Saturday, January 24, 2015

Loving Me Some Rainbows!!!

Pretty little BLUE crumb blocks in the SNOW!!!!  Yes,  my friends, we got SNOW here in Nashville last night!  Oh JOY :*)  Okay, so it was only about half an inch, and it was gone by noon, but it was a real, true-to-life, bonafide, honest to goodness SNOW!  And it was so lovely on the ground when I awoke this morning, I just had to run out and take a picture of my crumb blocks in it before it melted :*)

RSC 15

One of my favorite blog parties is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge with Angela at So Scrappy, and I was delighted when she said she would be hostessing again this year.  I decided that the crumb jars would figure in my plan of attack, so I dumped out this month's color jar - BLUE! - and got to work (or should I say play?) ....

Every jar in every color is full to overflowing, so something's got to be done with them.  I love the freedom and mindless sewing of stitching up all these fun leftover pieces into a serendipitous quilt that will be loved and cuddled up in just like the planned quilts that were made from the original yardages :)

I love the "anything goes" mentality - stripes and solids, plaids and florals - throw them all in there and make something sparkling and new!

These are a great start, and we have another week yet to play with our BLUEs before a new color is announced.  All my pieces are still poured out next to my machine, ready for any spare moments I may find to churn out more lovely little crumb blocks :)

And speaking of RAINBOWS- I made a good start on the first block of my Arcadia Avenue quilt this week!

Click on the button in the sidebar to learn more about this quilt :)

I hit a little bump in the road as I started to cut the pieces for this first block - one of my fabrics was only a fat quarter instead of a half yard!  Apparently I had never unfolded it to be sure.  Duh!

So I had to go back to the stash and on the right is the fabric I chose to replace it.  I loved the orange elements in the first fabric, but I wasn't sure where I had bought it (I suspect in NC), and the online pictures were not close enough for me to be sure I would be ordering the same exact colorway.  As small as these pieces will end up being cut, I'm thinking it will be fine.  I actually ended up exchanging several fabrics for those I had originally picked ....

I'm using all stash for this quilt except for the Dark Raspberry which will be my medium constant, and the soft gray polka dot, which is my light constant.  The black is my dark constant from my stash.

I'm loving the fact that this project is paper pieced!  It's been so long since I had the pleasure of making a paper-pieced quilt.  I think one thing that appeals to me is the flow of it.  I always work on multiple sections at a time and chain piece ....

..... and having all the pieces laid out ready to stitch appeals to my organizational soul :)

Of course, I was quickly reminded that it is not very wise to try to watch TV and chain piece a paper-pieced project .... LOL!!!

This is going to be such a fun quilt and I am glad to finally get started on it :)  Sassafras Lane is hosting a Quilt Along for anyone working on this quilt, so if you're interested, you can go HERE to get all the juicy details

In the meantime, be sure to go HERE to see all the other lovely BLUE blocks shared in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week!

Also linking up with BOM's Away HERE and Tuesday Linky Party at Freemotion by the River:)

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Your crumb cake blocks are wonderful. Great use of blues.

  2. You are a better woman than I! I have come to the conclusion I do not like crumb blocks and have sworn to never try making them again. I love seeing everyone else's blocks, though!

  3. Love your crumb cake blocks. I haven't ever done anythign with crumbs. I put them in a jar and when I have poured them and filled a small box I send them to a quilty friend. Hmm, looks like I might have to re-think my strategy. Have fun with your paper piecing. I love pp, It's like, "PP is all fun, until it's not!"

  4. Great crumb blocks. I hope to get some time to sew the little bits together this week for some......

  5. Wow lots of colorful sewing going on. Love the Arcadia Avenue QAL block.

  6. Arcadia is outside my comfort zone ... but I will love looking at yours!

  7. Your crumb blocks look great, but those rainbows are incredible.

  8. I love the colors in your Arcadia - it is a beautiful quilt, but I am keeping it simple this year. We had snow too - more than you but also much gone by late afternoon.

  9. Wow what a lot of pieces in Arcadia Avenue - lovely colours!

  10. Such fun to see your blue crumbs in the snow. : )
    Arcadia just makes me so happy! What a striking beauty it will be!!

  11. Love your blocks. Especially Arcadia. And your crumb blocks.

  12. Ah yes, there are downsides to watching TV - or even listening to an audiobook - while stitching. Ask me how I know. ha!

    I just LOVE your Arcadia blocks. I, too, enjoy paper piecing and am anxious to get back to my pineapple quilts. But I'm on a mission to get T#3 his requested quilt ... when a 7 y.o. boy (who's ALL BOY) asks for a quilt out of the blue, you better believe his Nana gets right on it! ;-)

  13. You do color well!! I love the photo of the 'wheel' -- it's so bright -- what a happy piece that will be when it's all finished up!!! Yeah -- I can't watch anything and machine stitch. I end up doing one or the other. LOL! :)

  14. I'm glad you're back to the rainbow scrappy challenge. Blue and white go so well together! : )
    And Arcadia Avenue is amazing.

  15. Your crumby blue blocks are so sparkly! The paperpieced project looks like a challenge. Good for you for tackling it.

  16. You never cease to amaze me with all your lovely projects. The colors are so beautiful and you come up with some stunning patterns to use them in. My mouth is watering because they look good enough to eat! You might inspire me to get into my tubs of scraps soon.

  17. I've spent the day making crumb blocks as well. Such a nice change of pace from the exact paper piecing.

  18. Your paper piecing is fabulous

  19. Love the crumb blocks. Arcadia is going to be absolutely gorgeous!
    Minnesota has been having such lovely weather with hardly any snow. Guess we had winter last November. LOL

  20. Wow, snow for you? Could you send some our way ;-) Wonderful color choices all around and the blocks look like fun to create. Enjoy!

  21. Teresa, I was reading and scrolling and when I saw your Arcadia Avenue, I literally stopped and said, "Wow!" It will be so gorgeous! Just like everything you do.

    And crumbs. I've been saving and saving crumbs but haven't made anything with them, like ever, in my 20 years of quilting. But you said scrap jars. And suddenly, there it was! Scrap Jar Stars made with crumbs! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  22. LOVE the Arcadia Avenue work - those are teeny components!


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