Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Works in Progress - 2/13/2013

Since finishing up Easy Street, I've been working on catching up on some of my other projects, and whittling away at my Get It Done list for February.

But first I thought I'd share this SO CUTE little Heart Basket I made for Valentine's Day!

Isn't it just the sweetest little basket?  
I gave this to my husband filled with his favorite candies for Valentine's Day.  
No, I couldn't wait!!!  He got it early :*D

Here are a progression of pictures as I put it together.  It was a lot of fun!
(And yes, that is a Pocahontas beach towel under there LOL!!!)

The base is sometimes the hardest part, getting it square and the right size. 
It's especially hard when you have these odd angles!!!
Then getting the strips to stand up straight - I learned that this process is called "upsetting".
Yes, it was definitely upsetting to me at times LOL!!!

You have to clip the corners together until it is far enough along to begin keeping the correct shape.

It's beginning to look like a basket!!!  Don't you just love that deep pink reed?!?

The finishing touch!
This basket took me about 2-1/2 hours to make.  The other girls in the class finished up much more quickly than I did because they make baskets every month.  I also got there late :)  So they were halfway finished by the time I got there.  By the time I left, they had finished their basket, as well as a miniature one just like it!  Donna Christian teaches these classes, and she is such a great teacher!  If you're local to Nashville and would like to learn basket weaving, Donna's your girl!  Thanks again Donna!!!

Basket making is something I enjoy as a totally different hobby than quilting.  Sometimes I tend to get in too deep with quilting, too intense, too obsessed, so that I eat, sleep, breathe quilting!  I'm sure that never happens to any of you LOL!!!  It's nice to totally switch off the quilting button once in a while and take a breather.

Knitting/crocheting is another way I like to switch it up and relax with something different.  As I shared in my last post, I am working on this scarf which is a free pattern from Red Heart called Shore Thing.

And this is how far I've gotten on it.  

It took a little bit to get started because I couldn't get the instructions right to save me!  But it finally came together and it's coming along nicely now.  It's not an easy pattern though, so it won't be one of those I just pick up and work on without thinking about it.  I'm loving the colors, especially since they are not colors that I've worked with recently - another nice change!

As I expected, I was able to get quite a lot done on my next blocks for The Blue Collection at sit-n-sew on Monday!  This first block is completed except for leaving an opening at the mouth of the vase for flowers to come later after the blocks are assembled.

This was a really easy block to do because I basically let the fabric do the work of embellishment.  All the fabrics have lovely goldwork in them.

Then, I began working on the second vase, which will require quite a bit more work because it is assembled with lots of layers...

I noticed when posting this picture that the brown section seems woppy at the bottom, but I went back to check the pattern and it is that way too.  I may have to go back and smooth that out anyway.  We'll see.

And last, but certainly not least, I need to decide on a back for Easy Street.  I have this wonderful wide-back piece of aqua that I just love with it...

The problem however, as you can see here, is that it is not long enough....  

I must have bought the end of a bolt in a sale when I got this, because I always buy at least 3 yards of a wide-back - this is only a little over 2 yards.  I thought about keeping it for a lap-size quilt, and I may still do that.  But if I decide to use it, I either need to find a similar or complementary piece to make up the difference or make more Easy Street blocks to carry the design over to the back.  Ugh!!!  Not sure I could handle making more ES blocks right now!  Having this quilt and the backing ready for quilting is one of my February Get It Done items, so I want to get it done quickly and not just put it on a shelf until later.

So that's what I'm up to this week - busy, busy, busy!!!

And what does Gypsy think of all my hard work?  
Something tells me she is NOT impressed LOL!!!

I'll be linking up here with these fun blogs - come join in the fun!!!

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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. OMGosh you put me to shame!!! All your projects are wonderful. Today I've sewn 1/4 of a block....giggle.

  2. Billie's 1/4 of a block up on me! LOL! Your vase looks wonderful ... great job on it, Teresa! And the basket -- WOW!!! :)

  3. Your vases project is going to be wonderfully elegant! I like the aqua backing for your Easy Street, I'd take the easy way out and just find a complementary fabric to fill it out to the size you need. I took the real easy way out and didn't make Easy Street, lol!

