Monday, February 25, 2013

And the Oscar for Most Fun Design Wall goes to....

Well, we'll need to go over to Patchwork Times to find that out won't we?  But I thought you might like to see some of the fun projects on my design wall now that Easy Street and the Rainbow Pineapples have finally abdicated their place on the wall.

Since I'm linking up with Barbara at Cat Patches for her 2013 NewFO Challenge this year, that means 12 new projects started this year - yikes!!!  I have no illusions that all 12 will get finished either LOL!!!  So, I thought it might be a smart idea to make some effort to finish up a few UFO's - right?  I learned from last year that it's just not possible for me to complete one UFO a month, especially since most of them are less than halfway done - some barely started.  I decided to set a more reasonable goal of finishing up no less than 6 UFO's this year.  Of course, my happy Rainbow Pineapples will count as the first completion.

For my next UFO, I decided to pick something that would serve as a great sit-n-sew project.  For me, a sit-n-sew project needs to be portable - not too many different fabrics, complicated techniques, or exotic tools! - and it needs to be machine pieced.  I chose Starry Night, a quilt I began as a BOM from a LQS back in 2007.  This is what the quilt should look like when I complete it.....

Photo from Starr Design Fabrics, Inc
This wonderful quilt by Starr Designs is made with all hand-dyed fabrics - luscious, deep, rich colorful fabrics!!!  The large paper-pieced star blocks are set in a floating background filled with tiny friendship stars.....

This is my Block #1 completed

I have six blocks completed - here are few more of them, just for eye candy :*)

I'll keep this box ready to grab whenever I go to a sit-n-sew or retreat and work on it until it is completely assembled.  I managed to get half of another block done at our Guild Sit-n-Sew last Thursday!

I'm also working on the Curve it Up QAL with Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind of Wonderful and her sister, Helen from HGMR Deco Quilting blog.  One of my Get It Done objectives was to catch up on these QAL blocks.  Here are the two most current completed blocks, #5 & #6....

The Curved 9-Patch
Curvy Geese

They've released 3 more new blocks in the QAL since then - Yikes!!!  And Jenny's had a baby too - which really makes me a slacker LOL!!!  But I was so far behind on these when I set that goal last month - 4 blocks behind.  Since I've done those 4 blocks this month, I'm going to count that goal as DONE!!!  Then I'll put getting the next 3 done on my March Get It Done list.

These blocks are a lot of fun to make.  They challenge me to pay attention and to think differently about how I piece.  They are so original!  I never feel as if I'm making a block I've ever made before, and I really like that.  I'm just hoping my fabrics will end up playing well together and making a beautiful quilt overall.  I'm going to have concerns about that until they are all together I'm afraid.

Of course, these projects join my newest NewFO, Cool Cats, and my current applique project, The Blue Collection, as well as a couple of embroidery projects for times when hand stitching is the perfect activity!  You can click on their names to see what they are all about if you like :*D

So what's cooking on your Design Wall?
Is it Ocsar worthy LOL???  

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. You are working on some really lovely projects.

  2. You've been BUSY!! OMGosh, Teresa, these star blocks are fabulous! The colors are so rich and beautiful -- it'll be "heavenly" sitting and working with these fabrics this month! And your curved blocks are looking great, too!!! I've got a lot of catching up to do, so be be prepared to see a lot of me through the day!! :)

  3. They're all so beautiful! You're mastering that ruler with those curvy blocks! Definitely Oscar winners when you get them done, Teresa.

  4. Love, love, love the star blocks! The curve it up looks like fun - I really think I need to get this ruler - not a ruler/gadget person, but this looks like fun.

  5. You have another jaw-dropper there in Starry Night, Teresa. You make the most luscious quilts, girl!

  6. Starry Night is going to be absolutely stunning with those jewel tones! That is one worth-waiting-for quilt!

  7. You do the most amazing work! Love it all.

  8. Such gorgeous blocks!! So far I have started 8 new quilts this year :-0

  9. All of your projects are Oscar worthy for sure. I especially love the curvy ones. Glad I didn't see that earlier or I would have been tempted to start another NewFO.

  10. Fantastique ces projets !!!
    Bonne semaine

  11. Wow! More quilty goodness... your curvy blocks look great!

  12. The fabrics in Starry Night are gorgeous! Those curvy blocks look great.

  13. Oh Boy starry night just woke me up, what a beauty!

  14. such a variety of blocks and fabrics you are working with. I think you are having too much fun.

  15. Love your fabrics and blocks! Will be fun watching your projects come together. Lovely East Street banner :D
    This week I'm resting and catching up on the blogs I follow.

  16. Theresa you always have the neatest projects going on! Just love the PP quilt! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  17. WOW. Great job. and I love the curvy blocks!

  18. Oh my! These stars are wonderful! So beautiful quilt!

  19. Goolash?! Oh my gosh, you just never know what your kids will tell on you and how long ago you thought you got away with that thing and then some fifty years go by and you read about yourself on her blog!!! Haha.

    Well, I really wanted to comment on the Blue Collection because, of course, it is one of my favorites, but because I saw the strawberries and the peaches and was amazed!!! I love it! Can't wait to see this quilt finished someday. I am soon to be 75 you know!

    Love you, my so talented and beautiful daughter!

  20. Delicious! Simply DELICIOUS! Your points are amazing! SIGH!!!!!!!

  21. I adore the stars, Teresa. I love paper piecing and these stars are one good reason why. Those wonderful points and such beauty. Fantastic!!!!


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