Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Day for Happy Town Giveaway!!!!

Just in case you missed it, I have a great GIVEAWAY going on that ends TODAY!!!  
One sweet Multi-Town Quilt Panel and a fat quarter of ALL 14 coordinating fabrics!!!  
Go HERE now to find out how you can win!
(Note:  make sure you leave comments on THAT post, not this one!)

I finally found some time to play with these sweet fabrics - and I do mean sweeeet!  I LOVE Jacquelynne Steves' happy little designs - they remind me so much of my children's childhood toys :*)   And Henry Glass does a great job in the quality of these fabrics, let me tell you.  They are soft and thick, and they cut like butter!!!  Sewing them together is a breeze.  This is the kind of fabric we all love to sew with :*D

This little Preemie Quilt is the first of many little projects I intend to make with the Happy Town fabrics....

Preemie Quilt with binding applied, but not yet sewn down.

I had agreed to do a Demo on how to correctly apply binding at my Divas Guild yesterday, so I decided to make a little Preemie Quilt for one of our charitable projects that we do at my Music City Guild out of the Happy Town fabric.  I was a happy camper to be accomplishing 3 great goals out of one little project!!!

These little quilts are easily made up - this one measures about 17 inches square, but they can be as small as 12 inches square.  I started out by choosing this happy little yellow print with the dogs & cats....

and cutting out a 12-1/2" inch square .....

then adding some fun borders.... love that stripe!!!

No, I didn't miter the stripe!  This was a "quick" project!  LOL!!!

Then I couldn't resist adding this FUN dots print for the backing!

This was the perfect little quilt sandwich for my binding demo!  
As you can see, it turned out super cute!  :*D

I like to think that some mommy whose little baby is in the Preemie ward will be cheered 
by seeing her little one cuddled up in such a soft, happy quilt!


And in case you were wondering where those beautiful blooms from my header came from....

My Valentine's Day flowers from my Sweetie!!!  
Aren't they gorgeous?  I love how they turned the water the same color as the flowers :*)

And he also gave me this Hyacinth bulb!  
I am SO longing for spring, and this will brighten up my sewing studio until I can plant it outside.  Yep, I'd say he did a great job of showing me his love this year, wouldn't you?  
I couldn't ask for a better Valentine =^..^=

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Thank you for the quilt idea. Rebekah and I can add that to our preemie gift sets...

  2. That is a most cute preemie quilt and the flowers are so lovely.

  3. What a precious little quilt Teresa, the little dogs and cats are just too cute! Jacquelynne designs wonderful fabrics!

  4. Oh, such a cute little quilt, Teresa. Having had a grandson in the preemie unit for a few weeks just 4 years ago, I know how much these gestures are appreciated. It is such a hard time for parents (and grandparents) and caring actions from any quarter are very heartwarming.
    You had a sweet Valentine's Day, it appears! : )

  5. Adorable... you picked my favorite for the center :-)~ LOVE the smell of hyacinths... I used to have them outside our laundry room window in our old home and just loved cracking that window on a spring afternoon.

  6. Sweet little quilt ... love the backing fabric!! Your sweetie done good! I love hyacinths! I'm stitching a million knots as I surf, to make a CQ garden of them! :)

  7. Your premie quilt is adorable. I make some for our NIC unit at a local hospital too. Our's measure 18" square. Your flowers are beautiful. Your sweetie did really good.

  8. The quilt is so precious. I know it will be loved and cherished. The flowers are so pretty. It is always special to be remembered.

  9. The preemie quilt is simply adorable! That stripe is perfect. Some mama is going to LOVE wrapping her baby in that!

  10. What a cute little quilt! I got to meet up with my sons as my valentines gift. Woohoo!


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