Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Little Slow Stitching and Even Some Stash Enhancement :)

I can't believe it is December already!!!!  However, I suppose I've been in the "winter" mood, because I happily picked up several new tree ornaments during our travels last week between Nashville and Charlotte :*)  I've also done a little more stitching on my current Winter Wonderland block....

The tree is now done - those spindly tips were pretty darn fiddly! - and all that remains to finish up this block are the birds and snowflakes -  woohoo!!!

I was a VERY GOOD girl this past week, not even stepping foot in Mary Jos!  I know - I deserve a medal, right????  But when my husband offered to stop in Crossville for a quick rest on the way home, not one word of refusal was heard to pass my lips :*)  Little Blessings Quilt Shop is one of my favorite shops!  They have such yummy BLUE fabrics there, along with much, much more! :*)  And that is where I found these perfect fabrics for this quilt.......

It even says "Winter Wonderland"!!!!  And "Snowman", "Sledding", "Flurries" ..... of course, I had to have it for this quilt, although I really don't know how it will fit in just yet.  I think I will want my main border to be darker, but perhaps an inner border?  It would have been awesome for a backing, but there wasn't enough on the bolt.  Hmmm..... I wonder if I searched for it online...  I could get in lots of trouble here!!!

I also picked up these marvelous stripes to go with it.

Only one of these will make it to the quilt, but right now I can't decide which one works with it best.  It will probably come down to much later when I am actually doing the piecework for the quilt.

I couldn't resist a few other stash enhancers as well....

Plaids can be SO hard to find, and of course these bright oranges and hot pinks and yellows caught my eye!

And these two were in the childrens' prints, but I think they have a definite modern appeal and will make great stash additions!
I'm adding every cute gray I can find to my stash -
- and of course a little aqua had to sneak in the bag too ;*)

As for the ornaments I purchased?  Here are a couple I picked up at Cracker Barrel which I thought you might find fun.....

Snowmen are always a favorite of mine -
- and this one has yarn balls for a body and knitting needles for arms!!!

How cute is that I ask you?????
..... not to mention that cute little buttonhole-stitched heart.
Oh yes, there was never a doubt he was coming home with  me!!!

And how could I resist this wonderful ornament?
This adorable little sewing machine reminds me of my new Featherweight .....

..... maybe I'll paint it red?  Hmmmm......
It's totally cute, but it is really, really heavy!
And this isn't an ornament, but rather a small knick-knack....

Jim Shore!!!  A Cardinal!!!  On Sale!!!
I would say my friend Joanne is going to be SO jealous, but I imagine she already has this little treasure :*)

Hopefully it is not too very cold where you are, but I can assure you that it is plenty cold here in Nashville my friends!!!  December is a reality here by more than just turning the last page on the calendar!  Before we know it, Christmas will be here; our little Cooper will be born; and then the New Year will be upon us once again!!!!  I plan to take time to enjoy the season rather than just complain about the cold like I usually do....  This is the (Season) that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!  I hope you will too :*)

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. Wow your stitching looks fantastic. And the blue fabrics are so, so wonderful.
    Wish you a nice day.
    Greetings Grit

  2. Love your blue snowman Teresa....embroidery is my favorite evening stitching. I'm almost finished with my redwork Twas The Night Before Christmas. I might even get this quilt finished before next Christmas. :) blessings, marlene

  3. So glad you had a wonderful and safe trip! Those enhancements are great and PERFECT for your snowmen project!

  4. Your snowman stitching with that words fabric is perfection. Lovely new ornaments you have acquired. 'Tis the Season to Be Jolly...

  5. Your blocks for Winter Wonderland are turning out so cute and I am positively drooling over the blue fabrics. The sewing machine ornament is adorable. As usual, you have done a nice job of enhancing the stash!! LOL

  6. All your purchases, fabrics and ornaments, are great. Your WInter Wonderland block is so fun, the red birds really make it pop. Thanks for sharing and am glad for your safe return home.

  7. I love your blue Christmas quilt already. What great stash enhancers. It's going to be around 76 today, so no, I'm not cold - running and ducking, hehe.
    Let us rejoice and be glad indeed!
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Looks like some perfect shopping to me... collecting Christmas ornaments is so much fun. It's like seeing old friends each December!

  9. Oh, I do love all those fabrics. I could see a little of the fabric line title for the "chicken wire" prints. Looked it up and found it is called Oink a Doodle Moo. Fun. FYI, I am right behind you on Kathy's link up today.

  10. Great work on your snow people! I like how you made the birds red. Very cute.

  11. Oh how I love that Winter Wonderland fabric! Blue is my favorite color, and blue & white are my favorite quilt colors ... so I definitely need to see if I can find some online! I passed up some Jim Shore quilty snowmen ornaments at the Quilt Museum gift shop ... I wish now that I had purchased one - quilts and snowmen = bliss.

  12. Good shopping! I love what you got to go with the snowman piece and can't wait to see how that all will turn out. Happy December!

  13. The ornaments are couldn't resist! Love the winter wonderland blocks your are embroidering. I think you could use the stripped fabric for a small border but it would also make a great binding done on the bias!!

  14. That fabric is perfect! Love both of the stripes - you just can't go wrong with blue =).

  15. Love the blue fabrics. Stripes are great specially along side your focus fabric. Love your little ornaments too.

  16. I like both your snowmen! Your embroidery work is very nice.

  17. Wow! You got the perfect fabrics! That is amazing!
    I can hardly wait to see how the stitchery and the fabrics are going to look!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  18. Your stash enhancements are right on for your winter snowman quilt. Your cute ornaments are perfect especially the sewing machine one. I will have to check and see if our CB has one in purple! :)

  19. That word fabric is PERFECT, Teresa, and I really like it for a backing, so get online and find it and then blame me for any trouble that causes!! How's that? : )
    I have to say, I know most people would look at the grey and aqua fabrics and see hexies, I see chicken wire. What can I say--I live on a farm. *LOL*
    Such sweet ornaments! I look for ornaments whenever we travel--any time of year. Decorating the tree is a walk down memory lane.
    Okay, I will follow your lead and enjoy the season. I will not complain about the cold--even when we hit single digits later this week. I am glad you won't be here to hold me to it.

  20. The fabric you found that would make a good backing would look awesome paired with one of the stripes and make a pieced back, just lengthwise or crosswise strips of fabric. Enjoy reading your blog.

  21. Your bluework stitching is beautiful. Love que blue fabrics. So cute the yarn balls snowman. Have a great week.

  22. Love the blue fabrics and the sewing machine knick knack!

  23. I'm a snowman lover too! I think whichever stripe doesn't make it into the body of the quilt should be cut on the bias and used as binding. I'm glad that's your decision and not mine :-)!


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