Friday, February 22, 2013

A Cat of a Different Color (but NOT Purple!!!)

Wow!  You all blew me away with your lovely comments about my Rainbow Pineapples!!!  
Thank you SO much :*D  
It feels wonderful to know that you love it as much as I do =^..^=

I also loved all your comments about my first folk art Cool Cat #1 which is my NewFO Challenge project for February =^..^=


I had just about gotten used to him in all his crazy jaggedness...

.... and had decided to keep him as he is, until I read the comment by Quilting Babcia who blogs over at Amity Quilter.  She pointed out that that fabric would also look great on the "arched back" cat in the bottom left of the pattern photo - this cat is the one she meant .....

...... and it clicked - YES!!!  That would be the perfect fabric to make it look like her hair is standing on end!!!  Can't you just see all those spikes on the back of this cat???  I can almost hear her HISS!!!

So of course there was no going back from that epiphany - right?!?  

Back to the drawing board!!!  I chose a new fabric, redrew and cut out new pattern pieces for another #1 cat, fused them to the new fabric, took the spiky fabric off, and fused down the new cat!

I wasn't even sure if I would be able to remove the old fabric and cover it with new.  I was really hoping I wouldn't have to make a whole new background as well!  When I made the new pattern pieces, I drew them just very slightly larger than the original ones in the hopes they would cover any sticky residue, and happily it worked!!!

Here he is all stitched down and adorned with his 1/2-inch border.... it sure would help if I could take a straight picture LOL!!!!  This really is a square - I promise :*D

This kitty may not be quite as hip as the first Cool Cat, but I like him =^..^=  
What do you think?

And since this is the last Scrappy Saturday this month, I spent some time last night playing with the remainder of my PURPLE scraps.  I'm not sure about the name of the the large block - I think maybe it is called a Hatchet Block?

I've seen several quilts lately made with this simple block, and I thought it would perhaps work up well in a rainbow setting and use up a lot of the bigger dark chunks of scraps as well as some of the smaller lights.    Here is one quilt I especially liked....

Made by Susan at The Thread and I blog

As for the half-square triangles (hst), early in my planning for the RSC this year, I had thought about including some hst's using the smaller light & dark scraps to my project list. Here is a quilt I pinned on Pinterest that got me thinking about making some scrappy hst's....

From My Fabric Obsession
And this one too...

From Lyn Brown's Quilting Blog

I eventually decided against making them each month because of the work involved in cutting them all out.  But then I had a happy surprise when I started making the hatchet blocks.... I was delighted when I realized the corners I cut off could be sewn together and trimmed down to make perfect 2-1/2 inch hst's!!!

So each month if I have time and scraps enough, I'm planning to add this block and the resulting hst's to my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.  They were mindless sewing which is a nice change after Easy Street LOL!!!  And I really enjoyed playing with matching up the lights and darks.  PLUS, I really made a huge dent in my PURPLE scraps -- Whoohoo!!!  That's what its all about, right?!?  Now I need to go back and make up some out of my pink scraps too :*)

I hope you are all planning to have a FUN and SCRAPPY weekend !!!

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Cool cat! I don't think I would have the patience to do all of that applique! It looks amazing though. And, I am a sucker for HST's! The quilts you chose as inspiration are now going to provide me with some inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Your change of fabric for the Kool Kat was appropriate. The arched back cat needs that wild fabric. I like your inspirations for the HST quilts. I have a very scrappy drawer full of HST to put together one day, but they will not be a pretty as your plan.

  3. Nice switcheroo on the cat fabrics. I think the cats will be much happier with this fur distribution. : )
    That is going to be a lovely rainbow quilt (which one?)--well they both will be. Always so many eye-pleasing things going on your way, Teresa.

  4. What a happy exchange on the cats. Looks like the perfect solution. Great collection of purple blocks too. Looks like you have had a good sewing week.

  5. Can't wait to see the cat with the pointy fabric. Love the purple quilt, and if you look at it from a different angle it looks like stretched out stars.

  6. Good choice on switching the cat fabric - can't wait to see the arched-back cat in that spiky fabric.

    I LOVE those rainbow HST quilts - so which one are you going to make?

    I'm always inspired when I visit.

  7. Your cats! :) I should start something like this for my daughter...simplified! :)

  8. I love the simplicity of that hatchet block and what a great use for all the leftover HST's. And, of course I can't wait to see your rendition of Spike the wild kitty!

  9. I do like the new "fur" on that cat. The spiky fabric will look good on the arched cat.
    Great way to use your scraps.

  10. Your cats will make anyone smile!!!

  11. Teresa you have been so busy! I love the cat with the new fabric! You have so many neat things going on with your rainbow!!

  12. You have been BUSY! I told some friends about your great pineapple mini quilt. Sew cute!

  13. I like BOTH of the cats, but now I can't wait to see the spiky, arched-back cat! There's something so appealing about HST quilts - nice that you're getting your Hatchet block and bonus HSTs! I look forward to seeing some rainbow goodness from that!

  14. I like the change for the first cat, and can't wait to see how the arched cat turns out! Love all of your rainbow blocks - and how wonderful that you get those HSTs from the leftovers of the hatchet blocks!

  15. I've seen the "hatchet" block quilt before on an online group I belong to. It was called scrappy star there. I think they did the points dark and the larger shapes in lights and you can really see the stars that way...maybe some called it wonky stars...
    Your purples look great.
    I'm still working on Easy Street. I was BUSY in December working on a couple of gift quilts and then in January took 2 Bonnie classes. I'm still working on my Bricks in a Barnyard (I've gotten bored with it) and anxious to get back to the Virginia Bound. I think I'm on clue 4 and have some of the other cut. Yours is so pretty. I'm using purpley pinks instead of purple and using one turquoise. I wonder how different it will look.

  16. I love the cats! It seems so difficult to make! Maybe a nice idea for a tutorial? ;) I'd love to see how you did this!

  17. Cute cat blocks, Love the purple scrap units you have done. I love seeing all the rainbow quilts you have pinned. I keep pinning quilts that could be rainbow scrap quilts too.

  18. I like your thinking and how you did it about removing the old fabric from cat #2. Those are some cool cats love the color combinations.

  19. Cool cat blocks! I like your purple blocks. Sounds like you have a plan for the to make a Rainbow HST quilt after all : )

  20. Haha! Love the cat look -- funny (true) story: Ellie chases Leia (and vice versa) on a regular basis. If Ellie backs Leia into a corner, Leia will arch her back and HISSSSSS really loud at Ellie -- which always hurts Ellie's feelings. Today, I asked her what Leia "says" and Ellie (who usually says meow), responded with "HISSSSSS!" Joc and I about fell out!!! All that to say that the fabric will do a great job of making your arched back cat look like its fur is standing on end!!! :)

  21. I'm loving what you're doing with your cats. Thanks for linking up.

  22. Wow! The cat is great and I like the idea for the arched back cat! Your other items are lovely too!

  23. You've got some really Cool cats there Teressa. Love the remake & and the spike is purfect for 'Archie'. Great work!

  24. I love the cats. Good job covering the old one with the new one!


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