Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dreambird Yarn Choices

Judy is posting a link-up today for us to show the yarns we've chosen for our Dreambird projects...  I'm so excited!!!

Here are the yarns I've chosen to work with....

The top yarn is a black fingering yarn, which will pop those blue, aqua, and purple Noro feathers like crazy!!!  Like quilts, like knitting, it seems - I just can't help loving black as a background!!!  And of course blues and aquas are always a favorite of mine. :*D

Here is my inspiration picture once again for those of you who might have missed it in my earlier post - Reminder:  THIS IS NOT MY PROJECT!  It is a picture from Ravelry of another knitter's project that I love and chose colors to make my own as close to it as possible :*D

Go to this link to see this shawl made by Bienenfresser

Since our local knitshop, The Knaughty Knitter, held a Dreambird Knit Along (KAL) last month, my friend Joanne and I went over to start our shawl and get some pointers before we get into this project too far.  Joanne has done two feathers so far, and I have completed one 'perfect' feather - after tearing my first attempt out (see post about that HERE).  I'm in LOVE with this sweet feather!!!!

That's where I've stopped so I can start the KAL with Judy and Denise on August 25th.

If you're looking at this project and thinking, "I WISH I could do that, but I'm not a very experienced knitter" - then I encourage you to read Judy's post today!  Last year this time, I was drooling over the socks she makes on her blog and saying that same thing to myself.  It had been years since I had knitted anything, but I was really itching to learn how to make socks.  So I took her excellent advice and decided to start small.  I made a million simple knitted dishcloths to get my rhythm and tension back up to speed - which by the way everyone in my family loves and I can't keep enough of them knitted up!  I started reading a lot of sock-knitter's blogs and soaking up information.  Then I made a couple of scarfs.  Then I bit the bullet, bought some sock yarn and a couple of books/patterns and set off on my grand adventure.  And what an adventure it has been!!!  I've now made two pair of socks and love them!!!  And now I'm comfortable tackling this Dreambird Shawl project. You CAN do it too if you really want to!

Be sure to go to Judy's Patchwork Times HERE to link up if you are doing this wonderful shawl!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Thank you for confirming that those who want to knit can do it! I laughed before even reading that you love blue. Your header photo has blue, your background is blue, your Dreambird yarn is blue! Those colors you're using are some of the prettiest I've seen. Jump in and share any tips you learned in your class. I'm going to try my first feather today.

  2. You are one talented lady. I can knit ans purl and that's about it. Oh I can also drop stitches but that is not usually part of the pattern!

  3. Black backgrounds just seem to make colors appear more saturated, don't they? I love black!
    This is SUCH a gorgeous project, and I know you will do it justice!

  4. Thanks for the email. I'm mostly trying to be sure I've fixed my "no-reply" status. Am I ok now? Would you mind if I share on my blog the tips you sent me?

  5. Your colours are beautiful. I too knitted one feather to try it out - and decided I didn't like my colours. So, new yarn purchased, feather ripped, and I'll wait for Sunday to cast on again.

  6. Your yarn choices are perfect for this shawl - I look forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Love your yarn choices. That should be a very pretty shawl!

  8. Your yarn choices are simply stunning. How could you go wrong with aquas, teals and black. It will be beautiful. I also like your little talk about "just do it". I felt like you were talking directly to me! :)

  9. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see yours finished!

  10. I love the colours of your yarns!! And any and all tips that you can share about making this will be greatly appreciated. LOL!!

  11. Love your yarn choices and thanks to you (and Judy) and Rose, Denise, etc. I ordered my yarn. I will give it my best shot! Being a Taurus I am stubborn so will not give up! I like you did the same with socks! Judy was a huge help! I have to move onto more challenging items! Thanks for the inspiration!


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