Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 IS HERE!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Our 2015 kitchen calendar
artwork by Wendy Bentley

You know, for me, New Year's Day is a lot like a belated gift after Christmas.  One reason opening presents on Christmas morning is so darn exciting is because of the potential contained in that intriguing package, right?   What could it be?  Is it what I asked for, or maybe something I never knew I wanted until I open it and realize I really, really wanted/needed that?  My Guy is really a pro at giving me gifts like that :*)  Of course, it could always be another set of dominoes!  My son swears he got a set of dominoes every year during his teens LOL!!!

On New Year's Day, we get to "unwrap" a mystery gift that will continue to unfold every day throughout the year.  (Sort of a DOY (day of the year) rather than a BOM (block of the month) - hahaha!)  We never know exactly what it will hold or what delights - or otherwise - we will experience.  Each day, more of the mystery is unveiled, until finally on New Year's Eve, we get to see the whole picture of that year.  Those of you who just had the pleasure of seeing Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery, Grand Illusion, unveiled know exactly what I mean right now, right?

My prayer for each of you is that your "gift" at the end of 2015 will be a wonderful one, 
filled with happy memories and good times!

I've worn my Happy New Year socks all day today, and I may just wear them tomorrow too!  Do you have traditions for New Year's?  Many of my friends are eating really disgusting interesting meals as a part of their traditions.  Others like to do what they love because there is a saying that whatever you are doing on New Year's, you'll do the rest of the year.  That would be nice for most of us, wouldn't it, to be able to choose right now, today, what we'll be doing the rest of the year?  Somehow, I don't think it quite works that way, though *sigh*

I had a lovely day though, so I think I would be happy if that were to come true for me.  One of my projects for 2015 will be Arcadia Avenue by Sassafras Lane, and I got to play with it a little today!  I did choose the Sunset colorway - you knew I would, didn't you?!?

The aqua will be the background, the black is my dark accent, the deep raspberry is the medium accent, and that light in the upper right corner is actually the  most marvelous pale gray with a white dot by Dear Stella!

Sassafras Lane is hosting a QAL for this wonderful quilt this year, and I'm excited to join in!  I'll be linking these fabric choices up with their first link-up HERE.  Go on over and check out all the fun combinations being chosen!  Shayla is even making one using low-volume fabrics - wow!!!

I printed out my patterns for the first couple of blocks yesterday and started paper piecing them, just because I couldn't stand to wait!  And also because I needed a NewFO for December *grin*!!!  This is the last NewFO linky party at Cat Patches and I think I've joined in on every one of them, so of course I had to be there for the finale, right?

Did you notice the patterns are smaller than the page?  You know how I love smaller quilts!  And I'd like this one to be a wall quilt - it's too amazing to be anything else :)  So I reduced the size to 75% on the printer, which will make my blocks about 9" finished instead of the original 12" in the pattern.

I also sewed up a test block I had promised to have done by today. Here are the colorful fabrics I played with ....

YUM!!!  ..... and notice the new accessory?  I'm not sure how, but I managed to stress my wrist several weeks ago, so I've been wearing a brace to protect it.  I suspect some marathon knitting sessions may be the culprit!  The brace really has helped, although I have to admit that it's darn uncomfortable!  I have to wear it while sewing because ironing and rotary cutting tend to torque my wrist in just the wrong way.

And speaking of knitting ..... this is no longer On my Needles!!!

I'm actually finished with the knitting on this Infinity Ombre cowl for my daughter Renee.  Tonight I'll kitchener the two ends together and sew in all the yarn ends.  She and little Hudson are on their way tomorrow morning bright and early for a few days' visit with us, so I want to have it wrapped up all nice and bright under the tree for her!  I'll be sure to share a pic when it's all blocked and ready for it's photo shoot :)

UPDATE:  Here's the finish!!!!

One of my favorite Christmas presents from My Guy was this new set of Knitter's Pride Dreamz Short Interchangeable Needles.

Last year I got the regular length needle set (you can see the longer needles in the middle in the above picture ) but they can't be used with the 16" cords for things like these cowls or hats, etc.  As soon as I unwrapped this set, I changed out my needles for the shorter ones.  Having the right tools for a job is absolutely Heaven!!!

