Friday, September 19, 2014

On the Needles - 9/19/14

Just popping in quickly to show my progress on the Diagonal Cowl and a few of the goodies I picked up last weekend :)

This Cowl is a really easy knit & is progressing right along!  

This gorgeous purple will be the last color to add after the teal, and then I'll join the ends by attaching them to the provisional stitches at the beginning, so it will be one continuous loop.  I'm thinking the purple is going to be gorgeous next to the steel gray :)

I have to confess that I did buy a skein of sock yarn at Haus of Yarn.... what a wonderful yarn shop!!!  They have so much to see - three rooms full!!!!  

Isn't this yarn lovely?  
Such gorgeous BLUES!!!

I bought it to make these Fruit Stripe Gum socks - it takes a certain type of yarn to get the best striping effect.  The pattern designer was actually at the shop that day, and she told me they had worked with a company to have this yarn specially made for these socks.  I'm thinking maybe even I can't go wrong with yarn especially made for the pattern, right?  =^..^=

I also picked up this darling little stitch marker.....

It's almost too cute to USE!!!!

Gotta run - so much to do to get ready for Runaway Retreat next week!!!

Don't forget to check out all the wonderful knitting going on
over at Judy's Patchwork Times today!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Have fun at Runaway. I miss going, but can't afford it if I don't teach.

  2. Your cowl shows off your beautiful knitting. The colors are wonderful, too! Have fun at your retreat.

  3. Love your cowl. Don't forget the Yarn Bus will be out your way tomorrow. I do need to pop into Haus of Yarn and check it out. I probably pass it several times a month and have never gone in.

  4. Teresa where is the Hausa of Yarn?

  5. That yarn is so pretty! The cowl is looking great too and I LOVE the stitch marker. Have fun at retreat.

  6. Very pretty cowl! Nothing about knitting looks easy to me--haven't done it in DECADES!
    Those will be such fun socks. When you wear the socks you've made, do you roll up your pant legs to show them off, or wear capris? : )
    Such a cute little stitch marker. Know where my mind goes? Christmas Ornament!! *LOL*

  7. I love that cowl! Are you sure it's easy?

  8. I love that pretty purple ... it'll pop next to the gray, that's for sure. And the blues for your socks ... wow! Gorgeous! You make the snazziest socks! Enjoy your time at retreat!

  9. What a neat idea..... a yarn bus.....the shop can come right to your own neighbourhood. How dangerous is that!! I love the yarn you bought for those socks, and the pattern for the socks looks intriguing. I'll be watching when you make it, since the description looked a bit confusing. And those blocks in your header.......... so very very lovely, and they are threatening to take my "startitis" out of remission. LOL

  10. This is just going to be so fun to wear when you get it done.

  11. Love your cowl! It is beautiful! Those are going to be beautiful socks too. Absolutely love the little stitch holder!

  12. What fun sock yarn and your cowl is beautiful. Love that purple that is coming up too. I've never seen any stitch markers made like that. Too cute. Have a blast at retreat. I know you will get a lot done to share with us when you return.

  13. I like those bright colors in your cowl and you're right, the purple is going to look great against the gray! Nice sock yarn-what kind of wool is it? It looks like it would be nice and soft on the feet. Enjoy the retreat!!


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