Friday, January 2, 2015

Imagine ......

I gave serious thought to not choosing a "word" or "phrase" for 2015.  Last year's word was SIMPLIFY - and let's face it, last year was anything but simplified LOL!!!!  And honestly, there's nothing simple about my plans for 2015 either :)  My creative energy is sparking all over the place right now.  There are so many fun projects I would just love to jump into at this very moment!  I want to do more design, pattern writing, teaching - in addition to making new quilts and finishing UFO's of course - the list is endless .....

However, yesterday morning I happened to glance up at the windows in my sewing studio and saw this favorite mosaic I picked up several years ago in the NC mountains ....

I love the word "IMAGINE"!!!


"If you can IMAGINE it, you can achieve it.  
If you can dream it, you can become it."
William Arthur Ward


All creative flow begins first as IMAGINATION.  If the spirit of IMAGINATION is closed off, stunted or restricted, there can be no true creativity or original design, only imitations and distortions.


This year, I truly want to set my IMAGINATION free!  To fling aside the closed doors in my mind, throw open the windows, and air out those dusty drapes and carpets!  Encourage the free flow of fresh ideas and inspiration to blast in, full force!  I want to let it soar in whatever direction it chooses to fly!

So don't be surprised if I jump off on a rabbit trail at some point or other this year - I'll just be following my IMAGINATION to see what it wants to create! :)

My plans for 2015?  

Of course my nature is to work within an organized plan, so there are some projects that are already decided for this year.  Fabrics, books, supplies purchased and set to begin - Ready, Set, GO!!!  However, these plans are flexible.  I really want to eliminate deadlines and pressure as much as possible.  It's hard to be free and allow the IMAGINATION full rein if I'm tied to a deadline and can't play, right?

     *Continued - I always enjoy playing with rainbows, right?  So I'll play along with Angela and her 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge again this year.

RSC 15

My plan is to whittle down my crumbs and empty out those crumb jars!  See THIS POST .....  I also have some blocks from previous RSC projects that need to be added to in order to have enough for a quilt.  First priority is to finish the Hooties quilt, "Whoooooo's Your Daddy?"

     *Continued - Vrooman's Quilts' Let's Book It Party 2015.  I love this party and the incentive to pull down those dusty patterns and books and actually MAKE something from them!  I don't always get to take part, but it's always fun when I do :)

Check it out HERE!

     *Continued - I'll be working on at least one UFO per month for my Guild's UFO Challenge.  I didn't do a very good job of sticking with this in 2014, so we'll see if I can do better this year :)  Since I participated in Cat Patches' NewFO Challenge for the past several years, I have plenty of UFO's to finish up LOL!!!  I'd love to join in a few finish parties like A Year of Lovely Finishes and the 2015 Finish Along too, but I'm not committing to it.  I already know that January is going to be too busy to work on any UFOs.

     *New - As I've already shared HERE, I'll be sewing along with Shayla and Kristy at Sassafras Lane making their amazing Arcadia Avenue!  One block per month shouldn't be too taxing, right?

     *New - One project I simply couldn't resist - believe me, I tried! - is the Millefiori New Hexagon QAL hosted by Katja's Quilt Shoppe .... 

I first started doing EPP by making Patchwork of the Crosses blocks in 2014, and that has been such fun!!!

I fear I may be biting off more than I can chew with this Millefiori QAL however - these blocks are very detailed and have tons of pieces.  But I'm going to give it my best shot :)  I mean, really, how beautiful are these blocks?????  It helps that several of my sewing buddies are going to be doing them too.
Of course, I have a few knitting projects lined up, and I am determined to learn more about EQ software and designing as well.  There are at least 3 retreats in the plans, and several teaching engagements on the calendar.  It looks like it's going to be a full and exciting year!

I hope you decide to come along with me to see how much fun we can get into, one stitch at a time!  Here's to a wonderfully creative and IMAGINATIVE 2015!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Why oh why did you have to post that delicious hexagon??????
    It is just so beautiful this would be a lovely one to sit and stitch after all the detailed cutting - dare I look at the details! I certainly have the necessary KF fabrics - oh dear!

  2. Sounds like fantastic year ahead! I'll be peeking over your shoulder as you blog about it!

  3. My goodness, I'm glad I get to watch all of this imaginative fun!
    Those Millefiori blocks totally intimidate me, but they are jaw droppingly gorgeous!
    I will tune in regularly to be amazed and inspired and wonder what is wrong with me. : )

  4. I will enjoy watching your imagination just soar thru the new year.

  5. Wow!!! I'm going to have fun seeing all that you have "Imagined" You will definitely be busy.

  6. I can see that your imagination is going to soar to lots of wonderful places. I will be sitting in the grand stand cheering you on, and looking over your shoulder when you finish those UFOs. That hexagon block is amazingly beautiful. OMG!

  7. I like William Arthur Ward's quote, I will try and live 2015 by it.

  8. Love your new "word." And, of course, your graphics to go with it. I might steal your 2014 word and simplify this year. I've begun scrapbusting my huge bin of leftovers. But I think my word is going to be "finish." Not that I'm going to focus on finishing UFOs as much as I'm just going to finish whatever I work on this year. Uh oh, I've already backed myself into a hole with that scrap bin ......

  9. I'm going to do the Millefiore QAL vicariously - through you. I thought long and hard about joining in, but oh those bazillions of pieces and all that time to fussy cut ... not to mention all the fabrics I'd need to buy. I can't wait to see more of yours.

    Imagination ... I would think that's a perfect word for you. ;-)

  10. Lovely projects. Great word, and I can't wait to see how you progress.

  11. You've got some great projects going there. My word for the year is "acceptance" of my limitations, especially physically. I'm at least as capable as the average person, but the years are giving me aches and pains that keep reminding me I have to go with what's realistic.

  12. LOVE the word imagine . . . here's to a wonderful 2015!!!

  13. We can EPP through this year together : )
    Enjoy all your projects


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