Saturday, September 13, 2014

Delicious ORANGES!!!

I'm playing in my ORANGES this weekend!

Okay, so maybe I'm not working on my regularly-scheduled Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks, but I have to make a cover for my new Kindle PRONTO!!!  Don't want it to meet the same sad fate as my last one, right?  The newest member of our electronic family arrived this week ....

It looks exactly like its dearly-departed predecessor, except without the frozen screen LOL!!!

One of the first things I picked up at the AQS event in Chattanooga Thursday was this pattern for a quilted case to help protect the new Kindle a little better than the last one.  I'm really excited to be making something I'll use every day out of these beautiful ORANGE fabrics!!!

So excited, in fact, that I've already finished up the case!!!  

I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this new Case!!!!

I did some simple crosshatch quilting on the main floral print.
I love how that touch of black print makes the deep oranges/pinks sparkle!

Honey fits down inside perfectly!!!

Front of the Case
I added the small flange between the top flap and body using the lining fabric.

Back - with a really nice zippered pocket included!!!
Again I used the lining fabric for the zipper binding.

Yes, indeed, these ORANGES are delicious!  
And they will be very, very good for the continued well-being of the new Kindle too :*)

I'm linking up with other ORANGE-minded sewists


I had a wonderful time and was quite a good girl at the Quilt Show outing!  Yes, it rather surprised me too :)  I gathered with a crowd of my Music City Guild friends at Oh-God-Its-Early o'clock in the morning to be picked up by this colorful RED bus, which then whisked us away to the Show like modern-day Cinderellas!

This is the perfect way to travel to a show in my opinion.  No driving and the distraction of chatting & laughing - or getting lost! - on the way there or back.... no spending $$$ on hotel rooms or meals except lunch that day .... no spending $$$ because you are there more than one day, and you just have to go back to pick up that one thing you saw the day before and now can't live without.....  you know what I mean, don't you?  Yep, I know you do!!!!  Many, many THANKS to the ladies who put this trip together for us - it was a blast!!!

The very first thing I bought when I walked into the Show was this PURPLE t-shirt from AQS with a lovely FMQ design - and of course you all know that I Quilt with PASSION!!!

This design reminds me of the gorgeous FMQ work done by Patsy Thompson.
I am SO in AWE of her talent!!!!

So what do I mean when I say I was a good girl at the Show?  I didn't buy any fabric!!!!  Nope, not nary a half yard :*)  The closest I came to fabric purchases was this tiny mug-rug kit - it's already cut and fused & ready to sew up - isn't it adorable????  And totally irresistible :*)

And I also bought this kit to make a microwavable bowl-holder.....

I can't tell you how many times I have held my breath as I try to take a hot bowl out of the microwave with potholders and praying one doesn't slip!  No more, my friends!!!  I mainly bought the kit because I had to in order to get the pattern.  I think I will be making a few more of these :*)

Otherwise, I only bought tools and gadgets to make my quilting life easier...

A fancy-schmancy needle threader (approved by Bonnie Hunter) and other notions for POTC

Numbered pins at a great Show price - and no shipping!!!!
I'd been eyeing these but the price was too high online, especially considering shipping costs.
The back holds more pins, #11's to #20's.  And all of them are blank on the back of the
pin so you can mark what you want there ..... maybe A, B, C..... etc.

Okay, I admit it - I went a little wild at this booth!!!
I could have bought a dozen of these!!!
They are iron-on transfers with rhinestones & metal brads in cute, cute designs =^..^=

Close up so you can see the shine & fun colors of the metal pieces

Here's how they looked on some of the garments displayed at the booth....

Aren't they too cute????
I can't wait to find some t-shirts to put them on.  Since it feels like November outside today, I'm thinking I need to get long-sleeved t-shirts LOL!!!  I also thought these would be adorable on a bag!!!

I came VERY CLOSE to putting down a deposit on one of these....

I know!!!  Talk blowing a budget!!!  But they had a great Show sale price on it, and it came with all the accessories - including that wonderful real-wood Koala table!

Just LOOK at all that open quilting space!!!!

In the end, I decided to do some more research on all the different brands and take my time deciding on what would work best for me.  If any of you have a sit-down longarm, I'd love to hear about yours and what you love or hate about it.  I know of a few of you who do (yes Janet O. I'm looking at you!!!) and produce the most marvelous quilting with it!  But before I go in hock buying one, I want to be sure I've got all the information I need to make the best choice for me and my budget =^..^=

I didn't take pictures of the quilts.  By the time I got there my camera was low on batteries, so I just gazed at them in wonder and enjoyed the beauty of such amazing craftsmanship!!!

