Saturday, August 24, 2013

Going Into the Red.....

But in a really good way!!!  This month the color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is RED - luscious, gorgeous, deep, rich RED!!!

And here is my scrappy RED Fantasia block for August....

Isn't that little guitar in the upper right corner just perfect for Nashville?  Hehehehe.....  I got a really late start again this month on my Scrap Challenge blocks (this time because I've been busy working on my Hexie Queen Blog Hop project which will post on Monday.  I think you're going to like it!)

Remember, a couple of months ago, I started work on Bonnie Hunter's Talkin' Turkey in a group with some friends.  It's an all-red quilt, so since I wanted to use up as many of my scraps as possible on it, I went through my scrap bin in advance .....

and pulled out all the pieces I wanted to keep for my regular monthly blocks for the RSC, and then I paired them together as they would be used in the blocks.....

That really was such a help this month, because I didn't have to dig through as usual and decide which scraps to use where and find matching pieces for each block.  I just sat down at my machine and started sewing pieces together :*)

I am wondering however if I have too much of the same color/texture fabrics in that top row together?  Those are intended for the Lone Starburst block sections, and I'm thinking I may have to raid my fat quarters to get some more interest going there :*)  The fabrics on the bottom will be used for the Hatchett blocks and little left-over half-square triangles, and I think they'll be just fine as they are.

I also decided to play with the little left-over pieces from cutting the curved sections on Fantasia this month, and these cute little blocks just materialized as if by magic on my sewing table ......

Aren't they cute?  There is just the barest hint of a curve in them - just enough to catch the eye and make one stop to look closer :*)  I have no idea if I'll ever use them for anything, but I just can't bring myself to throw away pieces of fabric this size just because I can't use them in the block I'm currently working on.  I can't find the pieces from the past months - surely I didn't throw them away - egads!!!  Hopefully they'll turn up in that mess I call "organization" in my sewing studio LOL!!!  And when they do, I'll make some more of these and see what happens.  I love to quilt serendipity style!

Many more wonderful RED projects are linked up at SoScrappy for your enjoyment HERE!

I'll be in my sewing studio all day tomorrow, finishing up my Hexie Queen projects ;*)
Be sure to come by and see whether I've managed to get  my Hexie-groove on or not!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. I really like your Fantasia block in the red - would make a great red/white quilt! And the little blocks of whimsy - how cute!

  2. The reds are wonderful. I really like those tiny leftover blocks with the hint of a curve.

  3. Your reds and red blocks are wonderful! Perfect.

  4. Living in Music City, that little guitar was the first thing that caught my eye. Love it!
    I was wondering how you had any red left after turkey trot. Guess planning ahead is not one of my strong suits. LOL
    Those curved blocks might make a cute table runner for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

  5. Beautiful work as usual Teresa. I can't wait to see how your "Talkin' Turkey" quilt turns out. I think you may have inspired me to ask a few of my quilting friends if they would be interested in helping me make one?

  6. The red block is eye-popping! Red always makes a powerful statement, to me. This is going to make such a fun, colorful quilt!
    Oh, those sweet little leftover pieces are charming! But then, I am all about creating from leftovers!
    "Quilt serendipity style"--LOVE that!! : )

  7. Love your fabulous redness ;)
    See you Monday...are you excited?!?!

  8. Beautiful Fantasia block and all the different neat!

  9. I love all these reds! The Fantasia block is fabulous--love the guitar.

    Can't wait to see what's up on Monday. ;)

  10. Love it! And not just because red is my favorite color either. I've been collecting for a red and white quilt for a while now. Have some other UFOs to do first. ;>)

  11. Red Fantasia is Fantastic and I can't wait to see your hexie project!

  12. Bonus blocks are always nice to have on hand. You never know when you will feel inspired to add them to a quiltor turn them into a quick little gift. The fantasia block looks great. What a nicely sorted collection of red fabrics you have. So much easier to sew with.

  13. Beautiful blocks Teresa. Thanks for sharing Marie

  14. Great red blocks. I will have to look for more hexies.

  15. Love that red fantasia! And those little curved blocks are wonderful.

  16. Your Fantasia block is beautiful, and I love the curvy blocks.
    Can't wait to see your hexie project!

  17. Your Fantasia block is great and I love getting a bonus block from something I've cut off of another block. Your 2 are just too cute. I would keep them for a border perhaps to a rainbow colored baby quilt, or a tablerunner for a bright cheery room.
    It's Monday (1:00 am), so I'm looking for your hexies.

  18. I may have to try that fantasia block next year... I love the leftovers you created from them. That would be a great scrappy quilt with each of the blocks.


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