Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slow Sunday Stitching

I sure do hope your Sunday is a prettier day than ours here in Music City!!!  It's another of those gray, rainy, blustery WINTER days!  Makes me think of Pooh Bear :*)  And hubby said it was even spitting a little snow earlier!  But I'm not complaining or whining, you understand.  Just sayin'....... :*D

Of course, it is easy to find something to praise in a gloomy day like this when it is a lovely stay-at-home Sunday....

♥♥♥....... a nice hot mug of tea in the morning to warm the bones....

One of my FAVORITE mugs!!!
Marilyn-cat =^..^=

♥♥♥..... decorating for Christmas!!!!  

We bought a small tree yesterday to put up instead of the huge one we usually do.  There is so much going on this year and both hubby and I have been under the weather, so we decided to downsize our decorating efforts.  It won't take very long to get our house looking cozy and joyful!!!

♥♥♥..... and lots of Slooooowwwwww Stitching on the sofa while watching some football!!!

This past week I got my first block for the BOM I signed up for at Shabby Fabrics - Bertie's Year.  I am so excited about this set of little wall quilts!  I especially love all the fun and colorful pieced borders on each one.....and the hand-stitched details - so cute!!!!

Photo courtesy of Shabby Fabrics

The yummy flannel fabrics for the first block did not disappoint!

And the best bonus is that the pieces are laser cut - love it!!!

I'm hoping to start this project this week - it will be my December NewFO for the Cat Patches linky party.

And speaking of Cat Patches linky parties - Barbara's having a wonderful Giveaway Linky Party right now over at her blog HERE to kick off the 2014 NewFO Party!!!  You could win a beautiful fat quarter bundle just by linking up - so get busy planning & blogging about those 2014 NewFO's!

If you get stuck for ideas (really???), you can look at some of the fun projects she has lined up for the year.  She's going to be a very busy girl, as usual :*)  Of course, I had to go over immediately and grab up the free "I Love Sewing" patterns from the Sulky link - Thanks Barbara!!!  =^..^=

Today, I will be very happily employed cutting out traced templates and fusible pieces for my remaining Blue Collection blocks.  Even though I am so close to the end of this quilt, there are still about a million pieces left to cut out and sewn down.... ugh!!!!

Once all these are cut out, I will begin prepping the applique pieces for this block at the bottom center of the quilt that holds the tree.....

....... I have a feeling it's going to be a doozie .... look at all these fussy little pieces! :*O

I think that might keep me out of trouble today :*)  
How will you stay out of trouble today?

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. What a cute BOM! I have never done wool applique, but I sure do love the look.

  2. Bertie looks like a great project - but I can't work with wool, so will enjoy watching you. Just love your angel, how precious a piece.

  3. Your wool project is adorable... you find the most fun projects ever!

  4. Looks like you are having a better BOM by mail experience than I. Those little Berties are so cute. But, that Marilyn Cat just really tickled me and put a smile on my face! :)

  5. What a fun new BOM! Nothing eases the quilt of taking on a new project like finishing off something old. Enjoy all those fussy little pieces, think of how fabulous they will look in the finished quilt.

  6. I'm cooking to keep out of trouble! Enjoy your Christmas. Beautiful projects

  7. DH and I were both sick last Christmas. It really changes what is important, doesn't it?
    That Marilyn Cat mug is too funny! : )
    I love your new BOM project. Such cute little woolly quilts!

  8. ha ha Marilyn never looked so good! Your Bertie applique looks real cute.
    I'm cleaning, cooking and baking today in preparation for 2 different quilt groups for our Christmas luncheon/party this week. Tomorrow is the first one. Baked pear nut bread, pumpkin pie and started home made Artisan bread (has to sit overnight). It will be another late night for me. We got 9 inches of snow Fri/Sat, but today it was sunny skies.

  9. Teresa......did you use your x-ray vision to laser cut those TINY pieces????? Or did they come pre-cut? Lord have mercy! Sure do hope you all start feeling better!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I saw that BOM and sew wanted to do it, but thought I do not need to invest in another BOM until I finish a myriad of other projects. I will live vicariously through you as you do the BOMs.

  12. I am getting the Berties BOM too. I cut my red fabrics yesterday. It is such a cute BOM and I couldn't pass it up. Laser cut pieces ready to sew! What could be better!?

  13. I just LOVE that angel!!

    Our Sunday was fairly pretty, what little I saw of it ... we didn't get back home until late afternoon ... it was sunny but too much of the snow melted.

    Those are going to be just the most adorable wall quilts! I cannot wait to see them as you finish them!

  14. What a fun post, Teresa! The Marilyn Kitty mug made me laugh for real, and the projects are just lovely. I would really enjoy a laser-cut kit!!!

  15. The Marilyn cat mug is just too cute. Love all your projects Teresa. I think you will have no problems staying out of trouble with all of the projects you have lined up! LOL You go Girl!

  16. Oh my goodness... that is a lot of tiny pieces... good luck with that!

  17. Tiny pieces, but they are soo cute! I love that little red pointed cap!

  18. You are busy, busy Teresa!! Love the new BOM you are doing and of course your mug with the cat......cute! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  19. You have A LOT more patience than I do, Teresa! I would never finish a project with all of those pieces ha ha :)
    Is that an electric mug warmer in your first photo? I've never seen one, but it looks like a great idea- my tea always gets cold before I can drink the whole cup.


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