Just a quick reminder ...
- tomorrow is the last day to get in on the Sew Sweet Simplicity GIVEAWAY!!!  Go HERE to leave your comment and have a chance to win this lovely pattern package from designer, Jacquelynne Steves!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Wishing you the best in 2015 Teresa! I ate my black eyed peas, and sewed all day on the mystery quilt, so hopefully, I will be very prosperous, and be able to do what I love to do all year long now! LOL

  2. Happy New Year, Teresa! Looks like a lovely lot of projects that you have 'on the go' at the moment. I love those socks that you're wearing too :-). Like you, I've had problems with my wrists (and forearms too in my case), and I have limit how long I crochet and knit at any one time :-(. I can do EPP and other sewing without too much trouble...which is good.

  3. Love your new header. That's one of the things I need to learn in 2015. It's not like you to have a new accessory that is not color coordinated with your new project. ha Santa was very good to you. Those needles look real snazzy. You will have to tell us how the connections hold on them. I spent New Year's Day in my sewing room -- off to a good start.

  4. Wow, that Arcadia Avenue button is really "flashy"!! (couldn't resist--pun intended) That is going to be such a stunning quilt--and I love that you have down-sized it. : )
    Happy New Year, my friend!

  5. I just love those Happy New Year socks! I hope you'll share your finished Arcadia Avenue block with us ... I know it's going to be gorgeous! I too hope that the old saying that whatever you are doing on New Year's, you'll do the rest of the year is true as I spent several hours hand quilting ... and we all know that's my favorite thing of all! ;-)

  6. Happy New Year Teresa! I love you cute socks! The Arcadia Avenue is going to be fabulous!! You found wonderful fabrics. The cowl is gorgeous.

  7. Happy New year and if what I did will be how my new year goes. Oy vey! The grandsons love to torture and wrestle with me, but my house started the new year extremely clean! Love your projects you are working on and enjoy the baby time!

  8. I love the colors in your new project. Beautiful fabrics. So sorry about your wrist. Every once in a while I have to resort to a splint, although the pain resides in the back of my hand. Turning my wrist is what brings it on. Mine seems to happen when I've done a lot of ironing on applique and I've been hefting my iron around a lot...because irons are so heavy for such a delicate flower as myself. Hope it feels better soon. Enjoy a whole new year of sewing.

  9. Oh no!!! That is not a good adornment to your wrist! I hope it feels better soon. That paper piecing project is going to be gorgeous. I love the colors in the fabrics and in the cowl.

    Have a wonderful visit with your family and best wishes for the new year.

  10. So sorry your wrist is acting up now. Hopefully it will heal quickly. Your fabrics for your paper piecing project are gorgeous. And your cowl is just beautiful. I'm hoping to get back to knitting soon, but I am getting other projects done! Happy New Year!

  11. Lovely cowl! I've had several surgeries on both wrists and my left thumb and wear that same accessory. I have found that wearing at night when I sleep helps a lot. Apparently, I tuck my hands under my chin (who knew? ) and that brace stops me from doing so.

  12. What a great start to the new year!!!! Happy 2015! (love the socks!!!!) The cowl is beautiful.. wish I could knit like that,

  13. Happy New Year! The Cowl is gorgeous as are the fabrics you chose, your socks and the needle set!
    All The best for 2015!!!

  14. Happy Beginnings on our next trip around the sun! Your sweet simplicity is anything but sweet, I think it's a Meowzer!!!! Absolutely breathtaking. Your sense of colors continues to amaze me. All of your projects are Beautiful eye candy as is your cowl too.

  15. Your greens infinity cowl is beautiful (I love greens so much!), and your new quilt looks just like you! So bright and bold. It is going to be gorgeous! I am looking forward to watching it take shape. Take care of that wrist!!

  16. Happy 2015 Teresa! Love your cowl; it's beautiful! Bet your daughter likes it, too.

  17. I've had tendonitis for almost 30 years. Doing repetitive things causes it to act up. Things like pinning blocks too much cause me problems. I also have some wrist braces. Key is to stop when the wrist starts to 'tingle'.


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