Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Gonna Runaway!!!!!

Runaway Retreat starts tomorrow & I can't wait!!!
I'm packing up projects and tools!  
And getting ready for my Amish Beauties class - Woohoo!!!!

Since I'll be teaching one full day of the retreat, I've only packed a few personal projects to work on.  My main goal is to get the Blooming Nine Patch assembled.  Do you even remember what it looks like?  Here's a quick reminder.....

Simple, mindless sewing together of rows :)  

Yesterday, I played in my ORANGE fabrics to put together my final Soul Searching block so I could stitch it up at retreat, as well ....

    Isn't this little orange fox too, too cute?  

Unfortunately, that fabric stuck out like a sore thumb, so it didn't make the final cut :(  

Here are some sneak peeks at the fabrics that DID make the cut....

I just love the variety of black/white's in these blocks ....

Some of my favorite fun prints in ORANGES :)

The last of my Kindle Case fabric scraps - what will I do without them?????

I found an excellent use for those new Marilee's Numbered Pins picked up at AQS.  I was nervous about keeping all these pieces in the right order and right-side up from my house to retreat - so I pinned each one on the line with it's row number, right on the line where I will stitch - EASY PEASY!!!!

The rest of the blocks are all packed to go so I can assemble the quilt top when the ORANGE block is done!

I also worked on making sure I have the makings for another couple of Patchwork of the Crosses blocks to take with me.  Even though I won't have time to do any Slow Sunday Stitching today with Kathy's Quilts, I will most definitely be doing some hand stitching on these at Runaway :)

This one is in progress - I got the center stitched together this week....

I had been looking for the perfect project to use this vibrant Oriental border print.....

Here are a few of the color options I looked at for the outer row petals.....

I ended up going with the darker pink :)
That stripe would have been marvelous, but too much trouble to get it just right!!!

The next block uses one of my favorite fabrics for the focus print....

Here is a down-and-dirty layout of the center pieces before stitching ....

And here are a few color options I am considering.  I had pretty much decided to go with this layout....

But then I had to try it with the gold on an outer row to see what that would look like, and I rather liked the glow it makes...

Not sure that I like the aqua pieces in that particular place though.....but I think it needs the aqua somewhere..... Decisions!  Decisions!!!  I think I'll cut 4 more gold pieces and lay out the whole block to see what I think.  Maybe even look for a different aqua?  What would you choose?

I'm off and running folks!  
Still lots to do before tomorrow morning!

Before you leave, be sure to go over to see what's shaking at:

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Holy Smokes!! Fabrics are all just gorgeous as well as the projects they are going in.

  2. Those POTC's are gorgeous!!! I think you've done it again and inspired me to start something new!!! If I can find those shape on my EQ7 program to print out, I'm a gonner. Then all I have to do is find fabrics to fussy cut. Those are simply too gorgeous to resist!!

  3. Wow you are getting a lot done! Love your patchwork of the crosses.

  4. These are spectacular!

  5. Your POTC's are breath-taking! Have fun at the retreat!

  6. Wow. Your ability to use fabric to its best advantage is amazing. I like the original layout.

  7. Have a good time at retreat. I love the little fox. We sometimes see red/orange foxes at our house, never get photos of them. You have a great oranges there.

  8. Have a fabulous time at retreat! Looks like you will have plenty to keep you busy after you teach your class. Love your oranges for Soul Searching. The yellows on the outside do give your peacock feathers a nice glow -- though the first option is good too.

  9. I like the layout with the 4 gold pieces and mostly blues... don't know why!
    Have a fantastic time running away... wish I was joining you!!

  10. All your blocks are gorgeous! Have a creative time at your retreat!

  11. que belleza de trabajo...felicitaciones!!!

  12. Such gorgeous fabrics all! The Patchwork Crosses are just beautiful! Have a great time at your Runaway!

  13. Oh my goodness, I absolutely adore your fussy cut blocks. What a great way to use that border print.

  14. Those blocks continue to amaze me. I love the orange Soul Searching block too. Have a blast at retreat.

  15. Have fun. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the POTC blocks you've done. You may just be talking me into trying some. And you have such fun b/w prints in your Soul Searching. What a fun visit I had today.

  16. Those POTC blocks are fabulous ... no, they're beyond fabulous! I'm definitely going to make a POTC for my next hand work/EPP project, as soon as I'm done with my MWFG. Those oranges are delicious ... And as cute as that fox print was, you're right ... It just didn't fit. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for it. Have fun at retreat!

  17. Your fussy cut blocks are awesome. Have a fun and productive retreat.

  18. All that orange! Have fun running away

  19. You will be a great teacher! I hope all goes well!
    Those oranges are gorgeous!
    But what caused my jaw to hit the floor are your two LBPC blocks!! Oh my goodness, Teresa. These are stunning!! The fabrics you have selected just take these blocks to a whole new realm!! I really like your first layout on the blue/aqua/gold block. I don't think it needs changing--but, hey, it's your block! : )

  20. Wow! Your POTC blocks are stunning. You have chosen the perfect fabrics for these blocks. I have come to love the color orange, so love your selection of fabrics for your last challenge block. Have a great time at your retreat.

  21. I love your two POTC blocks. The fabrics you are using are turning out amazing blocks with your colors. I like the first choice of the turq/gold layout, but either will be beautiful. You really have some great oranges. That is a very small stack in my stash, hence the reason I have not yet started it. Have a great time at retreat. Wish I were taking your class. I know I would learn lots of creative things from you..

  22. Have a blast at retreat!! Your oranges are all delicious . . . poor little fox, he's practically begging to be used somewhere! LOL! Teresa, I *LOVE* that aqua block -- it's spectacular!!!!!! Seriously, a beautiful piece of art! :)

  23. WOW! Your fabric and blocks are gorgeous! Have a good time at retreat.

  24. Your blocks are wonderful! You quilt will be spectacular!

  25. Have a blast at retreat!!! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of all your finished projects from this great time!!!

  26. Awesome! I would LOVE to run away with you.

  27. I hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat! I am totally blown away by your POTC blocks!!! Wow!! They are stunning! Such wonderful use of fabrics in your fussy cutting.


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