Thursday, December 5, 2013

November 2013 End-of-Month Report

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Getting it Done!!!

I was amazed at how well I did in November, getting things done!  
If I can just do that well in December, I'll be very pleased :*)  

Hubby always carves the Thanksgiving turkey at Mom's house
Hudson had fun taste testing this year !!!

Finished projects - Wow!!!!

November 2013 Goals:
  • Finish and post about Paws in the Garden project - DONE - post is HERE
  • Quilting (domestic sewing machine DSM) - G's Banners, Mom's Valentine table-topper G's Banners is DONE and gifted to that sweet baby girl (see posts HERE and HERE), but Mom's table-topper is still sitting forlorn on my sewing table :(
  • Quilting (longarm) - UFO - Christmas Geese (Christmas QAL) - thanks to Joanne, this quilt is DONE - post is HERE.  I also quilted my Pumpkin Sampler quilt - bonus!!!
  • Make a baby quilt for newest grandson for shower the week before Thanksgiving - DONE!!!  This has to be the fastest I've ever made a quilt from start to finish!  See Tranquility post HERE.
  • Make several receiving blankets, etc., for shower also - DONE!!!  I also made a couple of pacifier keepers to include in the shower gift bag :*)
  • Yarn Projects - continue Wingspan; cast on new socks for working on over the holidays :) - also DONE!!!  I got a lot of progress done on Wingspan during our road trip at Thanksgiving.  And not only did I cast on the new socks, but I actually FINISHED them and gifted them to my daughter!  See them HERE Whoohoo!!!!  They were supposed to go in her stocking, but she insisted she couldn't wait :*)  I also finished up my aqua Surf Socks in November - Post HERE =^..^=
  • Enjoy time with family for the Thanksgiving season!!!!!  - This was the easiest "task" on my list LOL!!! - DONE!!!  
So, basically, the only thing on my list that I didn't get done was my Mom's table-topper.  Not bad!  However, I've also decided to make one of these for my sister as well, which I haven't even started, so double that task now for December! :*)

December 2013 Goals:
It's not looking very promising for me to get a lot done this month.  There's that whole thing of Christmas and its many parties and time consuming activities.  Then of course we have a baby due in NC around Christmas time so I'll be trotting off there when Cooper decides to make his sweet appearance :*)  In addition, my stepfather in NC is not doing very well and they put him in the hospital with pneumonia this morning.  He's mid-80's with lots of health issues, so that's not good.  And as if all that's not enough, I've been fighting off the flu for the past few days - ugh!!!

However, I am ever the optimist and incurable list-maker, so I am determined to at least have a To Do list for the month, whether I get any of it done or not!
  • Blog:  Prepare and post about TWO Giveaway Blog Hops!!  The first was yesterday - see link at top of this post; and the second will be Terri Stegmiller's Blog Hop next Monday (12/9) - come back for the fun!!!
  • Quilting (domestic sewing machine DSM): - Mom's Valentine table-topper, and any other projects I manage to finish up this month.
  • Quilting (longarm) - UFO - Indian Summer - This is only if Joanne has a day free for me to come play on the longarm :*)  This is maybe my oldest UFO, or at least one of the very first for sure.  It is a Judy Niemeyer pattern that I fell in love with when I first started sewing.  It's been folded up on my To-Be-Quilted shelf since 2006!!!!
  • Bind Christmas Geese - yes, it is still sitting on my table waiting to have it's binding sewn on!  Poor beautiful quilt ♥♥♥
  • Finish piecing the Bargello Tree Skirt - I'd love to have this under the tree this year, but it's not looking too favorable for that right now.
  • Make a couple of Christmas gifts, mainly small gifts for stockings :*)
  • Yarn Projects: - continue Wingspan; cast on new Red Socks for ME!!! (Actually I had already done that - see photo below - but forgot I wanted to do these in a pattern, not just "plain jane" and had to rip back to do that, got lost and ended up just totally ripping out to start new.)
  • Guild Prep (new category):  I have agreed to head up a "Bees" Group sit-n-sew after our meetings each month, and I need to have all my ducks in a row for the announcement and roll-out in January.  Much planning still to be done!
Projects to finish up in December - I hope!!!

A few small gifts to whip up for loved ones :*)
I haven't done any Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in either October or November - things have been just too hectic!!!  But SoScrappy will be hostessing this again in 2014, so click on the button below to go on over and check it out.  We'd love to see your Rainbow blocks there next year!!!


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Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Holy smokes Batgirl! You and your machines did A TON of work! Congrats on some really beautiful finishes, not to mention WIP's!

  2. Good heavens I need a nap from reading your accomplishments and your goals for Dec.
    You go girl !

  3. November you were burning it up!
    From the looks of your December list you MUST be an eternal optimist! Good luck with those goals, Teresa. If you do it all you will truly be my Wonder Woman (as in, I wonder hoiw she does it?)! : )

  4. You had some beautiful finishes this year and your November was unbelievable. I have faith that you will accomplish all that you really set out to do. You are definitely Super Charged. Hope you knock that flu bug before it has a chance to stick around.

  5. all looks great! I was thinking of doing a rainbow challenge too for 2014 but figured it would already be happening, so I'm doing something DIFFERENT. stay tuned

  6. You make me tired just looking at the photos.

  7. Wow have you been busy Teresa!! I noticed the Bulls Eye circle doll quilt...I made a couple last year and they are so much fun! I'm exhausted just looking at all you did!! P.S.....I just bought the Accuquilt die that cuts the raggedy edge squares for a quilt like yours!!

  8. You machine must be smoking! Beautiful quilts, too! Feel better soon!


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