Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Wall Monday

If you checked in on this blog last week, I was working on my Braided Oriental Peacock, #5 on my UFO list in the 2012 UFO Challenge for January – and it is done!  And I believe it is just as wonderful as I hoped it would be!  Those aqua braids just shimmer!!! You can go to this post from a few days ago to see the completed quilt top and read more about the quilt.

I also completed quilting one of my UFO’s, although it was not the one listed under #5 on my list for quilted projects.  Guess what folks?  I’m counting it as my January challenge quilt!!!!  Any time I get a quilt actually quilted is a big deal, and it counts! Considering that I am working from two UFO lists rather than one, I am giving myself lots of leeway here! =^..^= (Click here to see this one)

Since the January UFO’s are complete, I decided to use the rest of the month to try to get a head start on another UFO on the list.  Several of them are going to take quite a lot of work to complete, so any time I can gain will be a good thing!

This is Moonglow by Jenny Beyer.  It is a classic quilt that has been around a while, but I fell in love with it and signed up to do it as a BOM two years ago.  Needless to say, I did not finish it in that year!  Here is what I have done….

Pretty pitiful, huh?  Five little blocks!!!  The completed quilt has 13 pieced blocks (and not easy ones I might add!), and 12 alternate blocks in a Courthouse Steps/Irish Chain pattern.  As I said, lots of work to do here folks!!!  So without further ado, I’ll sign off and get busy stitching!

What is on your design wall?  To check out more Design Walls, click here to go to Judy’s blog.



  1. Wow -- nice finish -- that's a beautiful quilt! And considering you only had five blocks done on your Moonglow, it was probably a good candidate for starting early, huh? It will be a beautiful quilt -- I love the color combinations! :)

  2. This is going to be spectacular, love the way the colors seem to glow.

  3. You are making one of my dream quilts. I have loved it ever since seeing it in a catalog several years ago. It is so beautiful and calming (to look at, not to make). Are the compass blocks paper pieced?
    Good luck to you--it is an incredible quilt!!

  4. Wow! Your Peacock quilt is just beautiful. And I've loved this one forever too, can't wait to see you finish it.

  5. that is so pretty. Hey, 5 is way better than none. Hope you get inspired to do more, I'd love to see it finished :)

  6. I always loved that quilt! Enjoy working on it! You are starting off the new year with lots of finishes!

  7. I think I have a kit for that quilt in my UFO closet. I have quilted one and it is a lovely quilt. Enjoy!

  8. I'm in love with that quilt. I've not seen it before.

  9. Way to go on getting so many UFOs done so early in the year. The Braided Peacock is absolutely stunning. Best of luck getting a head start on the rest. It looks like you have a year of fabulous finishes ahead!

  10. That quilt is going to be beautiful. Stick with it!


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