3 marker ones and a crayon one in the near future of my Grands lives! Thank You Friend

  10. What a wonderful gift! They are super cool, and I am 100% certain none of their friends have anything like this! My friend has the same Bernina you have, and it has helped with monograms several times!

  11. So super cute. I love your modifications -- such a cool way to make it personal.

  12. Love it. It makes a great go back to school gift.

  13. Very cute! Love your modifications. I may have to make one or two of them.

  14. You are an awesome Grandma!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  15. What a great idea! This will be just the ticket for the two older grandkids when I visit later this fall to meet the newest member of the family, due in just 3 weeks! Thanks for posting and for the link!

  16. Those look great! I know they loved the personal touch too.

  17. I think you're giving the other Grandma a run for her money! LOL just kidding. Your gifts are wonderful.

  18. Your marker roll-ups are great! So clever of you to personalize them with names and specific fabric that they will love. Those kids might be smart, but Grandma is smarter! This would be a good idea for knitting & crochet needles too with a little adjustment in sizes. hmmm

  19. How cute! Of course they loved their marker roll-ups!! Great thinking on the velcro!

  20. Cute! I've made crayon bags but not roll ups - love the idea. blessings, marlene

  21. What a great grandma you are! So creative - I like them!

  22. Teresa, Are you familiar with the website Designs by JuJu? She has very nice embroidery designs for sale plus she has a lot of free scripture verses for embroidery.

  23. I love these and with there names also makes them really special. You are clever!

  24. What a great idea, Teresa! I might just have to try it.


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