Friday, December 13, 2013

On the Needles & a Winner!!!!

First things first.....

The winner of my giveaway of the Terri Stegmiller pattern is:

Barb of Mountain Quiltworks!!!!!

Barb chose Paws in the Garden for her pattern and will be receiving it very soon.  
Congratulations Barb, and thanks so much for following along :*)


On the Needles.....

It would probably be easier for me to show you what's OFF my needles!!!!  I'm still trying to make myself a pair of RED socks.  Remember the last pair I made ended up way too big and I gave them to my husband.  So I bought more yarn - the actual correct size yarn for socks this time LOL!!! - in both the desired fire-engine-red and a wonderful royal blue....

....... and I got them started in my favorite method for making socks - on the circular needle for Magic Loop, Toe-Up and Two at a Time.  Then I realized this yarn is very solid-looking and would look great in a pattern.  Of course, I had gone beyond the point where you would normally start said pattern, so I tried to add in a lifeline - what a mess!

So that was the first tearing-out session LOL!!!  Starting over, the second time .....

Test Swatch!

The pattern I decided to fall in love with was this one I saw on Denise's blog, Justquiltin.  Isn't that a neat pattern?  It's called House Targaryen after the Game of Thrones books, and it's free on Ravelry.

Denise calls this an easy pattern - and I have to agree, the pattern itself is not hard at all.  It's actually a fun stitch to work.  But I guess I haven't made enough socks to be able to easily change anything in the pattern, because I tore these darn socks out THREE times!!!!   Thankfully I never got very far before it became clear I wasn't doing something right and my brain was not wired right for what I was trying to do :*)  My problem stemmed from the purl stitch carrying over to the other side on the circulars.  It kept leaving really big holes, no matter how tightly I tried to join them there.  I'm sure it was just something stupid I was doing, but I finally gave up, cast one sock onto the DPN's and got started yet AGAIN!

Yep, this is as far as I've gotten!!!

I picked up another pair of #2 DPN's so I can at least do them both at the same time and not risk different sizes like my very first pair LOL!

What kind of adventures are on your needles?  
Check out all the fun yarn eye candy over at Judy's Patchwork Times today!

Hugs & Blessings!


  1. Oh Teresa, I feel for you. Love your yarns and the new pattern though. I'm getting close to trying a pair of socks, but maybe I should re-think this! I know you will succeed and they will be beautiful.

  2. Practice makes perfect? Love those yarns Red is my favorite color, but that blue yarn has such a nice sheen.

  3. I wish you well, as you try to conquer this pattern! You can do it--forge ahead!!! : )

  4. I love to knit socks but the trouble is we need two! Your yarn is beautiful. I just finished one of three hats ; )

  5. Recently find a new method of the purl stitch, the Norwegian Purl. Here is the You Tube video where I learned this stitch. It might help.

  6. I can't seem to get the hang of socks on circulars. I really like DPN's and have to buy 2 sets as it is because I like to knit with 5 needles! Doing 2 at a time on DPN's never crossed my mind, but I am going to give it a try my next pair of socks if I can find matching needles! Your socks are going to be pretty once you get them done! I will bookmark the stitch pattern. Cheers! Evelyn

  7. Teresa I feel your pain with ripping out your knitting! However the best lessons come from doing something over and over again. I do love to knit both hats and socks on 2 circular needles. I am making hubby a hat in a fingering/sock weight yarn right now. I have worked on it for over 10 hours and have knit 4 inches so far. Fingering yarn take so long to see much accomplished, but of course a hat is larger around than a sock is.

    Not sure what you did when you purled that left a hole? Was the hole only where the end of the needle was or every time you purled?

  8. Those are such cute socks - adorable! Keep at it. And I'm quite excited to be your winner - thank you again!


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