  4. You make baskets, too? My goodness, woman, what don't you do? It is too stinkin' cute!
    That scarf will be beautiful in that yarn. I wonder if I could still follow a crochet pattern? I used to make afghans, but it has been years!
    The Blue Collection vase looks beautiful with those leaves across the surface.
    Do you have any of your Easy Street border fabric left? I think that would combine beautifully with that "short" piece.

  5. My daughter lives in Nashville, I think this is something she would love to learn. Where do you go for the basketweaving?
    lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. Such a cute little basket you made. Your appliqué blocks are going to be so pretty.

  7. Girl! you are so talented. I love how the yarn looks now that you have started the scarf. I have looked a the scarf and it says "easy". Is it really easy for a new crocheter like me?

  8. Indeed talented - love the basket! And knitting and huge quilts and......... you go girl!!

  9. What a cute basket. And the fabrics for your Blue Collection are GORGEOUS! That backing is so perfect for your Easy Street. I totally get that you don't want to make any more ES blocks for the back. What about sewing a strip of purple &/or lime green in the middle of the aqua to lengthen it?

  10. Wonderful projects. Sweet basket. I like the pattern on the crochet scarf, but I like the yarn even more. I'm beginning to like interesting yarns quite a bit.

  11. My goodness, thanks for sharing so much wonderful eye candy! Your basket is adorable! You made basket-weaving look easy - I've always wanted to try it, but have yet to make the jump.

  12. Your heart shaped basket is very sweet. I love baskets. I have only made one and it was a long, long time ago.

    Your Easy Street looks wonderful. Bonnie knows best when it comes to colors for her quilts. A pieced backing would be well worth the effort.

    Looking at your kitty from the back made me think that your Gypsy looks quite a bit like my Katniss. So I looked up an earlier photo of her and they do look like sisters. The post I read was about Gypsy catching the bunny. So happy that story had a happy ending for the bunny.

    Have a happy heart day tomorrow ... <3 Pat

  13. Looks like a bit of back art is in order or a bigger piece?
    Lovely basket too. Enjoy all your projects.

  14. Teresa, You are too much girl! Basket weaving, crocheting and beautiful quilt making skills all rolled into one dynamite gal. Your basket is very cute and I bet DH loved the filling. Your scarf is turning out beautifully. That yarn color looks great with using that pattern. I'm tempted to try crocheting, but I'm a definitely a beginner. Add something to the turq. piece- and take the easy way out.

  15. I used to do basketweaving years ago and always felt like it was something that would put you in an institution rather than something to do when there. LOL A heart basket was the first one that we did. From the back your kitty looks just like mine - an 8 yr old shelter adoptee that we got in Dec.

  16. I am working on the same quilt. The tree trunk is challenging right now. Your blocks are gorgeous!

  17. That basket is adorable! You are so, so talented!

    I just love that backing for your Easy Street. Hope you figure out how to make it work ... it's perfect for your Easy Street.

  18. The basket is fantastic. I don't think I'd have the patience for that. The backing for Easy Street is beautiful. Could you find another piece of fabric to go with it? Maybe even the lime green? I don't know if you would be satisfied with something like that or not. Just a thought. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful work and being an inspiration.

  19. Gorgeous basket!!! I tried it once and it was fun but not my thing! Had to try though:) haha!!!
    Love the turned out lovely!

  20. wow! that basket is amazing! I'd love to learn that. Sadly, Nottingham, England is nowhere near Nashville!

  21. What a wonderful basket! Love the scarf, way over my limited ability, and beautiful!

  22. Love those vases, Teresa! That is going to be one fabulous quilt. I would use that piece of aqua with a piece of apple green to do the back. That basket is awesome! Now you know just what candies I like too.

  23. What a neat basket! Learning how to crochet, so going to take a looksy at that scarf pattern. Looks a good project for our group.

  24. You are one talented woman! I love the baskets and have watched them being made. I've always felt that I would be willing to pay someone to make them, rather than me try. :-) Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations with us!

  25. I went through a basket making phase...had a local gal in Wisc that did classes. I LOVE the baskets, I think I have one or two kits left in the garage to do. I am not even sure I remember how to do it, lol..your heart basket is ADORABLE!

  26. Wow! last time I made a basket was at 4H camp over 30 years ago! You are very multi-talented!!
    Colors in your Easy Street quilt are stunning!

  27. Oh my! Is there anything you can't do, Teresa? That heart basket stole my heart away. Do you sell your work?


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