Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Long-arm Attempt!

I can hardly believe I did it, but look at this!  I long-armed a quilt!!!

A friend of mine bought her long-arm at the Paducah AQS last year and she kindly offered to teach me how to use it.  How quickly do you think I said “YES!!!”?  Yes, I'm blessed with wonderful friends like that!  

I’ve been thinking I would enjoy doing long-arm quilting but wasn’t sure… and you know, that’s a LOT of money to spend only to find out you don’t really like doing it. I’ve been quilting my own quilts on my Janome 6600P domestic machine since I started quilting.  Only one of my quilts is done by the local long-arm quilter, simply because I can’t afford to buy fabric AND pay to have my quilts quilted.  And I do okay at quilting on my DSM; usually I'm happy with the results.  Here's a recent sample:

But it’s a real JOB!!!  It’s hard work, and it takes a long time, and it ties up my favorite machine until I’m done.  So, I just don’t get a lot of quilting done.  I have 24 quilt tops in my closet needing to be quilted!!!!  This is getting to be crisis time people!!!

So when my friend said I could learn to long-arm on hers, I jumped at the chance.  And, of course, I’ve found that I LOVE IT!!!!  I practiced for 3 weeks before I dared to try a real quilt, and this one is just a simple mystery quilt that I did not mind experimenting on.  And of course I chose a super-simple pantogram design called "Daisies".  Not perfect by any means, but not the disaster I expected either, and so much fun!

Needless to say, my mind is now buzzing with schemes and plots to figure out how to afford my own long-arm machine!  Maybe if I’m a really good girl, Santa will bring me one in his sleigh this Christmas ;*}  I wonder how he'll get it in there?  I better get started baking him some cookies now!!!

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Your quilting is beautiful, Teresa. I think you do a wonderful job on your domestic machine, as well! I have just been going the rounds trying to choose a machine just to dedicate to machine quilting--but not a long arm. I know I can't afford that. I looked at the Janome 6600 and really liked it, but it has more bells and whistles than a machine dedicated to FMQ needs. Decisions, decisions. I know what I want--an HQ Sweet 16, but I can't afford that, either. : )
    Good luck with your dilemma.

  2. The quilting on your first attempt looks great! I love that daisy pantograph. What kind of machine does your friend have? Perhaps your friend will invite you again and you can start working on your pile of quilt tops!


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