Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 2/11/2013

I bet you can guess what's NOT on my design wall....

Easy Street!!!
It's finally pieced and ready for quilting!

The sun actually showed it's bashful face for a little while this morning, so I quickly grabbed 
the quilt, my camera and my husband, and ran outside to get some pictures!  
Have I said how much I love this quilt?

I love the border fabric - it has just a tiny speckle of the lime green in a sea of deep aqua blues and purples - YUM!!!  The inner border is a deep purple.

Lots of really fun fabrics in this baby!!!

Laid out on my sewing studio floor :*D

It always feels so good to finish one, doesn't it?  
Especially one you love as much as I love this one :*)

So, what IS on my design wall?  Nothing!  I pulled it down and stored it away when Easy Street came off.  However, I do have a few projects in the works.  
(You didn't think I was DONE did you???  Heaven forbid!!!  LOL!!!)

I spent the morning preparing my next two blocks for The Blue Collection, and then a few hours this evening stitching on the first one while I watched a little of the Grammys.

I had a little trouble with this piece - see the narrow space between the curl and the base?
There's very little room for turn-under there!

I finally got it worked out, but it was worse than shaving a flea!

Not my finest applique hour, but it'll do!

And all's well that ends well, I say - well, in applique anyway ;*D

I'll work on these tomorrow during sit-n-sew with friends.  
I should be able to finish up the first side vase and at least start the second one.

I also picked up a couple balls of yarn on sale last week ....

Aren't these pretty?!?  I love the bright, spring-is-just-over-the-horizon colors!!!
I will be making this cute scarf - it's a free pattern from Red Heart yarn.

Shore Thing Scarf by Red Heart

Now, if I could just manage to crochet a scarf that will make me look as thin & gorgeous 
as this gal, THAT will be an accomplishment!

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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Your Easy Street turned out absolutely stunning! Your borders couldn't be any more perfect! Kudos!

  2. Wow--Teresa, what a visually striking quilt! It is so you!! That is a gorgeous border fabric. Way to go, girlfriend!
    "worse than shaving a flea" *LOL*
    It looks great to me. : )
    Luscious yarn. If it has that slimming effect, let me know!

  3. Your Easy Street looks fantastic! I love the colour combination.

  4. Just perfect border fabric - it not only frames it so nicely but really pulls it all together with a pop!

  5. Congratulations! A finish always feels good, but even more so when it is a quilt that you LOVE. Awesome accomplishment. Glad you had a little time to applique too. One step at a time.

  6. Wow, your Easy Street looks so wonderful. Fantastic work.


  7. Gorgeous Easy Street! I love the borders! Great job Theresa!

  8. The Easy Street is beautiful! And I love the border fabric too! Great job :)

  9. Congrats on finishing Easy Street AND having a sunny day for photographs! Your ES is gorgeous!

  10. Your Easy Street is simply breathtaking ... and those borders are perfect!

    I tried needle-turn applique once ... I just couldn't seem to get my fingers, my brain and the fabric to work together. I ought to give it another try, but for handwork, I think I'm going to perhaps try a GFG.

    That scarf is so pretty, and I love the colors you chose.

  11. I love that fab you used for easy streets final it batik? Do you recall the line? Still searching for my final borders, can u you tell? LOL

  12. Your Easy Street is the best I've seen! It just sparkles!

  13. Congrats on finishing your top. It is spectacular. love the scissor fabric.
    Where did you get that pretty yarn? thanks for sharing the pattern. I would like to make that one day.
    Oh, those tight little curves can be tricky when it comes turning them for applique but looks like you figured it out.

  14. uhhh EASY street looks awesome.
    I'm waiting on black for my border, have teal for an inner border.

  15. Your easy street is just fabulous! Congrats on a huge accomplishment.

  16. What a great quilt! I LOVE the colors, especially the lime green.

  17. Great finish on your beautiful Easy Street...mine is still waiting for borders. The fabric you found for your borders is awesome. I like the crochet scarf, too, so I'm off to download the free pattern. I'm sure we'l both look wonderfully thin wearing it!

  18. Your borders are perfect, a real inspiration for us living on that Easy Street quilt. Thank you for sharing it! I bet that scarf turns out very pretty, too ~

  19. My goodness -- I have a quilt very much like that on my bed right now! I, too, used Bonnie's colorway. It glows!

    How big did yours turn out to be?

  20. LOVE, love, love your Easy Street! Cute scarf too...

  21. Congratulations on finishing your Easy Street flimsy:) That outer border is perfect!

  22. It's a Stunning quilt! The colors are just wonderful. It's a real beauty. Love the border too. Hope you place it in your local quilt show.

  23. What a tremendous accomplishment and stunning to boot!! Your Easy Street is wonderful. I almost chocked on my tea when I read your remark about shaving a flea!! LOL THAT was so funny! The scarf looks very pretty and if it doesn't do the thining trick, try the long blonde hair thing!

  24. I am in love with your quilt. What great colors! I am your newest GFC follower, and found you via 'Freedom By The River Blog Hop'. Have a wonderful day.
    Angie G.

  25. Congratulations on your finish! Your quilt just sparkles.

  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Congratulations!

  27. You finished! I'm still plugging along. Go you!... and it looks great!

  28. Wow! It looks amazing! I love the colors that you used. Hope you get to snuggle under it and enjoy :)

  29. Congrats on finishing "Easy Street"--it is gorgeous!!! I like that you put your angel from Christmas as your heading to your blog. She is beautiful. Lucky to have such sweet kids in your family & they know you like angels!!!

  30. Your Easy Street is outstanding. I love the colors and everything about it. Good for you!
    I'm just getting around to more DWM posts.
    Great job!!

  31. Congrats on your Easy Street finish: great border choices. I finished mine yesterday and started the pieced backing today. I hope to have it on the frame by Friday..I hope.

  32. Easy Street is beautiful Teresa, love the border you chose! Your applique looks pretty darn good to really have some patience! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  33. Turned our great. Love your border fabric!


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