Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday!

Hi-Ho!  Hi-Ho!  It’s off to Retreat I go…. *Whistling merrily*!!!! 

Red Rooster Retreats (RRR) in Cullman, Alabama, is the most wonderful place to go and just sew, sew, sew.  Eye candy everywhere!  The food is delicious – that Jennifer is some cook!  And time with friends away from all the pressures of everyday life is just amazing!

I’m taking more projects than I probably need with me – I always do!  Ask anyone who sews with me and they’ll tell you very quickly!  These are the projects I am working on right now…..

#1 – Quilts in Progress wall-hanging.  (Go here to see more.)  I have all these little pieces traced and fused to my fabrics.  I’ll enjoy a day of cutting and fusing them all to the background one day at retreat.  Sure doesn’t look like much right now, right?  This is supposed to be my NewFOChallenge quilt, but I substituted my Hearts quilts instead so I could be sure to have a Valentine quilt for my calendar wall.  

#2 – Forever AutumnPardon the ball of light in the middle - I am obviously not a photographer!  This is an old UFO from my first year of quilting.  I purchased the kit from a magazine, and then realized that it was really above my beginner level of expertise when I began reading over the instructions – all those half-square triangles - YIKES!!!  So it got put away for a while – a long while.  I’m not really sure why because I love the quilt, I just think I’ve been so busy on other projects that it’s number just never got called.

#3 – March Calendar Quilt.  I got all the pieces cut to assemble the pieced background, and have traced all the pieces for fusing.  Isn’t this one just adorable?  That Kim Schaeffer is just so darned talented!

#4 – New Project Alert!!!  This is the new embroidery project I hinted about yesterday in my Stash Report.  It will be my handwork for downtime at RRR.  Barbara at CatPatches blogged about starting this beautiful new Borders and Promises BOM stitchery by Jenny of Elefantz, and of course I fell in love!  Who wouldn’t?  Lovely stitches and birds and Scripture all rolled into one?  It’s a no-brainer!!!  I've even got half my friends joining up LOL!!!  Thanks Barbara for helping me find Jenny!

You can see my focus fabric behind the stitchery in the picture.  And the background I am using has a sweet little embossed polka dot on it - just lovely!  I wasn't sure how it would handle stitching; sometimes embossed fabrics don't like needles!  So I got some cream Kona just in case.  But this is stitching up like a dream.  I'm so glad that it is too, because I just love the look.

#5 – One new thing I’m taking to retreat this time is my new Sewing Chair!!! 

The actual chair is not new – I bought it at Goodwill about 5 years ago.  But this is what it used to look like....

Do you love the animal print?  I didn’t!  But figured for $9.99 I could deal with it, right?  And someday I would recover it, right?  Well, that someday finally came!  My sweet friend Amie gave me this lovely Laurel Burch Cats upholstery fabric just because she knows I love LB and I love cats.  Little did she know that I was trying to decide what to use to recover my chair!  My long-suffering sweet husband helped me disassemble, unstaple, cut, staple, reassemble……and now I’m so happy with my “new” chair – thanks Amie & Don!!!

I sure wish you could all come with us!  I will not be able to blog from there, but when I return I’ll post lots of pictures of the RRR – you’ll love it!

And to see what's on other Design Walls, head over to see Judy's blog at Patchwork Times!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. What a lovely looking place for a retreat. When I look at all of the projects I wonder--how long are you going to be gone? : )
    The Forever Autumn quilt is a beauty.
    I love what you have done with the chair!

  2. What a neat idea to post projects you are taking on Quilt Retreat. I am going on retreat this weekend too, perhaps I will post my projects as I'm apt to be more accountable that way! Have a productive time! Love the chair!

  3. Wow!! Can I come, can I come?? It looks like a great retreat!! Love the chair also. Wonderful projects along as well.

  4. Hope you have so much fun at your retreat! Your chair came out so great. Have a great time!

  5. Teresa,

    WOW! Those projects are lovely!!! Have a great time!


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