Saturday, January 28, 2012

Home from the Rooster!

Nine of us packed up half our sewing rooms (and whatever else we could fit into our vehicles!) and headed off to the Red Rooster for 4 days of sewing fun!  Here are some fun pictures of what we accomplished….

This is me just chillin' and reading my blogs... now you see why I didn't get a lot done!!!  LOL!

I did manage to get my March Calendar quilt top completed – doesn’t it make you wish for spring!!!  I’m not real happy with the tree limb, I think I maybe should have chosen a darker brown, but I loved the texture, and I guess it’s too late now ;*)

I also got this far on my Quilts in Progress top.  All the appliqué is done and I hope to finish assembling & quilting it this weekend in time for the NewFO Challenge reveal.  We’ll see….  Going to see One for the Money movie this afternoon, so not much sewing will get done today.

I did a little work on my Promises & Borders stitchery but not enough to show, and I never got to touch Forever Autumn (**sigh**) – poor thing, it just gets shuffled around like an orphan.  I’ve determined that it is coming out of the closet & moving up on my To Do list.  Where it will land I’m not sure, but it’s time to get ‘er done!!!

So what did my fellow retreaters work on?

Here is Barbara with her totally awesome Orca Bay! 

 She finished the top while we were there, but I didn’t get a picture – bummer!!!!  You can see though that it just sparkles!  I didn’t start this Quiltville mystery because I had too much going on at the time, but I’ve saved the clues and I’m thinking it might show up on a NewFO list soon!

And then here’s Donna (left) with her red creation!  I never got the name of this quilt, but I know that it was a BOM at a LQS, Quilters Attic, several years ago.  It is one of the most beautiful BOM’s I’ve seen ever, wouldn’t you agree!!!

Norma Jean our Dancing Queen worked on her Pat Speth Nickel Quilts blocks.  She had so much fun matching up her fabrics, and they turned out just great!  She added a lot of plaids which really added interest.  Can’t wait to see the completed quilt!  

She also bought a new sewing machine at a Decatur fabric shop that was going out of business – for HALF PRICE!!!  She’s happy that her chicken has found a new home!

This is our Mother Hen, Mary!  She worked on Sewn-N-Love quilts like this one most of her time there.  

Pat also worked on this blue winter scene Sewn-N-Love quilt below, as well as a new one in batiks.  I guess I didn't get a picture of Pat because she had to leave a day early.

For the curious, Sewn-N-Love is a local charity started by Sandy Wilson, a lady whose husband died of cancer.  She said he got so cold while in chemo that she made him a quilt.  Others having chemo saw it and said what a wonderful idea, and the idea was born and took root.  You can read more about Sewn-N-Love here.  Sandy's been making quilts and quilt kits for others to make from donated fabric for quite a while now, and she can’t keep up with the demand! 

Poor Joanne (left) got sick before she even got there, so she didn’t get a lot accomplished except for some string blocks for her Orca Bay.  And then Rosie (right) had some health issues too.  But not before she completed this cuddly flannel treasure! 

By the end of the trip, Dee also succumbed (before I could get her picture darn it!).  We're pretty sure it was breathing in all that Fairy Dust that got to her! =^..^=  Since she was the 3rd one to get sick, the rest of us were all holding our breath and hoping & praying that it would stop there – which fortunately it did – whew!!!!

So I’ll end with some eye candy from the Red Rooster for your delight…. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Teresa, I love reading your blog. It sounds like MOST of you had a good time. Beautiful quilts!!

  2. I think you accomplished plenty and I like the fabric you used for the limb on the wall hanging.
    Wow, were you starting to feel like you were on a cruise with the Norovirus--everyone getting sick?
    It looks like such a fun place for a quilt retreat, with good friends and some great projects.


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