I hope you have found ways to have fun this week!
I'm going to a new-to-me knit shop - the Haus of Yarn - this afternoon and I'm excited!!!!
(My bank account however is shaking in its boots!!!)

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Love the orange case you made!! While you are at it, I'll take one of the cases and the quilting machine as well....giggle.

  2. Just love the orange fabrics in your new case - and I'm not an orange fan! If I had a Kindle I would order one from you. You came away from the trip with some nice things, even if not fabric.

  3. Oh your orange case is gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time and found some great treasures!

  4. Wonderful fabrics for the Kindle case! Your finished case looks amazing!

  5. When the photo of the orange poppies fabric showed up on my Bloglovin list, I knew it was yours. LOL Love your KIndle case! It loves fantastic!

  6. Looks like you're having all kinds of fun! Love your Kindle cover; do you know what made the screen freeze?

  7. Your new kindle case is gorgeous! So is the POTC block in progress. Thanks for sharing the fun trip to the show ... :) Pat

  8. What a GORGEOUS piece of fabric! So vibrant

  9. Those oranges are gorgeous. Love the Kindle cover!

  10. Love the Kindle case that you made, Teresa! What a wonderful lot of goodies you found to buy...what company distributes/sells those great transfers...especially the one that says 'Knit Happens,'?

  11. That is one snazzy Kindle case. I love going to the large quilt shows seeing all the quilts and vendors who tempt us all. Thanks for sharing your day.

  12. Wow! You got a lot of cool "loot" at the show! We talked about leaving a day early to spend the day in Chattanooga but it just didn't work out this time. :-( I took a bus to Paducah last spring ... Even with a car that gets 48mpg, we couldn't drive down and back for what I paid to take the bus. Not to mention the hassle of trying to find a place to park. ;-)

  13. that case looks awesome and good luck buying a quilting machine! have you thought about a stand up machine with a frame? I love mine and compared to other long arm machines it was "cheap"

  14. What a fun shopping day. Love the new kindle case. Hope it does the trick and keeps this on safe.

  15. TOO MUCH FUN! Love the orange case you made... so pretty!

  16. I don't even have a kindle, and I want one of those gorgeous cases! Just let me play with the trimmings from making the case--anything. That combination has me drooling, Teresa! That touch of black with the lush orange--WOW!!
    Your trip looks like so much fun. I wish I could travel to a show that way.
    You found some really fun stuff--oh, the blingy things are so "you"!!
    You know this machine is made by the Handi-Quilter people (our local babyloc dealer told me so)? So it is basically the same machine I have, but a newer model. We'll talk. : )

  17. No fabric? wow. I bought fabric on Friday. Great case you made.

  18. I have a love hate relationship with my long arm!! I LOVED it for the first 6 quilts! Now something is wrong with the tension and it has gone all wonky!! To make matters worse the fix it guy at the dealership... kind of an a$$ (sorry but he is) I will probably end up sending it in for repair after only 5 months!!

  19. LOVE that Kindle case -- the fabric choices were PERFECT!

    I did not buy any fabric at the show, either -- and that red bus, oh my! What fun!

  20. Wow. Beautiful orange case! Looks like you found some very cool goodies at the quilt show.

  21. Teresa, so many things to view in your post today!! I love, love, love that case!! Orange is a special color, isn't it? I don't do much with orange, but I made a scrappy orange block that just sings out to me - so much so, that I just finished making another!! And bussing it? You bet that's the way to go. I gave up my car a number of years ago and bus my way all around the east coast. I just sit back, sew, snack, read, and voila, I'm there!

  22. Oh my stinking gosh, I love your orange case.....that fabric is out of this world gorgeous.

  23. Love the organge fabric you used and your bowl is coming along great! My mom asked me to make her some of those when we saw them at a craft sale..have not gotten a pattern yet!

  24. Love, love, love the orange made a darling Kindle holder! I've got to see if I can figure out how you made it since I don't have the pattern....I've made a zippered one and I like it but I also like yours that folds. blessings, marlene

  25. Love your orange kindle case... is it in a yellow case too? Hope you found some lovely yarn that had to find a new home.

  26. I love your Kindle case! Great to have the zippered pocket. Looks like a fun show! You got lots of fun things hater too. Beautiful POTC block! I have a Tiara and I really like it, though still learning how to quilt with it.


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